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Project on construction of 3 block house report


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project on construction of 3 block house report

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Project on construction of 3 block house report

  2. 2. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT • We are thankful to Allah Almighty who is the creator of this universe. • Special thanks to Dr. Ali Ahsan for providing us the knowledge about Project Management and for nourishing our mind. • We are thankful to UET Peshawar for awarding us with this project. • We are thankful to Abid Brothers (Pvt.) Limited who gave us all the necessary information to perform this project. • We are thankful to all those people involve, who worked hard to complete this project. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
  3. 3. NATURE OF THE COMPANY Construction Company CORPORATE STATUS Private Limited Company LOCATION OF THE PROJECT UET Peshawar Jalozai I am a graduate of BBA and I have graduated from Case Business School Islamabad. I have recently started my construction company named as Blessings Builders (Pvt.) Limited. I have selected this field because there is a lot of potential for this business to grow in a continuously changing world like today. Blessings Builders (Pvt.) Limited will start the construction of three hostel blocks at UET Peshawar Jalozai Campus. Our company has done a number of government construction projects. Our recent project was a school building in Muzafarabad in the earthquake affected area. TABLE OF CONTENTS
  5. 5. Date: 23rd Dec, 2010 IDENTIFICATION UET Peshawar Issued a tender for the construction of three hostel blocks. As the number of students are increasing each year so is the demand of the hostel blocks because most of the students are from different areas of Pakistan. Blessing Builders (Pvt.) Limited Bid on the above mentioned tender which was issued by UET Peshawar and submitted proposal for the project. Blessing Builders (Pvt.) Limited has a well organized project team as well as necessary equipment for the construction of the hostel blocks. Based on the proposal submitted by the contractor, UET Peshawar selected Blessings Builders (Pvt.) Limited for the construction of the hostel blocks. PROJECT SCOPE Blessings Builders Pvt. Limited selected a consulting company (Hasmat Consulting Pvt. Limited) to design the architectural and structural drawings and designs for the construction of the three hostel blocks at UET Peshawar. The consulting company will therefore design the drawings and make all the technical specifications in the process of the complete delivery of the hostel blocks. As well as consulting company will appoint an engineer to approve and check the status of the project at each point of completion. The total covered area of the project should be 35,000 Sq. ft. Therefore Blessings Builders (Pvt.) Limited will complete the construction of the hostel blocks as per the requirements and specifications. PROJECT OBJECTIVES To provide flawless, safe, rigid and tolerant construction so that the end product is as per the requirements of the client. Blessing Builders (Pvt.) desires to complete the project within the approved budget and time and with the involvement of all the project teams and also to provide the final product as per the expectations of the client. PROJECT SCHEDULE Project to be completed within two years from the date of signing of contract. MILESTONES
  6. 6. Sr. no Task month year 1 Design of structural & architectural Drawings December 2010 2 Mobilization December 2010 3 Survey of the site December 2010 4 Excavation January 2011 5 Construction of foundations February 2011 6 construction of ground floors & ground floor roofs April 2011 7 construction of first level floors December 2011 8 completion of wood work May 2011 9 completion of electrical and plumbing work January 2012 10 completion of paint work and external work December 2012 11 finishing and fixtures April 2013 12 handing and taking over December 2013 PROJECT BUDGET & SPONSORSHIP UET Peshawar will be sponsoring the whole project from starting date to the end of the project. UET Peshawar has approved a budget of thirty million rupees i.e. Rs. 30,000,000/-. ORGANIZATION & RESPONSIBILTIES Blessing Builders (Pvt.) Limited has well organized project team and their roles and responsibilities will be mentioned in the Human Resource plan. RISK ASSESMENT Some of the risks that Blessings Builders (Pvt.) Limited face: • Political Envoirment of Pakistan • Unstable market conditions • Laws and regulations of the Pakistan concerning construction • Shortage of materials • Over costing of the project • Project not to be completed within the time frame SUBCONTRACTORS
  7. 7. Presently we are planning to execute all of the work on our own so we are not hiring any sub contractors. STAKE HOLDERS The following parties have their stakes involved in the project: • Blessings Builders (Pvt.) Limited (Contractor) • Project Team Including Labor • UET Peshawar (Client) • Hashmat Consulting Pvt. Limited (Consultants) • Tenet (People who would be using the final product) • Suppliers DELIEVERABLES Blessings Builders (Pvt.) Limited will be constructing three hostel blocks at the Jalozai campus of UET Peshawar. Each hostel has different phases of construction which are in detail mentioned in project plan. ACHIEVEMENTS Blessings builders (Pvt.) limited has a good reputation of the previously done projects. Our previous projects are a good example to show that we do not compromise on quantity or quality and deliver the product as per the expectations of the client. PROJECT PLAN
