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Buffer Monitoringswitch# attach fex 110Attaching to FEX 110 ...To exit type exit, to abort type $.fex-110# show platform software qosctrl asic 0 0number of arguments 4: show asic 0 0----------------------------------------QoSCtrl internal info {mod 0x0 asic 0}mod 0 asic 0:port type: CIF [0], total: 1, used: 1port type: BIF [1], total: 1, used: 0port type: NIF [2], total: 4, used: 4port type: HIF [3], total: 48, used: 48bound NIF ports: 2N2H cells: 14752H2N cells: 50784----Programmed Buffers---------Fixed Cells : 14752Shared Cells : 50784 ç Allocated Buffer in terms of cells(512Bytes)----Free Buffer Statistics-----Total Cells : 65374Fixed Cells : 14590Shared Cells : 50784 ç Number of free cells to be monitored 55

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