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Driving in the Desert - Running Your HDP Cluster with Helion, Openstack, and Sahara


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DataWorks Summit 2017 - Sydney
Alejandro Tesch, Cloud Evangelist, Asia Pacific and Japan, HPE

Big Data is a hot topic today for most organisations today as they race to convert vast amounts of data into useful information that can be leveraged to make critical decisions and recommendations in a very limited time windows. Today, there is a widely accepted talent gap when it comes to creating and managing Hadoop cluster, even for the experts – it can take hours (or days) to get a fully functional hadoop farm up and running. The HDP Ambari plugin for Sahara is looking to address most of this challenges by facilitating the deployment of Hortonworks Hadoop clusters and provide a set of open API to facilitate data analytics tasks in your own cloud. In this presentation we will cover why it makes sense to run your data analytics cluster in your cloud and we will demonstrate basic Sahara / Ambari functionality.

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Driving in the Desert - Running Your HDP Cluster with Helion, Openstack, and Sahara

  1. 1. Diving in the Desert— Running your HDP Cluster with Helion OpenStack and Sahara Alex Tesch Cloud Evangelist, Asia Pacific and Japan HPE
  2. 2. Which Workloads Are Running Today on OpenStack
  3. 3. These Projects Are Gaining in Popularity
  4. 4. Architecture limitations Single workload Hadoop cluster infrastructure choices lead to cluster sprawl and management difficulties as newer varying workloads arrive Implementation difficulties Lack of expertise in Big Data Infrastructure and Hadoop architecture leads to significant risks in the journey to Hadoop and impedes time to value Immaturity of Big Data ecosystem Hadoop ecosystem products vary in levels of maturity, needing careful integration of multiple vendor products making DIY risky for enterprise workloads Challenges in Maximizing Value with Hadoop
  5. 5. How Sahara helps to Address These Challenges Data processing services on OpenStack Cloud • Sahara allows: • Leverage on OpenStack multitenancy and run several clusters • Deploy preferred distribution based on Sahara plugins available • Choose the best topology for your cluster • Configure only the services that you will use • Run your jobs!!!
  6. 6. Please Join Us in our Booth for a Full Demo!!! • Introducing Hybrid Hadoop • HDP on OpenStack Sahara • Containerized Hadoop
  7. 7. Find more #DWS17 sessions and slides at:
  8. 8. 8 T H A N K Y O U