  8. 8. • Scope To identify the requirements of the construction of the hostel blocks, the building works and the external works. • Hours of working The core working hours will be from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm (Mondays to Sundays). Some employees will be working outside the core working hours which are necessary for strategic construction operations and in case of emergencies. The strategic operations may require work to be carried out through night time period. • Total project time The project shall be completed within seven hundred and eighty eight calendar days from the date receiving the “letter of acceptance”. • Critical Path Method Once the letter of acceptance is received we will submit CPM for the entire project indicating various activities of work to be performed. • Soil test Once the agreement is signed the first job to be undertaken would be to conduct a soil test. This will be done by the experienced surveyors and professionals. This will provide a complete description of the natural ground.
  9. 9. • Clearing and grubbing One of the first steps in construction is clearing and grubbing. Clearing of trash is important to the stability of the foundation. For this purpose we will use tractors having a front blade. Trees and other large vegetation within the boundaries will be removed from the construction site. • Excavation The area where excavation is to be done will be surveyed by the surveyor and the surveyor will mark according to the approved layout and drawings. Our surveyor will verify the marked area with the drawings approved by the consultant. Once satisfied, the consultant will be called for inspection. The marked area will be excavated using excavator/ shovel. All excavated material will be moved away to another area. • Leveling of ground The excavated area will be leveled and compacted to (as per specifications) with suitable machinery like compactors. The excavated, leveled and compacted area will be at all times kept free from water or other contamination sources. • Structure works The layout of the building foundation will be carried out according to the drawings. Anti termite solution will be then sprayed over it. After 24 hours of spraying anti termite the PCC lean concrete will be laid down by using concrete mixtures and laborers.
  10. 10. The foundations will be marked on the lean concrete and the cutting and bending of steel reinforcement will be started. The steel will be laid down and will be bind together to form a structure as per the drawings then concrete will be poured on it. • PCC lean is plain cement concrete. It is laid on the foundation as a base without any steel reinforcements. The nominal mix ratio for the PCC laid in the foundations would be (1:4:8).In this mix the portion of cement will be 1, the portion of sand will be 4 and the portion of stone ballast will 8. • RCC is reinforced cement concrete. It will be laid in foundation, column stems and plinth beams with a nominal mix ratio of (1:1.5:3). It also consists of steel reinforcements which will add in compliance with the approved drawings. • Super Structure works In super structure work reinforced cement concrete will be laid in the columns, beams, slabs, stairs and over head water tank with a nominal mix ratio of (1:1.5:3). • Architectural Works After the completion of the structural work we will start architectural work. Architectural work will consist of brick work in foundation, ground level and first floor. After the completion of brick work plaster will start on the brick work. After that installation of wooden door frames, aluminum windows and wooden doors will start. Accordingly the flooring will also start. • Finishing work
  11. 11. We will start the brick work as soon the base and concrete work gets finished. The brick work will give a shape to the structure. The bricks will be procured from an approved source. The brick work will be done by the skilled labor. The fixing of door frames will also start. The plaster work will start after the brick work gets completed. The plaster work will be done by mixture machine and skilled labor. All the activities will be done as per schedule submitted by the contractor. All the structural work will be done with technical specifications and by the direction of the engineer in charge. Face work will be started after when building structure is completed. This work will be done by special laborers of face work. All the materials will be procured from the approved source. • Electrical and Plumbing work Electrical and plumbing work inside the structure will start when the structure gets complete. Electrical wiring and its necessary accessories will be fitted before the plaster. Plumbing pipes will be laid down on the floor before the ceramic tiles and marble is installed. After the electrical and plumbing work gets complete paint work and lightening will start. All electrical and plumbing work will be done according to the approved diagrams. At each completion stage each work will be inspected by the site engineer and quality control officer. • External work o Water & gas supply works • The area will be marked as per the approved drawings where water and gas supply pipes have to be laid down. • Trenches will be excavated with excavator for lying of pipes. • After that excavation pipes and fittings will be procured on site.
