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Oversubscription Design§  Hadoop is a parallel batch job oriented framework§  Primary benefits of hadoop is the reduction in job completion time that would otherwise would take longer with traditional technique. E.g. Large ETL, Log Analysis, Join-only-Map job etc.§  Typically oversubscription occurs with 10G server access then at 1G server§  Non-blocking network is NOT a needed, however degree of oversubscription matters for Job Completion Time Replication of Results Oversubscription during rack or FEX failure§  Static vs. actual oversubscription Often how much data a single node push is IO bound and number of disk configuration Uplinks Oversubscription Measured Theoretical (16 Servers) 8 2:1 Next Slides 4 4:1 Next Slides 2 8:1 Next Slides 1 16:1 Next Slides 45

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