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Hadoop Components and Operations Name§  Name Node Node Runs a scheduler – Job Tracker Manages all data nodes, in memory Secondary Name Node – Snapshot of meta data of HDFS cluster ToR FEX/ ToR FEX/ ToR FEX/ Typically all three JVM can run on single node switch switch switch Data Data Data§  Data Node node 1 node 6 node 11 Task Tracker Receives Job Info from Job Tracker Data Data Data (Name Node) node 2 node 7 node 12 Map & Reducer Task Managed by Task Tracker Data Data Data Configurable Ratio of Map & Reduce Task for various node 3 node 8 node 13 workload per Node/CPU/Core Data Data Data Data Locality - IF data not available where the map node 4 node 9 node 14 task is assigned, a missing block be copied over the network Data Data Data node 5 node 10 node 15 14

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