  12. 12. • Pressure pipes will be installed on a good compacted surface. • For jointing of pipes we will use manufacture’s recommended heater welding machines and fittings. • Valves and other kind of fittings will be installed before the construction of chambers. • The valve chamber will be constructed as mentioned in the approved drawings and in compliance with the specifications. • The necessary inspection will be done by the quality control engineer. o Ground water tanks (GWT) • Layout of GWT will be established as per the drawings. • Excavation will be done for lying of reinforced cement concrete (RCC). • Cutting, bending and fixing of steel reinforcement will be made as per the approved drawings • The cutting of steel reinforcements will be done by electric cutter and fixing will be done by skilled labor. • After fixing of steel reinforcements, structure of the steel will be laid down according to the GWT drawings for pouring the concrete. • A final inspection of the structured steel reinforcements will be done and the concrete will be poured. • After completing concrete works the pipes and other accessories will be installed as per approval of the engineer. o Sewerage works
  13. 13. • Trenches will be excavated for laying of pipes and manholes up to the required level • The manholes will be constructed of bricks as mentioned in the approved drawings and according to the specifications. • Pipes will be installed on a good compacted surface. • Trenches and man holes will be filled back once the testing of pipes is completed. • The testing will be done by the quality control engineer. • Walls of the manholes will be plastered and painted. • All materials for the above activities will be procured from an approved source. After the completion of all the above mentioned work, site clearance will start which will consist of moving of machinery, disposal of hazardous material etc. After the site clearance the product or the constructed buildings will be handed over to UET Peshawar. REQUIREMENTS COLLECTION & DEFINING SCOPE PROJECT REQUIREMENTS UET Peshawar issued an invitation to tender for the complete delivery of the final product of the construction of three hostel blocks at UET Peshawar Jalozai campus inclusive of designing and design approval, manufacturing, transportation and full installation of equipment and services within the time frame and cost as specified below. The total covered area of the project should be 35,000 Sq. ft. The hostels should have a capacity to entertain 200 hostilities. PROJECT COST Total project cost for three hostel blocks is Rs. 30,000,000/- or rupees thirty million. All the three hostel blocks should be completed within the above mentioned budget. PROJECT TIME FRAME Total project time is seven hundred and eighty eight or 788 calendar days. All the three hostel blocks should be completed within the above mentioned time.
