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Delivering Data Science to the Business


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DataWorks Summit 2017 - Sydney Keynote
Madhu Kochar, Vice President, Analytics Product Development and Client Success, IBM

Data science holds the promise of transforming businesses and disrupting entire industries. However, many organizations struggle to deploy and scale key technologies such as machine learning and deep learning. IBM will share how it is making data science accessible to all by simplifying the use of a range of open source technologies and data sources, including high performing and open architectures geared for cognitive workloads.

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Delivering Data Science to the Business

  1. 1. Delivering Data Science to the Business Madhu Kochar Vice President, Analytics Product Development and Client Services IBM
  2. 2. Operationalizing Machine Learning and getting actionable insights has been a huge challenge Organization needs to act fast ACT NOW! Operationalize Machine LearningData still lives in Silos IBM Db2
  3. 3. Business Objective: Drive top line growth and market share Optimize Real-Time Marketing (RTM) and improve Return On Investment (ROI) Outdoor Equipment Let’s meet Amy who works for Outdoor Equipment Inc. Amy Marketing Director Company: Outdoor Equipment Inc. is a full-line sporting goods retailer
  4. 4. Amy wants to promote sales campaign at targeted customers to increase organization’s revenue Sleeping Bags Camping Chairs and Bedding
  5. 5. Ryan Data Scientist Amy needs to work with different teams who perform specific tasks to execute the campaign Amy Marketing Director Nick Application Developer Chris Data Engineer Product details Customer details Sales campaign Chris Data Engineer Operationalize Machine Learning
  6. 6. Ryan Data Scientist Nick Application Developer Federation Application IntegrationSpark Integration With Big SQL, Amy’s team can self serve their requirement, save time on execution and enhance productivity Self Service IBM Big SQL Chris Data Engineer
  7. 7. Big SQL Key Capabilities Federation and Spark Performance Enterprise and Security SQL Compatibility Relational Databases Leads performance metrics on high volumes of data and concurrent streams Role and Column level Security Ranger Integration NoSQL Object Stores
  8. 8. PROCESSING DATA STORAGE ACCESS H o r t o n w o r k s P o w e r S y s t e m s E l a s t i c S t o r a g e S e r v e r IBM B i g S Q L IBMIBM 3x Price-Performance Guaranteed Get more performance with Power Systems
  9. 9. Find New Business Opportunities or Solve Business Problems using Big SQL 9 How do I get started? Big SQL sandbox Big SQL v5.0.1 NOW Available on HDP v2.6.2 Try NOW!
  10. 10. Scaling Data Science on Big Data Date: Wed, 9/20 @ 11:00 AM Room: C2.3 1 Ingesting Data at Blazing Speed using Apache ORC Data: Wed, 9/20 @ 4:20 PM Room: C4.7 2 Open metadata and governance with Apache Atlas Date: Wed, 9/20 @ 5:10 PM Room: C4.6 Empowering YOU with Democratized Data Access, Data Science and Machine Learning Date: Wednesday, 9/20 @ 6:00 PM Room: C4.5 3 4 Breaching the 100TB mark with SQL over Hadoop Date: Thurs, 9/21 @ 2:20 PM Room: C2.3 Birds-of a Feather: Apache Spark, Apache Zeppelin and Data Science Date: Thurs, 9/21 @ 6:00 PM Room: C4.5 5 6 Thank you! Check out the Breakout sessions Visit IBM Booth for More Information!
  11. 11. Find more #DWS17 sessions and slides at:
  12. 12. 12 T H A N K Y O U