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The Life of an Internet of Things Electron


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The Life of an Internet of Things Electron

Published in: Technology
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The Life of an Internet of Things Electron

  1. 1. @pcross616 Pete Crossley in/petercrossley The Life of an Internet of Things (IoT) Electr n Its Journey to Become a Posi+ive Influence for Something Greater Chief Technology Officer
  2. 2. Architecture
  3. 3. Infinity architecture + ecosystemLeverages Infinity Tagging Unified Tag for data collection and content presentation For all digital properties and the IoT Across a Globally distributed network Infinity Data Processing Unstructured but organized for fast access One place for all data storage All data stored at the granularity of an individual Complete dataset with no sampling Infinity Data Storage Patent pending Aggregations & Accuracy at Scale Query Processing Streaming Data Data Connectors Object Stitching Predictive Sciences Infinity Data Query & Manipulation Infinity Core Applications Patent pending Big Data – Data Lakes REST API BI/Visualization Marketing Action Systems Customer Data Warehouses Streaming Data Delivery Streaming& Integrations Event processing, enrichment, user identification & sessionization
  4. 4. Find the red button PLAY
  5. 5. Technology
  6. 6. Data Processing Object identification & stitching Cookie-less tracking SDK controls Device augmentation with Device Atlas, NetAcuity Real-time processing HTTPS/SSL Website/SharePoint/ Mobile Web • Infinity JS Tag • Optimized for mobile web Mobile App (SDKs) • iOS • Android • Windows 3rd party plug-ins • DMP/DSP • CRM • 3rd party cookie Data collection API • IoT • Offline Single CDN-hosted tag Streaming data broker Content presentation • For testing and targeting Real-time Edge Processing EU Only World Wide Collection US Only **Webtrends private network
  7. 7. Find the blue button
  8. 8. Infinity Tagging Real-time Events Infinity Data Storage Identified & Enriched Visitor/Object Sessions Streaming data broker ecosystemLeverages Finalization • De-duplication for e-commerce) • Formatting • Close vs active session marking • Write to storage Finalizing for Storage Object Identification & Sessionization User/device stitching • Authenticated User ID • 1st party cookie ID • Device ID • Globally Unique ID • Cookie matching (3rd) • IP Address Session creation Sessions/People 1 2 321 4 Event Processing • Mobile device attributes • Geolocation data Event Enrichment 1 1 2 321 Event Processing • Event sequencing by time and source Event Sequencing 1 1 2 321
  9. 9. Find the green button
  10. 10. Infinity Data Query Infinity Data Processing Identified & Enriched Visitor/Object Sessions Sessions Your unsampled granular visitor data DataCache ecosystemLeverages Optimized for fast access Query results – Query 105 Jan 2014 – Dec 2014 • Session 25 – Visitor #1 • Session 26 – Visitor #1 • Open Session 30 – Visitor #2 • Session 68 • Visitor #1 • Event • Event • … • Session 25 • Visitor #1 • Event • Event • … Unstructured Data Closed Sessions Open Sessions 3rd party data Lookup data Experiments, etc. Visitor 1,2
  11. 11. Webtrends Infinity Webtrends bespoke query engine Internet PGPPGP SSL Tunnel Enriches and transforms data Customer Data Warehouse Big Data Infrastructure Internet Client
  12. 12. Results