  14. 14. PROJECT SCOPE The contractor (Blessings Builders Pvt. Limited) responded to the previously mentioned invitation to tender and has been selected by UET Peshawar to provide the above mentioned complete delivery of the three hostel blocks within the time frame and project cost that is mentioned by UET Peshawar. Blessings Builders Pvt. Limited selected a consulting company to design the architectural and structural drawings and designs for the construction of the three hostel blocks at UET Peshawar. The consulting company will therefore design the drawings and make all the technical specifications in the process of the complete delivery of the hostel blocks. As well as consulting company will appoint an engineer to approve and check the status of the project at each point of completion. Blessings Builders Pvt. Limited shall be entirely responsible for the transportation and handling of the equipment and materials for each structure to the site. Payment schedule 1st payment • Advance Payment • Construction of Reinforced cement concrete (RCC) foundations up to the plinth level beam 2nd payment • Construction of RCC frame structure up to roof beam level • Construction of ground floor RCC roof. 3rd payment • Completion of brick work and plastering in ground and first floors • Construction of floors and wall finishes • Completion of wood work
  15. 15. 4th payment • Completion of electrical works • Completion of plumbing works • Completion of paint works 5th payment • Completion of all electric, plumbing and external works • Final acceptance and handing over CONSTRUCTION OF 3 HOSTEL BLOCKS AT JALOZAI CAMPUS OF UET PESHAWAR BILL OF QUATITIES Sr. NO DESCRIPTION UNIT QUANTITY UNIT RATE (Rs) TOTAL AMOUNT (Rs) STRUCTURE WORK 1 Excavation of all kinds of materials including rocks and disposal of all kinds Sft 35000 15 525000
  16. 16. of materials outside the project limits 2 Fill and back fill of the area that was Excavated with suitable material and soil. Sft 15400 10 154000 3 Termite control treatment as approved by The engineer. Sft 9500 15 142500 4 Steel reinforcement round bars. M.ton 60 105000 6300000 5 Providing and laying plain cement concrete (PCC) in foundation. Sft 2600 200 520000 6 Providing and laying Reinforced cement Concrete (RCC) in foundations Sft 12000 325 3900000 7 Providing and laying reinforced cement Concrete in column and column stems Sft 2250 350 787500 8 Bricks Pieces 42000 3.5 147000 9 Sand Dumpers 20 3000 60000 10 Stone Ballast Dumpers 10 3600 3600 11 Aluminum Windows Sft 240 1000 240000 12 Wood Sft 1000 1200 120000 13 Providing and laying of RCC in column and column stems in foundations and ground floor. Sft 1225 350 428750 14 Providing and laying RCC in column and Column stems in first floor. Sft 1000 350 350000 15 Providing and laying RCC in plinth beams. Sft 120 350 42000 16 Providing and laying RCC in slabs and stairs. Sft 75 350 26250 17 Providing and laying RCC in over head water tanks Sft 460 350 161000 ARCHITECTURAL WORK 18 Brick work of foundation, complete in all respects Sft 3575 275 983125 19 Brick work of ground floor, complete in all respects Sft 6300 275 1732500 20 Brick work of first floor, complete in all respects Sft 5125 275 1409375 21 Cement sand plaster on interior walls, columns and beams Sft 375 300 112500 22 Cement sand plaster on exterior walls, columns, beams at ground floor Sft 6850 350 239750 23 Cement sand plaster on exterior walls, columns, beams and over head water tanks at first floor Sft 4620 35 161700
  17. 17. 24 Cement sand plaster on stairs. Sft 360 35 12600 25 Providing and fixing wooden frames. Sft 21 3600 75600 26 Providing and fixing aluminum windows. Sft 61 4000 244000 27 Three coats of plastic emulsion on external as well as internal walls Sft 12400 25 310000 28 Three coats of synthetic enamel paint of approved quality and color as per instructions Sft 1640 20 32800 29 Three coats of weather shield paint. Sft 3850 25 96250 30 Providing and fixing stair railing on all steps of stairs Sft 510 200 102000 31 Providing and fixing wooden doors and wooden wardrobes Sft 205 2500 512500 32 Providing and laying of crushed stone, sand and cement for concreting of floor. Sft 1090 65 70850 33 Providing and laying of marble and ceramic tiles for flooring Sft 4680 150 702000 34 Providing and fixing of borders and skirting with ceramic tiles and marbles. Sft 780 60 46800 35 External finishes including face work as per the requirements mentioned. Sft 12400 35 434000 36 Providing and fixing of false ceiling Sft 1525 100 152500 PLUMBING WORK 37 Providing and fixing of water supply pipes and fittings of all types. Meters 280 845 236600 38 Providing and fixing of waste pipes, vent pipes and their fittings of all types. Meters 155 1650 255750 ELECTRICAL WORK 39 Providing and fixing of for electric wires of all types Underground and inside the walls. Rft 400 220 88000 40 Providing and fixing of light fixtures. Pieces 44 6500 286000 41 Providing and fixing of LT cables and Rft 300 70 21000 42 Distribution boards. Pieces 3 45000 135000 43 Providing and fixing of Transformer and earthing cables Rft 160 30 4800 TOTAL COST Rs. 22,365,600/-
  18. 18. Quality Management Plan To achieve the desired quality of the end product and to work according to the set standard of the previously done projects by Blessings Builders (Pvt.) Limited, following quality management plan has been developed in accordance to the previously mentioned project plan. • Fixed working hours and schedule has been set in order to complete the project in time and to perform flawless work. • Blessings Builders (Pvt.) Limited will hire professionals to conduct soil test in order to get a full description of the natural ground. This will help the project team to prepare for all the necessary actions to be performed while excavating.
