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Bio medical ieee 2012 projects @ hades infotech

  1. 1. Hades InfoTech Pvt. LtdCODE YR BIOMEDICAL IEEE 2012 – 13 PROJECTSHBM01 Sensors-Based Wearable Systems for Monitoring of Human Movement and FallsHBM02 Personalization and Adaptation to the Medium and Context in a Fall Detection SystemHBM03 On Design and Implementation of Neural-Machine Interface for Artificial LegsHBM04 Emerging Technologies for Patient-Specific HealthcareHBM05 Electrocardiogram-Assisted Blood Pressure Estimation IEEE Transaction - 2012HBM06 A Wearable Inertial Sensor Node for Body Motion AnalysisHBM07 A Haptic Interface “Force Blinker 2” for Navigation of the Visually ImpairedHBM08 A Fast and Easy-to-Use ECG Acquisition and Heart Rate Monitoring System Using a Wireless Steering WheelHBM09 A Miniature Vibrotactile Sensory Substitution Device for Multifingered Hand ProstheticsHBM10 An Ultra-Low Power ECG Acquisition and Monitoring ASIC System for WBAN ApplicationsHBM11 Pulse Oximetry in the External Auditory Canal A New Method of Mobile Vital MonitoringHBM12 Video-Based Abnormal Human Behavior Recognition—A ReviewHBM13 Operability of Joystick-Type Steering Device Considering Human Arm Impedance CharacteristicsHBM14 A Wireless Wearable ECG Sensor for Long-Term ApplicationsHBM15 Low-Power Analog Integrated Circuits for Wireless ECG Acquisition Systems IEEE Transaction – 2012HBM16 Compressed Sensing System Considerations for ECG and EMG Wireless BiosensorsHBM17 Driver Alertness Monitoring Using Fusion of Facial Features and Bio-SignalsHBM18 A Sensor System for Automatic Detection of Food Intake through Non-Invasive Monitoring of ChewingHBM19 Noninvasive Bed Sensing of Human Biosignals via Piezoceramic Devices Sandwiched Between the Floor and BedHBM20 Dew-Based Wireless Mini Module for Respiratory Rate MonitoringHBM21 Optical Device Indicating a Safe Free Path to Blind PeopleHBM22 Electrocardiogram-Assisted Blood Pressure EstimationHBM23 A Reliable Transmission Protocol for ZigBee-Based Wireless Patient MonitoringHBM24 Verity: An Ambient Assisted Living Platform No 68/82, L.D.G Road, Little Mount, Saidapet, Chennai-15 Ph: 044-43322196, Mobile: 9840989556, 9952050233 Mail:, Page |1
  2. 2. Hades InfoTech Pvt. LtdCODE YR BIOMEDICAL IEEE 2012 – 13 PROJECTSHBM25 Tooth brushing Region Detection Using Three-Axis Accelerometer and Magnetic SensorHBM26 Tongue-Rudder: A Glossokinetic-Potential-Based Tongue–Machine InterfaceHBM27 The WHaSP: A Wireless Hands-Free Surgical Pointer for Minimally Invasive SurgeryHBM28 Study on a Multi-Ions Sensing System for Monitoring of Blood Electrolytes With Wireless Home-Care SystemHBM29 A Microphone Array System for Automatic Fall Detection IEEE Transaction - 2012HBM30 A Motion-Tracking Ultrasonic Sensor Array for Behavioral MonitoringHBM31 A Wireless Reflectance Pulse Oximeter With Digital Baseline Control for Unfiltered PhotoplethysmogramsHBM32 A Zigbee-Based Wearable Physiological Parameters Monitoring SystemHBM33 An Electronic Patch for Wearable Health Monitoring by Reflectance Pulse OximetryHBM34 Onboard Tagging for Real-Time Quality Assessment of Photoplethysmograms Acquired by a Wireless Reflectance Pulse OximeterHBM35 Nonlinear Control Techniques for the Heart Rate Regulation in Treadmill ExercisesHBM36 Noninvasive Measurement of Physiological Signals on a Modified Home Bathroom ScaleHBM37 Miniaturized One-Point Detectable Electrocardiography Sensor for Portable Physiological Monitoring SystemsHBM38 Design of Blood Pressure Measurement with a Health Management System for the AgedHBM39 MIMS: A Minimally Invasive Monitoring Sensor Platform IEEE Transaction – 2012HBM40 Coupled Mobile Phone Platform With Peak Flow Meter Enables Real-Time Lung Function AssessmentHBM41 Evaluation of a Smartphone Platform as a Wireless Interface Between Tongue Drive System and Electric-Powered WheelchairsHBM42 A portable ECG recorderHBM43 A real-time face detection and recognition systemHBM44 A Single Supply Standard 8051 Microcontroller Based Medical K-grade Isolation ECG Module with Graphics LCDHBM45 ECG acquisition circuit design based on C8051F330HBM46 Developing a hospital information system ecosystem for creating new clinical collaboration methodologiesHBM47 A mobile health system design for home and community use No 68/82, L.D.G Road, Little Mount, Saidapet, Chennai-15 Ph: 044-43322196, Mobile: 9840989556, 9952050233 Mail:, Page |2
  3. 3. Hades InfoTech Pvt. LtdCODE YR BIOMEDICAL IEEE 2012 – 13 PROJECTSHBM48 Development of e-health network for in-home pregnancy surveillance based on AIHBM49 Multi-platform telemedicine system for patient health monitoring IEEE Conference - 2012HBM50 Design of bio-signal based physical activity monitoring systemHBM51 Fall detection by built-in tri-accelerometer of smartphoneHBM52 Gait analysis of sit-to-walk motion by using portable acceleration monitor device for fall preventionHBM53 Verification of open platform board and bluetooth dongle for wireless controlling binaural hearing aidsHBM54 Development of novel wearable sensors for mobile healthHBM55 A textile-based capacitive breath-sensing systemHBM56 Automatic sleep monitoring system for home healthcareHBM57 A tongue-activated emergency beacon for immobile patients IEEE Conference - 2012HBM58 Wireless accelerator based body posture stability detection and application for meditation practitionersHBM59 Design of bio-signal based physical activity monitoring systemHBM60 Low cost solar ECG with Bluetooth transmitterHBM61 A wearable system for long-term monitoring of knee kinematicsHBM62 Bus seat suspension modification for pregnant womenHBM63 Automated abnormal behavior detection for ubiquitous healthcare application in daytime and nighttimeHBM64 Wearable object detection system for the blind IEEE Conference – 2012HBM65 Design of a wireless skin moisture detection system using a capacitive sensorHBM66 Development of a Wireless Cardiogram System for acute and long-term healthcare monitoringHBM67 Health monitoring of elderly in independent and assisted livingHBM68 Design of a breath detection system with multiple remotely enhanced hand-computer interaction devicesHBM69 Wireless system for monitoring and real-time classification of functional activityHBM70 Model-based design for wireless body sensor network nodesHBM71 Utilization of a wrist-mounted accelerometer to count movement repetitions No 68/82, L.D.G Road, Little Mount, Saidapet, Chennai-15 Ph: 044-43322196, Mobile: 9840989556, 9952050233 Mail:, Page |3