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Characteristics that Affect Hadoop Clusters§  Reference Architecture-Validated & Tested Approach to Define Network Design


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Characteristics that Affect Hadoop Clusters§  Cluster Size §  Characteristics of Data Node Number of Data Nodes ‒ I/O, CPU, Memory, etc.§  Data Model & Mapper/Reduces §  Networking Characteristics Ratio ‒  Availability MapReduce functions ‒  Buffering§  Input Data Size ‒  Data Node Speed (1G vs. 10G) Total starting dataset ‒  Oversubscription ‒  Latency§  Data Locality in HDFS Ability to processes data where it already is located§  Background Activity Number of Jobs running type of jobs world-2011-presentation-video-hadoop-network- Importing and-compute-architecture-considerations/ exporting 15

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