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06 Basic chinese radicals


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06 Basic chinese radicals

  1. 1. Kapittel 06 Basic Chinese Radicals bù shǒu 部首
  2. 2. shuō shuō 說 - 说 (say) - 讠 Speech huà 話 - huà 话 (word) yǔ yǔ 語 - 语 (languagu)
  3. 3. 亻 Person tā 他(he,him) nǐ 你(you)
  4. 4. 氵 water jiǔ 酒 (alcohol) xǐ 洗 (to wash) hé 河 (river)
  5. 5. 口 mouth chī 吃 (to eat) hē 喝 (to drink) jiào 叫 (to call)
  6. 6. 艹 grass cài 菜 (vegetable,dish) huā 花 (flower)
  7. 7. 宀 roof jiā 家 (home) ān 安 (peace)
  8. 8. 扌 hand nuó 挪 (to move) lā 拉 (to pull)
  9. 9. 目 eye yǎn 眼 (eye) kàn 看 (look)
  10. 10. hǎo 好 (good) 女 woman tā 她 (she,her) jiě 姐 (elder sister)
  11. 11. 木 wood lín 林(woods) sēn 森 (woods)
  12. 12. 心 heart 忄 sī 思 (think) pà 怕 (afraid) qíng 情 (feeling, love)
  13. 13. 饣 to eat jiǎo zi 饺 子 fàn 饭 (dumpling) (food,rice)
  14. 14. 辶 to go yuǎn 远 (far) jìn 近 (near)
  15. 15. Takk for i dag!