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Sisters of life 1

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Sisters of life 1

  1. 1. Animoto
  2. 2. By:Sara, Krisy, Thipika, Duleekaand Sophia
  3. 3. Introduction about the agency• Who are they?• Who they help?
  4. 4. What’s their mandate?• They are Catholic Sisters who love everyone and to love women so that they can love their children.
  5. 5. Who started this agency?• This agency was started by John Cardinal O’Connor in 1991. This was started 21 years ago in New York.
  6. 6. Why did they start this agency?• When they came to Toronto, they were not sure on what work to do here.• They visited schools and churches and started to meet new people and talked with them.• At the end they decided to work with women.
  7. 7. What are some of the circumstances leadingup to families choosing this agency?• Women call and say daughter is pregnant and need help• Pregnant women who just started going to school and don’t know what to do• New to Canada and got pregnant• High School students say they’re pregnant and “mom will kill them”• Most women who are pregnant have no support, no family, no husband• They don’t want an abortion but don’t know who to go to for support
  8. 8. What support is available tofamilies through this agency? Parenting workshop:Counseling: They do at hospital• Catholic family service Advocacy Service:• Private If the mother’s child don’t• 1 on 1 session go to school for one week• Support and they support. They call the principal and tell them encouragement what happened.
  9. 9. Possible Barriers• Education• Language• Residence• Proximity
  10. 10. What donations do they receiveand give?• Maternity cloths• Winter coat, books , music• Supplies for babies• If the clients have a connection with their agency then they give the supply.
  11. 11. Age Ranges that Sister Of LifeSupports• All ages from 14- 44 both men and woman but mostly woman.• Different work backgrounds• Mainly women in their 20’s
  12. 12. How many Branches Do the Sisters of Life have?• One branch located in Toronto• 7 Different house in New York City ( each branch has a different goal in clientele.• Sacred Heart of Jesus Convent (Holy Respite), New York, NY.• Villa Maria, Guadalupe (Retreat House), Stamfort, CT.• St. Frances De Chantal Convent (Postulant House, Vocations), Brox, NY.
  13. 13. How long will the clients be able tohave their support?• 6 Months• They stay for the entire pregnancy• Until they get daycare
  14. 14. How many clients have they hadcome to their agency?• Since opening in 2007, 325 clients• Last year (2011) 129 clients• Most are in 20’s and single mothers• Accept all religion and background• Only one abortion since opening
  15. 15. Do they follow up with their clientswhen they stop asking for support?• Mothers keep in touch with the sisters• Ask if everything is ok• They come back to see the sisters.• Building a personal bond/ relationship• Annual Christmas party
  16. 16. What kind of volunteers provide supports to their clients• Nurses• People offering a room in their personal homes• Company wholesale• Hospitals• Social Workers• Court lawyers
  17. 17. What ethics are discussed in theircounseling sessions?• Listen to mothers’ concerns, hopes, fears• Ask mother how she found the Sisters of Life• Ask mothers what they desire• Tell mothers what their next step is• Encourage mothers to have the baby but never force• They don’t agree with abortion• Pray for all mothers half an hour per day
  18. 18. How many branches does theiragency have?7 total branches including: