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Hadoop Components and Operations Hadoop Distributed File System Blo Blo Blo Blo Blo Blo ck 1 ck 2 ck 3 ck 4 ck 5 ck 6§  Data is not centrally located, Data is stored across all data nodes in the cluster§  Scalable & Fault Tolerant§  Data is divided in multiple large ToR FEX/ ToR FEX/ ToR FEX/ blocks – 64MB default, typical switch switch switch block 128MB Data Data Data§  Blocks are not the related to disk node 1 node 6 node 11 geometry Data Data Data§  Data is stored reliably. Each block node 2 node 7 node 12 is replicated 3 times Data Data Data§  Types of Functions node 3 node 8 node 13 §  Name Node (Master) - Manages Data Data Data Cluster node 4 node 9 node 14 §  Data Node (Map and Reducer) – Carries blocks Data Data Data node 5 node 10 node 15 13

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