  19. 19. • Once the soil test report is received excavation will be performed by skilled labor and machinery. When the excavation is complete site officer and site engineer will survey the site and no further work will be performed unless we get an approval. • Quality control officer and site engineer will regularly monitor the structure work at each phase of completion. They will also monitor type and quality of cement, sand, steel reinforcements, brick on each or prior purchase. Only that material would be used which would be mentioned before the work is performed. • The nominal mix or ratio of cement, sand, stone ballast and steel reinforcements shall be observed and followed while laying of Plain Cement Concrete (PCC) and Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) in foundations, columns, beams, slabs etc. • Pre concrete inspection The site engineer will check and confirm that the latest issue of drawings have been stamped and approved by the consultants before the pouring of concrete. • Checking of line and level Checks will be made by the site engineer to confirm that the steel reinforcements are in line and at correct location. • Form work The site engineer and site officer will jointly check the form work to ensure that all the requirements have been satisfied. The checks will include the inspection of joints, tolerance, position of the laid materials etc. • Reinforcing steel
  20. 20. Reinforcing steel will be fixed in accordance with the stamped and approved drawings. Regular checks will be made by the site engineer to ensure that the work is being done in compliance with the approved drawings. • Cleanliness The site engineer and site officer will check that the entire area where concrete is to be poured is clean and free from dust and construction related debris. • Vibrator and tools The site engineer will check that the number and type of vibrators are available for the pouring of concrete and will also ensure that the vibrators and other tools are in good working order. • Other checks The site engineer and site officer will check that the materials required for the construction are readily available at all times and the materials are acquired as per the schedule. • Safety inspection The site officer will inspect the pour area including the access of roads for concrete delivery, temporary electric works and other materials necessary required for the pouring and preparation for the pour is safe and does not endanger the health and safety of the personnel involved.
  21. 21. • Works inspection Our civil, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineer will carry out their own inspection to ensure that the work has been done properly as per the requirements of the approved drawings. • Consultants inspection When the above inspections have been carried out by our staff, the concrete work is then ready for inspection by the consultants. After the approval of the consultant only the structural work will be started. • All the material weather it will be used in the structural, architectural, electrical, plumbing and for floor work will be procured from approved source and will be inspected and then passed by the Quality Control Lab so that the agreed and expected quality can be achieved. • Before handing over a final check will be made by the quality control officer and site engineer to check for flaws or damage so that the terms and conditions of the agreement may not get violated
  23. 23. Company Name: Blessings Builders (Pvt.) Limited Project Name Construction Of Three Hostel Blocks at Jalozai Campus UET Peshawar Prepared By: Ahmed Ali Malik (Project Manager) Date: 23rd Dec, 2010 Project Stakeholder Role in Project Type of Stakeholder Type of Communication Project Interests Impact on Project Outcome Blessings Builders (Pvt.) Limited Contractor Internal Official Meeting, Project Documentation, RFQ, Payment Schedule, e mails. To deliver the project in time and within the approved budget. Influencer Project Team Including Labor Engineers, builders and skilled labor Internal Project performance feedback, face to face communication To perform work as per the requirements and collect wages. Supporter UET Peshawar Client External Project Performance Documentation To receive the final product as per their requirements. Influencer Hashmat Consulting Pvt. Limited Consultant , Quality Control Inspector, Architect Internal Project Performance Documentation To check weather the work is being performed as per the requirements mentioned in the drawings Influencer Tenet Students or Hostilities at UET Peshawar External Nil To live in a comfortable building Influencer Supplier Building material, electrical, plumbing material External RFQ, Invoices, Payment Schedule To deliever good material of approved quality on time and Supporter
  24. 24. supplier collect payments on invoices. COMMUNICATON OBJECTIVES 1. Communication with the client (UET Peshawar) a. To keep the client informed of the project progress b. To see if the client needs any change or modification in the project plan c. To update/inform the client regarding accomplishments of the project milestone(s) so as to disperse timely payments. 2. Communication with the consultant a. To keep the consultant informed of the client needs. b. To keep the consultant informed of any change or modification in the architectural plans as per the need of the client. c. To keep the consultant informed of the project progress so that the consultant can make his inspection plan accordingly. 3. Communication with the project team a. To provide daily tasks to the project team. b. To keep a record of the accomplished and unaccomplished tasks. c. To check whether the work done is right or wrong. d. To provide performance feedback to the project team. 4. Communication with the supplier a. To provide Request for Quotation (RFQ) to the supplier of material. b. To keep a record of the purchased items or materials from the supplier.
