Australian Institute of Mining & Safety Capability Profile


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Australian Institute of Mining & Safety Capability Profile

  1. 1. Partners in your operational and safety management systems
  2. 2. BACKGROUNDThe Australian Institute of Mining and Safety (AIMS) provides expertsafety and training advice across the mining industry and other keyareas. Our consultants work with you to assess your needs anddevelop strategies which can be tailored to your business anddelivered in the most effective means. We provide easily understoodproject management plans and associated literature as well asongoing support after implementation.Our expert team has many years of practical managementexperience in mining, safety, resource processing, materials handling,waterfront operations, heavy industry, building and construction,transport and warehousing, manufacturing and working withregulatory bodies.As a registered training organisation (RTO) we comply with all ASQAstandards and can deliver qualifications nationally throughoutAustralia.AIMS provides its clients with a comprehensive range of services as asingle supplier which saves time, money and resources. Above all,we are your partner in implementing key management systems whichbenefits everyone in your organisation. holistic cooperative THOROUGH expertflexible
  3. 3. THE PROCESSFirst of all we work with you to carry out a comprehensive audit anddetermine your existing benchmarks for safety and trainingcompliance. Interviews are conducted with key personnel at variouslevels of your organisation to help identify the stakeholder’s level ofunderstanding and commitment to safety and training management.Having established this, we then proceed to make recommendationsand devise effective solutions to match.To ensure your ongoing compliance with current standards AIMSconducts annual reviews and surveys providing feedback andrecommendations for further action.Our expert team will work closely with you to identify the skill sets andcompetencies needed for operational tasks in your workplace,providing strategic advice on training management systems. We canalso deliver the training or provide your trainers with the manuals andsupporting documentation required to achieve the outcome.The AIMS assessment system is a holistic one. We identify theimpact of human behaviour on areas such as safety, operationalrequirements, communication, environment and quality systems. Thisunique model allows you to standardise and manage the keycomponents for effective business management and assists inreducing losses in the workplace. holistic cooperative THOROUGH expertflexible
  4. 4. COURSESThe following accredited training courses are provided by AIMS: BSB40807 - Certificate IV in Frontline Management BSB41004 - Certificate IV in Business (Frontline Management) BSB41407 - Certificate IV in Occupational Health and Safety BSB51307 - Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety CPC10108 - Certificate I in Construction RII20209 - Certificate II in Surface Extraction Operations RII20309 - Certificate II in Underground Coal Mining RII20509 - Certificate II in Resource Processing RII30109 - Certificate III in Surface Extraction Operations RII30209 - Certificate III in Underground Coal Operations RII30409 - Certificate III in Resource Processing RII40109 - Certificate IV in Surface Extraction Operations RII40412 - Certificate IV in Underground Coal Operations RII50109 - Diploma of Surface Operations Management RII50909 - Diploma of Underground Coal Mining Management
  5. 5. MANAGING RISKThe AIMS team are professionals in risk management, emergencyresponse, environmental control and auditing which means that we cannot only review your current systems but make recommendations tominimise future impacts in the event of an unplanned event.We can also assist with: Emergency response plans Disaster management plans Evacuation maps First aid training Fire systems training Spill response training Practice drills and response behaviourRegardless of the size of your operation the AIMS team can identifyhazards and risks and provide a range of services to assist in theirelimination and control.AIMS’ TAKE5 program has been very successful in assisting our clientsto increase their workers’ level of diligence in pre-task risk assessmentand minimising workplace injuries. holistic cooperative THOROUGH expertflexible
