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Blueprint for integrating big data analytics and bi


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Blueprint for integrating big data analytics and bi

  1. 1. Big Data InsightBlueprint for Integrating Big Data Analytics and BIAbe Taha, VP
  2. 2. Big Data Insight>  Agendaü  Where does Big Data Analytics fit in the BI ecosystemü  How does Big Data Analytics complement the type of analysis we do today using BIü  What are clients doing with Big Data Analytics that they couldn’t do with BIü  What do we need to think about to make Hadoop deployments successful2 Karmasphere Proprietary and Confidential. Do Not Copy. Do Not Distribute
  3. 3. Big Data Insight>  Hadoop not standing alone
  4. 4. Big Data Insight>  Parallel and Complementary Stacks
  5. 5. Big Data Insight >  The Best of Both Worlds = Big Data Analytics + Traditional BI Traditional BI Big Data Analytics Purpose Reporting on business Optimizing the business Paradigm Ask a specific question Ask any question Format Look at structured data Look at all data Setup Pre-engineered On-the-fly Data locations Siloed One place Agility Weeks to months Almost Immediate5 Karmasphere Proprietary and Confidential. Do Not Copy. Do Not Distribute
  6. 6. Big Data Insight >  Big Data Analytics on Hadoop Use Cases Product Optimization •  Insight to usage patterns, bug paths, quality outages •  Outline new features, improve product roadmap and process •  Enhance customer service, quality and product “stickiness” Unified Customer View •  Insight to correlations across product lines and interaction channels •  Personalize offers, services and customer experience •  Reduce churn and increase customer satisfaction Marketing Performance •  Insight to market program attribution and ROI •  Increase customer targeting through micro-segmentation •  Optimize online ads and cross channel programs6 © Karmasphere 2012
  7. 7. Big Data Insight >  What Hadoop Adopters Are Saying “The kind of new stuff we want to do can’t get done with BI“ Large Hi Tech Chip Manufacturer7 Karmasphere Proprietary and Confidential. Do Not Copy. Do Not Distribute
  8. 8. Big Data Insight>  How to make Hadoop successful with BI1.  Employ All Data2.  Use All Analytic Assets3.  Provide Self-Service Access for All Users4.  Build a Collaborative Environment5.  Be Open and Extensible6.  Populate Best-of-Breed Reporting Tools
  9. 9. Big Data Insight>  Cornerstone 1: Employ All Dataü  Leave No Data Behind •  Raw unstructured – Web logs, machine / sensor data, mobile social, video, etc. •  Structured data – traditional RDMBS, EDW’s •  Streaming vs. batch oriented •  Data governance and quality
  10. 10. Big Data Insight>  Cornerstone 2: Use All Analytic Assetsü  Employ All Analytic Assets •  Traditional models and assets •  Standard Hadoop components including UDFs and SerDes •  Custom algorithms •  Models created in other systems such as SAS/R
  11. 11. Big Data Insight>  Cornerstone 3: Provide Self-Service Access for All Usersü  Self-Service•  BYOD: Bring Your Own Data•  Ingest custom functions and algorithms•  Intuitive, no special skill sets requiredü  Empower All Users and Skill Sets•  Business User •  Easy-to-use ad-hoc analysis, web-based forms •  Drag and drop•  Data Analysts •  Common skills: SQL •  Powerful iterative analysis •  Analytical models and algorithms•  Customers and Partners for ecosystem
  12. 12. Big Data Insight>  Cornerstone 4: Build a Collaborative Environmentü  Collaborative•  Project-based environment•  Leverage cross-functional skills•  Security and isolationü  Social•  Share data and insights across teams •  Metadata, Queries, Results and Visualizations•  View colleague’s activities•  Usage feedback and metrics
  13. 13. Big Data Insight>  Cornerstone 5: Be Open and Extensibleü  Open•  Active community, rapid innovation•  Vendor commitment•  Standards based•  Portable - No vendor lock-in•  Expose standard API’s and interfacesü  Extensible•  Add custom functions•  Reuse existing analytic models•  Add additional data sources by defining custom parsers
  14. 14. Big Data Insight>  Cornerstone 6: Populate Best-of-Breed Reporting Toolsü  Best-Of-Breed Reporting tools•  Ingest data from existing BI systems and ad hoc data including Spreadsheet data•  Automate delivery of insights•  Push insights to RDBMS, EDW’s and MPP•  Expose standards APIs for programmability
  15. 15. Big Data Insight >  How would an architecture look15 Karmasphere Proprietary and Confidential. Do Not Copy. Do Not Distribute
  16. 16. Big Data Insight >  Summary1.  Implement Big Data Analytics and BI co-existence Hadoop at your fingertips2.  Leverage all your assets3.  Use and build on open and extensible solutions across your company…4.  Build social and collaborative in early   Private and Confidential
  17. 17. Big Data Insight>  Summary Get the Best of Both Worlds – Build a Bridge Inside Your Company Big Data Analytics on Hadoop Future, see intent Drives Optimization BI Just getting started Historical Drives reporting Entrenched Be around for a long time
  18. 18. Questions?