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Big Data Framework Application Comparison Batch-oriented Real-time Big Relational Big Data Database Data NoSQL (Hadoop) •  Structured Data – Rows •  Unstructured Data – •  Hbase, Cassandra, Oriented Files, logs, Web-Clicks Oracle •  Optimized for OLTP/ •  Data format is •  Structured and OLAP abstracted to higher Unstructured Data •  Rigid schema applied to level application •  Sparse column-family data on insert/update programing data storage or Key- •  Read and write (insert, •  Schema-less, flexible value pair update) many times for later re-use •  Not a RDBMS, though •  Non-linear scaling •  Write once, read many with some schema •  Most transactions and •  Data never dies •  Random read and write queries involve a small •  Linear scaling •  Modeled after Google’s subset of data set •  Entire data set at play BigTable •  Transactional – scaling for a given query •  High transaction – real to thousands of queries •  Multi PB time scaling to millions •  GB to TBs size •  Not suited for ad-hoc analysis •  More suited for ~1 PB 8

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