  6. 6. TECHNICAL MANUALSAIMS develops technical documentation and training manuals for anextensive range of clients in mining, manufacturing, transport andconstruction.All employers are legally bound to ensure that their employees aretrained and competent in performing workplace tasks and operatingequipment safely. AIMS helps you to maintain your reputation as aresponsible and caring employer.Our library contains a list of products that has been developed forvarious industry applications, ranging from the safe operation of a nailgun through to safely and efficiently operating a dragline.If you require training / technical documents and manuals written forequipment or processes we haven’t already covered we can do thejob. holistic cooperative THOROUGH expertflexible
  7. 7. TECHNICAL MANUALSThe following is a list of the competency-based training / technical packages we have developed. Ourpackages are designed to provide training in both the Generic function and Specific machine /equipment requirements. Any one of them can be contextualised to suit a client and their operations.SURFACE MINING Bucyrus RH170 excavator (CAT6040)Generic haul/dump truck Bucyrus RH340 excavator (CAT 6060) CAT 775E haul truck Bucyrus RH400 excavator (CAT 6090) CAT 777A haul truck Komatsu PC 1001/1 excavator CAT 777D haul truck Komatsu PC 1600 excavator CAT 785B haul truck Komatsu PC 300/5 excavator CAT 789B haul truck CAT 5230 excavator CAT 789C haul truck CAT 330BL stump claw CAT 793B haul truck Generic hydraulic shovel CAT 793C haul truck Liebherr 996B shovel CAT 793D haul truck Hitachi EX8000 hydraulic shovel CAT 793F haul truck Bucyrus RH400 excavator (CAT 6090) CAT 797F haul truck Generic electric rope shovel Unit Rig MK36 haul truck P&H 2300XP rope shovel Euclid R170 electric drive haul truck Generic dewatering operations (pumping) Hitachi EH5000 AC electric drive haul truck Generic graders Komatsu 830E haul truck CAT 12H grader Komatsu 785/3 haul truck CAT 16G graderGeneric skid steer loader CAT 16H graderMarion 8050 dragline CAT 16M graderP&H 9020 dragline CAT 24M graderAnaconda mobile conveyor Generic rotary drilling machinePadsfoot roller Bucyrus Reedrill SKS-W drilling machineGeneric light vehicle Bucyrus Reedrill SKF drilling machine:Generic vehicle loading crane (surface) SK15, SK20, Terex SK100, SK50, SK75 and TK50/TK90Generic restricted height scaffolding (under 4m) Terex Reedrill SK40Generic gantry or overhead crane Terex Reedrill SKF-SS drilling machineGeneric backhoe Schramm SC45M drillGeneric elevated work platform Ingersoll-Rand LM600 drill EWP 3268 RT Generic tracked dozers EWP 3384 Stockpile dozer operationsGeneric excavator CAT D9R dozer Hitachi EX2500 excavator CAT D9N dozer Hitachi EX5500 excavator CAT D10N dozer Liebherr 996B excavator CAT D10T dozer Liebherr 994 excavator CAT D11N dozer Liebherr 9250 excavator CAT D11R dozer Liebherr 9400 excavator CAT D11T dozer Komatsu D475A-3 dozer
  8. 8. TECHNICAL MANUALSSURFACE MINING UNDERGROUND MININGGeneric rubber tyred dozers Generic LHD (Load Haul Dump) CAT 854K rubber tyred dozer Bucyrus FBL 10 LHD CAT 854G rubber tyred dozer Bucyrus FBL 15 LHD CAT 824C rubber tyred dozer Bucyrus FBL 55 LHDGeneric service truck Bucyrus MH40 Shield Hauler LHD CAT 773E service truck Atlas Copco coal tram LHD CT08 CAT 775F service truck Eimco 130 LHD Scania R420 service truck Eimco 912 LHD Mack Metroliner service truck Eimco 913 LHD Volvo FL7 service truck Eimco 915 LHDGeneric front end loader Eimco 936 LHD Le Tourneau L1850 front end loader Eimco ED7 LHD CAT 924Hz front end loader Eimco ED10 LHD CAT 966G front end loader Juganaut V2 LHD CAT 992G front end loader Juganaut V3 LHD CAT 993K front end loader Generic personnel carrier CAT 988B front end loader PJB Minecruiser CAT 994F front and loader SMV Driftrunner CAT IT28B multi tool loader PJB Nipper Hyundai 770 front end loader Dolly Car (17 man) Hyundai 780 front end loader Generic basic strata operations Komatsu WA 600 front end loader Hand held roof bolters Komatsu WA 700 front end loader Arrow drill rig Komatsu WA 800 front end loader ABM drill rig Komatsu WA900-3 front end loader Fletcher roof bolterGeneric water cart/truck Generic continuous miner CAT 777F water cart ABM25 continuous miner CAT 773B water truck Joy 12CM12 continuous miner CAT 775F water cart Joy 12CM15 continuous miner CAT 777C water truck Joy 12CM30 continuous miner International ACCO 2250D water cart Bucyrus DBT30 MB3 continuous miner Ford L8000 water cart Generic shuttle car Komatsu HD564 water cart Waracar shuttle car Leeder water cart Joy 15SC32 shuttle car Atkinson water cart Joy 10SC32 shuttle car Komatsu 465/3 water cart Joy 10SC42 shuttle car Conduct longwall face equipment operations Conduct shearer operations Operate longwall ancillary equipment Longwall induction program
