introduction products price mission vision structural-functionalist perspectives packaging vision and values variety major competitors mission statement bcg growth matrix nestlé – an introduction product life-cycle approach nestlé environmental management system nestlé today quality product life cycle our progress services & brand name nestlé – four “ps” the nestlé policy on environmental sustainability internship report incorporation: erd before normalization segments describe statements organogram birth erd after normalization power wing case scenario: normalization: water wing wapda contact associations: address entities: questionnaire experience responsibilities script type of ownership brief history introduction of a company organizational hierarchy external analysis nature of business natural resource coca cola need natural environment: goals present and future needs of natural resources products / services (single product) location(s) of facility identify key players and roles international / national introduction international arrangement of water number of technical employees core values history monthly revenue selection of location first outlet achievement gohar iqbal’s entrepreneurship thoughts time management abilities problem-solving/reasoning/creativity self-confidence information technology adaptability commercial mindfulness (or business keenness) flexibility verbal self-motivion planning/organizing teamwork ability to accept and learn from criticism. perseverance and inspiration/initiative analyzing and investigating/research skills ability to functioning admirably under pressure managing multiple priority communication leadership/management skills decision-making written) marketing mix a brief about qmobile pakistan promotion a brief introduction about marketing mix process people discussion about the ethical implications of qmobi physical evidence product recommendation place financial performance (fy04-10) industry overview and performance in fy09 crowds fashions and fads need for collective behaviour theories urban legends mass-society theory theories of social movements forms of collective behavior types of social movements defining social movements formation of social movements contagion theory theories of collective behavior mass hysteria rumors deprivation theory defining collective behavior alternative movements various collective behaviour theories decline of social movements redemptive movements group deviance reasons people commit crimes and deviance labeling theory sociological illegally deviant behavior crime differential association theory criminal behavior symbolic integrationists perspectives deviance three views of deviance norms and crime/deviance deviance and crime biological reinforcement theories social conflict perspectives legally deviant behavior psychological population pyramids events that impact death rate age specific fertility rates migration rate and its types sources of population change population birth rate population structures population structure how to reduce death rate crude death rate migration death rate mortality movements and concentration genocide crude birth rate population change war age specific mortality rate diffusion cyclic theory resistance and acceptance and consequences theories processes of social change discovery evolutionary theory introduction and theories factors of change invention functional theory and conflict theory positive or negative to establish social unity obedience to social decisions social sanctions and its types reestablishing the old social system types of social control social control theory formal or informal direct social control need of social control to bring solidarity meaning of social control indirect social control to check cultural maladjustment to provide social sanction objectives and functions of social control physical or psychological social control to bring conformity in society regulation of individual social behavior multidimensional perspectives social-conflict perspectives class system the estate system the caste system specification of social roles impacts of social stratification definitions whom will live or die education societal laws bounds individual actions origin forms of stratification causes characteristics the slavery system health sector we face energy and water shortages poor governance corruption government spends more than it earns as revenues law and order challenges to economy of pakistan are war on terro uncertainty and unpredictability due to lack of co political stability trade kashmir issue taxation inadequate exports we badly lag in social indicators poor use of natural resources we consume more and save less governance poverty investment failing our share in the world trade is shrinking poor academic set-up shape of the nestlé logo nestlé’s history alternative hypothesis specific objectives theoretical framework problem statement background of the study problem formulation research design research methodology research hypotheses research questions and hypothesis population/sample methodology research objectives null hypothesis main research question literature review strategy of inquiry significance of the study (aims) introduction / purpose activity ratios farmulas fauji fertilizer ltd time interest earned / covereage ratio debt ratios debt equity ratio degree of indebtediness acid test / quick ratio liquidity ratios profitability ratios common size analysis trend analysis current ratio total asset turnover ratio real gdp aggregate demand and supply growth / expansion stages and shape of business cycle recession peak / boom gnp gdp depression financial analysis. financial managment projects ratio analysis engro ltd fm
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