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MapReduce Data Model ETL & BI Workload Benchmark The complexity of the functions used in Map and/or Reduce has a large impact on the job completion time and network traffic. Yahoo  TeraSort  –  ETL  Workload  –  Most  Network  Intensive   Reducers  Start   Map  Start   Map  Finish   Job  Finish  •  Input,  Shuffle  and  Output  data  size  is  the  same  –  e.g.  10  TB  data  set  in  all  phases  •  Yahoo  Terasort  has  a  more  balanced  Map  vs.  Reduce  funcEons  -­‐  linear  compute  and  IO   Shakespeare  WordCount  –  BI  Workload   Reducers  Start   Map  Finish   Map  Start   Job  Finish   •  Data  set  size  varies  in  various  phase  –  Varying  impact  on  the  network  e.g.  1TB  Input,   10MB  Shuffle,  1MB  Output   •  Most  of  the  processing  in  the  Map  FuncEons,  smaller  intermediate  and  even  smaller  final   Data     18

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