  25. 25. c. To keep check whether the materials are being delivered as per schedule. COMMUNICATION PLAN • Communication with the client will be through monthly meetings and all the project performance will be delivered through documentation. Meetings will be scheduled before the start of construction. • Communication with the consultant will be done via e mails. In return the consultant will provide a schedule for onsite inspection. • Communication with the project team will be done on daily basis with a face to face interaction. • Communication with the supplier will be done through documentation on every purchase, RFQ will be submitted to the supplier in return the supplier will give quotations and best suitable supplier will be chosen. The supplier will submit invoices of the delivered materials on each purchase.
  26. 26. HUMAN RESOURCE PLAN This Human Resource Plan describes our staff requirements over the next two years. The areas of responsibilities and experience requirements for each staff position, organization chart as well as salary and remunerations should be provided. ORGANIZATION CHART
  27. 27. EMPLOYEE PLAN (YEAR 1-2) Sr. No. Job Title Job description 1 Managing Director Decision maker of the entire project, running the organization. 2 Project Manager Managing the project and the project 3 Security Incharge Responsible of the security of the project site and managing the security guards. 4 Store Keeper Incharge of the store and all the necessary materials and equipment 5 Purchase Incharge Incharge of all the purchases made for the construction of the project through suppliers. 6 Workshop Equipment Incharge Responsible for running the workshop and the equipment. 7 Senior Quantity Surveyor Responsible for keeping the record of quantity of material purchases or to be acquired. 8 Computer Engineer Responsible for making computerized form of the entire project. 9 Planning Engineer responsible for planning all the engineering work 10 Safety Engineer responsible for monitoring and planning all the structural work 11 Quality Control manager managing and controlling the quality 12 Construction Manager managing the construction work 13 Security Guard responsible for the security of the project site 14 Building Material Officer responsible for the ordering and monitoring the building material 15 Electrical/Mechanic Goods Officer responsible for ordering and monitoring the electrical and mechanical goods 16 General Goods Officer responsible for providing day to day goods 17 Assistant Quality Control assisting the senior quantity surveyor 18 Quality Control Inspector inspecting and monitoring the quality standard 19 Surveyor surveyor of the whole project 20 Site Engineer Civil responsible for the structural, architectural and plumbing work 21 Site Engineer Electrical responsible for the electrical work 22 Assistant Surveyor assisting the surveyor 23 Foreman Civil managing the civil labor 24 Foreman Electric managing the electricians
  28. 28. 25 Consultant making and designing the architectural and structural designs and drawings 26 Finance Manager Managing all the finances associated with the project 27 Human Resource Manager Managing all the employees associated with the project COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS (Year 1-2) Name of Position Nature of position No. of Position(s) Salary/ Remuneration (Rs) Managing Director Salary (Per Month) 1 35,000 Project Manager Salary (Per Month) 1 30,000 Security Incharge Salary (Per Month) 1 18,000 Store Keeper Salary (Per Month) 1 19,000 Purchase Incharge Remuneration (Contract) 1 22,000 Workshop Equipment Incharge Remuneration (Contract) 1 19,000 Senior Quantity Surveyor Remuneration (Contract) 1 21,000 Computer Engineer Remuneration (Contract) 1 12,000 Planning Engineer Remuneration (Contract) 1 21,000 Safety Engineer Remuneration (Contract) 1 18,000 Quality Control manager Salary (Per Month) 1 20,000 Construction Manager Salary (Per Month) 1 26,000 Security Guard Salary (Per Month) 1 8,000 Building Material Officer Remuneration (Contract) 1 12,000 Electrical/Mechani c Goods Officer Remuneration (Contract) 1 12,000 General Goods Officer Remuneration (Contract) 1 12,000 Assistant Quantity Control Remuneration (Contract) 1 12,000 Quality Control Inspector Remuneration (Contract) 1 14,000 Surveyor Remuneration (Contract) 1 12,000
