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Driver Handbook - Hailo Jobs


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In this short slideshow, we describe how receive job offers from the Hailo passenger app and process payments instantly.

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Driver Handbook - Hailo Jobs

  1. 1. DRIVER HANDBOOK Hailo JobsWIN BACK OUR WORK © Hailo 2012
  2. 2. Hailo JobsReceive job offers from the Hailo passenger app and process payments instantly
  3. 3. Important: You must behave your ‘Send meHailo Jobs’ toggle (onJobs screen) set to‘YES’ in order to receiveHailo Jobs.
  4. 4. When you are offered a HailoJob you will be presentedwith a pop-up screen andaudio tone.You will then have a shortperiod of time to accept andcommit to the jobListen for the bell. You have ashort period of time to acceptthe Hailo Job
  5. 5. When you get to the pickuplocation, press the ‘Arrived’button.If the passenger is not visibleat the pickup location, tap the‘Call’ button to contact themdirectly.Important: Hailo promisespassengers 5 minutes freewaiting time.
  6. 6. Important: When thepassenger is on-board, tap‘Go POB’.If the passenger has set adestination, this will comethrough automatically whenyou tap ‘Arrived’.
  7. 7. As soon as you arrive at yourdestination, tap ‘TakePayment
  8. 8. For customers using the CardAccount option, type in themeter fare. Any auto-tip theyhave set will be addedinstantly.As soon as you press the‘Charge Card Account’button, the payment will beprocessed.Passengers then receive areceipt via email.
  9. 9. For non-Card Accountcustomers, enter the meteramount and tap ‘Cash’ or‘Card’.Note: It is critical to includeany tip provided to ensureyour customer receives anaccurate email receipt fortheir expenses.For all payment options (CardAccount, Card or Cash) thecustomer will automaticallybe e-mailed a receipt.
  10. 10. Rate your passenger on theJob Complete screen andyoure done!Note: Report difficultcustomers by giving them aone star rating.
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