  9. 9. TECHNICAL MANUALSCommunicate in the workplace Conduct housekeeping operationsEscape from hazardous situation unaided Blend stockpile materialsComply with site work processes/procedures Conduct rail loading operationsWork safely and follow OHS policy and procedures Conduct stacker operationsGeneric vehicle loading crane (underground) Conduct rail receival operationsConduct stonedusting operations Conduct ship loading operationsGeneric install, maintain and recover reticulation systems Conduct reclaimer operationsGeneric construct and maintain basic ventilation devices Conduct stevedore operationsStamler breaker feeder Fire fighting systemsWagner Teletram ram car Drive multi-combination vehicleCABA operations Drive heavy combination vehicleQDS attachment packages (includes MIS and RAS) Drive heavy rigid vehicle QDS attachment: auger Drive medium rigid vehicle QDS attachment: belt winder Dust management and controls QDS attachment: beltor cable winder elect winder QDS attachment: beltor cable winder cable reeler LEADERSHIP AND SAFETY QDS attachment: Bucyrus CHT50 chock trailer Mining Optimisation QDS attachment: can grab Contract performance management QDS attachment: drum jib cutter Conflict resolution QDS attachment: forks Behavioural safety QDS attachment: jib crane Workplace compliance systems QDS attachment: non-LHD powered attachments Performance coaching QDS attachment: quickduster Work planning QDS attachment: road leveller Accident investigation QDS attachment: road salter Fatigue management QDS attachment: slop box Show leadership in the workplace QDS attachment: stonedust carrier Establish workplace relations QDS attachment: trailer and trailer hitch Develop teams and individuals QDS attachment: tyre handler Promote team effectiveness QDS attachment: work platform Implement continuous improvementHazard management plan training packages Develop work priorities HMP monitoring arrangements Pre-task risk assessment HMP ventilation arrangements Risk management HMP spontaneous combustion Negotiation Incident and emergency managementRESOURCE PROCESSINGProcess control room operations Code of conductMonitor plant operations for coal preparation Underground mining inductionConduct heavy media separation Surface mining inductionConduct crushing and screening plant operations Statutory official mentoringConduct conveyor operations Mining supervisory/deputy training WHS training
  10. 10. ADDITIONAL SERVICESAIMS provides a single point of contact for professional services toindustry. This has allowed us to build a suite of services that mayassist organisations in reducing costs and increasing productivity.These additional services include: Recruitment and selection Traineeship programs Induction programs (surface and underground operations) E-learning systems Simulation and virtual reality Statutory official tuition programs Mining optimisation systems Human factors and organisational culture Fatigue management holistic cooperative THOROUGH expertflexible
  11. 11. SAFETY PARTNERSSAFE1, a key partner of AIMS, is an innovative organisation designedto provide business and industry with a single point of contact for allsafety products and services required in the workplace.SAFE1 provides a comprehensive range of safety equipment andproducts and is committed to working closely with our clients toprovide the best quality product and service delivery in Australia. Ourclients are based across a variety of areas, such as mining,petroleum, manufacturing, engineering, transport and distribution,civil, building and construction.Due to the nature of our business we are firstly, a safety specialistgroup and secondly, a provider of products and services. This meansthat we provide our clients with the latest information on products andchanging work practices which results in you getting the best adviceon safety solutions. We wont just give you any product to make a sale holistic cooperative THOROUGH expertflexible
  12. 12. CONTACTPlease do not hesitate to contact our team:Telephone: (02) 4954 0022 +61 2 4954 0022 (international)Fax: (02) 4954 0377 +61 2 4954 0377 (international)Mail: PO Box 562 Warners Bay NSW 2282Email: holistic cooperative THOROUGH expertflexible