  29. 29. Site Engineer Civil Remuneration (Contract) 3 16,000 Site Engineer Electrical Remuneration (Contract) 1 16,000 Assistant Surveyor Remuneration (Contract) 1 9,000 Foreman Civil Remuneration (Contract) 3 11,000 Foreman Electric Remuneration (Contract) 1 11,000 Consultant Remuneration (Contract) 1 35,000 Totals: 441,000
  30. 30. RISK MANAGEMENT PLAN RISK REGISTER Sr. No RISK RISK MANAGEMENT IMPACT 1 Over costing more than the budget allocated Blessings Builders (Pvt.) Limited (Contractor) will take a bank loan for the completion of the project High 2 In case the project does not completes in time The contractor will appoint more labor for the completion of the project High 3 Machinery Break Down We have on site workshop for equipment and machinery maintenance Low 4 Theft Store Keeper & Security Guard would be investigated and necessary action would be taken against them Medium 5 Employee Attrition Immediately new experienced employee will be hired for that position Medium 6 Material Shortage Forecasting would be done and materials would be procured Low 7 Political Envoirment Of Pakistan Measures will be taken to avoid such situation which will affect the project Medium 8 Competition Our company strategy distinguishes us from our competitors is to provide the best quality in the lowest cost and time possible Low 9 Changing Market conditions As the inflation rate of Pakistan is quite high so we will make an agreement with our suppliers for the purchase of materials Medium 10 Load shedding We will provide standby generators on the site to encounter load shedding High
  31. 31. 11 Natural Disaster We will make the structure of the buildings strong enough to bear 8 rector scale of earthquake and build the boundary walls high enough to block flood Low 12 Material Damage Material will be replaced Low PROJECT PROCUREMENT PLAN Project Name: Construction Of Three Hostel Blocks At UET Peshawar Prepared by: Ahmed Ali Malik (Project Manager) Procurement Statement Blessings Builders (Pvt.) Limited will procure all the necessary materials required for the construction of the hostel blocks from approved sources which include the following: • Cement • Steel reinforcements • Sand • Bricks • Stone Ballast • Wood • Glass Windows • Electrical equipment • Plumbing equipment • Paint • PVC piping Estimated Cost Total estimated cost for all the procurements is twenty million rupees. i.e Rs. 20,000,000/- and keeping in reserve +/- 20% of the estimated cost. Vendor Selection Blessings Builder (Pvt.) limited will issue a tender through news papers regarding Request For Quotations (RFQ). The suppliers or vendors will submit their quotations through mails.
  32. 32. Selection Process & Criteria The suppliers will be selected on the following criteria: • Low cost • Quality of the materials • Timely delivery • Reputation in the market Project Procurement team Sr. No JOB TITLE PROCUREMENT ROLE 1 Project Manager Overlooks the whole procurement team 2 Purchase Section Incharge Manages the procurement team and all the purchases made for the project 3 Building Material Incharge Responsible for procuring building material like cement, sand, wood etc. 4 Electrical Goods Incharge Responsible for procuring Electrical equipment and accessories 5 General Goods Incharge Responsible for procuring General Goods required for running day to day operations