The past simple


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This is an activity for the Past simple

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The past simple

  1. 1. Solieman 06120209By: Hadiah
  2. 2. These activities are about using the past tense in Speaking and writing skills.
  3. 3.  The past simple is a tense used when we talk about something happened in the past time.  For example:-  I watched this movie last weekend.
  4. 4. Simple past Form:- (verb+ed) Posted, Happened ( Irregular verbs) Saw, Rang Walked Dreamt Fell Met Hit Got Crashed Owned StartedS+v in the past+ O
  5. 5. yesterday last week, last year, Last month Ago
  6. 6.  He went to the hospital last week.  I saw my best friend yesterday.  she posted the letter last week.  The van crashed into the car.
  7. 7.  The car_____ (stop) at the lights.  We_____(leave)the cinema before the end of the film.  I ____ (know) that ages ago.  The accident _______( happen) last month.  Sara _____ (go) to Egypt last year.
  8. 8.  Did “I_you_he_she_we_it_they”. Did+Subject+ V infinitive For example:- Did she go to visit her mother ? Did you see Maha in the party last night? The answer for this type of question with “yes OR No.
  9. 9.  Wh+Did +S+ V infinitive  For example:-  Where did you go last weekend?  When did you meet your family?  How did you do in your exam?
  10. 10.  When did you last...? This activity helps students to talk using the past simple. *Ask 2 students to come in the front of class, then tell them to use conversation in the past simple with the help of pictures and words in the slide.
  11. 11. (A)When did you last time go to the restaurant? (B) I went to the restaurant last Friday . (A)Who did you go with ? (B)I went with my mother. (A)Did you like their food? (B) Yes, I did.
  12. 12. Supermarket chocolate My friend
  13. 13. Mall Clothes, bags and shoes My sister
  14. 14. This activity is an individual.. Ask the students to write small sentences using the following verbs:- Play – win- walk Go – drive- jump Ring –land –fall Eg:- I played football with my friends
  15. 15. These activities focus on the production of students which are writing and speaking. The activities help them to use the past simple in their conversation and writing short composition. The activity No1 helps students to improve their speaking skill, be more confident to talk and get the communicative competence.
  16. 16. More over, this will help them making question and recognize the formula of questions in the past simple. Activity No2 helps students to improve their writing skill using the past simple. This type of activity start with simple sentences in the past simple. Also, students will use their imagination to write the sentences. In addition, students will differentia between regular and irregular verbs.
  17. 17.  As a very general rule I start with an introduction to the lesson, then explain the lesson. When I finish the lesson, I will introduce each activity individually. So, I will engage them with introduction first, then I explain the lesson after that I will make them active, encourage them and check their understanding with these activities.
  18. 18.  The activities will be beneficial because students will be involved.  Students will be more active in the lesson because they will speak in the front of class and will cooperate with each other as pairs in activity No.1.  Students will be more confident because they used to speak and practice with other.  Students will know how to write sentences and questions.  Students will have the ability to speak and write easily with the past simple.