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Indigenous Consciousness


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Indigenous Consciousness Presentation was presented at the First International Forum in Mountain Province was hosted by the Mountain Province State Polytechnic College and was co-hosted by Bali-based non-government organization Yayasan Global Banjar International- Wow Bali Initiative on April 4-7.

This year the theme, “Innovations for Indigenous Peoples’ Empowerment and Social Transformation!”

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Indigenous Consciousness

  1. 1. Indigenous Consciousness: Cultural Wealth Regenerative Understandings in Modern Times
  2. 2. Background  Imperial City of Hue – Dong Son Dynasty 8 Generations of First Son: King’s Man  New Media Maverick & Corporate Researcher at Sun Microsystems –Java Soft – UI/UX Designer  20 years in Action Research (Hawaii & Bali) Empowered by
  3. 3. Double Awards at the International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research in Higher Education ICIRHE 2017 Empowered by
  4. 4. Empowered by
  5. 5. Empowered by
  6. 6. Empowered by
  7. 7. Sustainable Dynamics It’s about holistic sharing at Human Centered Design Evolutionary Design System Thinking : Micros to Macros & Sekala & Niskala  Dynamic Wellness  Creative autonomy  Transformative Leadership  ‘Sustainable Dynamics’ happens… Empowered by
  8. 8. Transdisciplinary Dynamics  Abstract, Generalization and Correlations  Experiential: Experiment, Theories, Predictions  Interactive and EDUactive*  Non-Linear  Both affective vs. effective Empowered by
  9. 9. Three Legged Stool of TR Empowered by
  10. 10. WHY TRANSDISCIPLINARY?  Global issues cannot be solved from mono, multi and Interdisciplinary Research and Development  Collaborative Research & Fusion Development Empowered by
  11. 11. Purpose for Transdisciplinary? LET’S IMAGINE THE NEW EARTH… How does it thrive? Sustainable and Equitable?  What type of contributions? Types of Sciences that links disciplines? Knowledge systems? Society Partners? Global Innovations?  What type of approaches? Co-design and co-produce solutions-oriented sciences, knowledge and innovations for sustainable global development  Would it enable and mobilized capacities, co-produce knowledge across cultural and societal differences, geographic and generations? Gender? Empowered by
  12. 12. Linear World View  Based on literal and logical understanding  Duality (2 worlds) theory that create disciplinary divides  Nature (universal natural laws) VS. Science (social sciences) VS. Society (societal laws structure & systems) IT’S NOT US AGAINST THEM! Empowered by
  13. 13. Empowered by
  14. 14. Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) CONFERENCE: United Nations World Tourism Organization WORKSHOP “The important first lesson in sustainability… a HOLISTIC PARTICIPATORY view is necessary!” Empowered by
  15. 15. What does this have to Indigenous People? Empowered by
  16. 16.  Indigenous Research (Hawaii & Bali)  Indigenous Brand  Indigenous People has being marginalized and/or sensationalized NOTE: I am not here to teach Indigenous People of their ways. I am here to regenerate the IP modalities for what we can inspire and do in modern times. What makes us Indigenous? Empowered by
  17. 17. Indigenous Consciousness  Its not us against them; it will take all of us (Inclusive model needs to be inspired!)  Are humans not indigenous to planet Earth  Why Indigenous Consciousness Important? Empowered by
  18. 18. Empowered by
  19. 19. What does Empowerment & Social Transformation  It is all perspectives (Balinese never felt they are marginalized)  What does Indigenous Innovations means to us?  What is the Indigenous Governance? Micro governance? Many communities are applying autonomy in modern society to bring sustainability and regenerative understanding.  Indigenous marginalization via performance vs. proformance Empowered by
  20. 20. Are we sharing the same understanding?  Research survey should be done on what is indigenous means for each communities  Don’t compare apples vs. oranges but find bifurcations in the rivers so we can meet at the abundance of the big oceans.  Key words must be identified for appropriate actions: Indigenous People VS. Consciousness, Future, Digital, & Wealth  WOW framework: Wellness, Creativity, Transformative Leadership Empowered by
  21. 21. Indigenous Consciousness  Perspectives of Local Development VS. Global Views - “create local share global but people first”  Human Transformation for System Transformation  Sustainable & Regenerative Development is KEY! “Easy to do and simple to share”  Meta (Big Understandings) Human Consciousness (Transcended Time & Space) * This is where we can lead at the Global Levels Empowered by
  22. 22. Empowered by
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  24. 24. Empowered by
  25. 25. TransidioEthography  Transidioethography is a transdiciplinary practice that engages in a multimedia study and exploration of one’s own cultural milieu through experiential fieldwork. Empowered by
  26. 26. Multimedia is Transdisciplinary Empowered by
  27. 27. Creativity is the GLUE Empowered by
  28. 28. What is Creativity?  Creativity VS. LOVE – Ability of openness, Trust & Courage… OFFER & Receive!  Intelligence and Fun ~ Einstein  Respond – Flow (Yes and...) Empowered by
  29. 29. Closing Questions?  Lion is Powerful!  Cheetah is Fast and Agile!  What is Human Highest Aptitude? Empowered by
  30. 30. Arts Beyond Aesthetics Applications of the Art’s Modalities  Emotional Intelligence to be both effective and affective for optimal integrations  The harmonious, creative and highest paths for optimum consciousness  Transformative leadership is a is outcome of a creative processes; EAGER TO SHARE AND INSPIRE. Empowered by
  31. 31. Creativity in Connections  Energy  Communications  Allignment Highest connetions is Celebration! Happy Festivals!!! Empowered by
  32. 32. WOW’s Cultural Wealth projects: Empowered by
  33. 33. WOW’s Project in Tampaksering  Fully Sustainable and Regenerative (easy to do simple to share) Community that want to share their how the spirit of togetherness keep their community and everyone sustainable and living in prosperity within their social economics. Empowered by
  34. 34. Philippine Tour Click on poster for more info Empowered by
  35. 35. Synthesis of Tour  From Youth’s Interns: WOW Dream  Mountain Province Polytechnic College Web Article  Vist WowBali Facebook Page for latest activities! Empowered by
  36. 36. Global Citizen… Views of thanks….  Cam on  Terimakasih  Matur Sukme  Thank you • Salamat Empowered by