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P+W Urban Design Newsletter 2012 April


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This is an example of one of the P+W urban design newsletters designed by Hadasa Lev. This is an interactive document but the links don’t work when loaded in this slideshare application.

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P+W Urban Design Newsletter 2012 April

  1. 1. URBAN DESIGN NEWS VOLUME 2 APRIL 2012IN THIS IS SUEInternal News External NewsDesign / Project Awards Upcoming ConferencesSpeaking Engagements Reports / Research/ Achievements Articles of InterestUD Projects or Peoplein the Media What do you think of this Newsletter?Cover - Innovation Square Project featured in this issue Click here, or contact Hadasa Lev directly
  2. 2. INTERNAL NEWS VOLUMEMany of these posts are also available on the Urban Design Idea Space page 2 APRIL 2012DESIGN / PROJECT AWARDS SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS / UD PROJECTS OR PEOPLE IN ACHIEVEMENTS THE MEDIA Innovation Square won the beyond this with the creation of a robust data- Kamala Subbarayan and Our Mission Rock Project is 2012 Donald E. Hunter base that tracks and projects resource utiliza- Hadasa Lev spoke at the 2012 Making Headlines. To view the Excellence in Economic APA National Conference Idea Space post with the full tion, provides a financial development model- Development Planning APA list of articles click here. Award ing tool that provides instant scenario analysis for development decisions, as well as a phas-Unlike the internally focused suburban re- ing distribution model for real-time modeling Krisan Osterby presenting at BeltLine featured in Georgiasearch parks of the previous decades, the International Town & Gown Trend: “Sustainable Georgia: and projecting. And all of these elements are Association conference on A Walk In The Park” - AboutInnovation Square aligns the goals of the City tied together, so that decisions made from a June 4th: Developing a the partnership between the Atlantaof Gainesville and the University of Florida market perspective address and reveal issues Successful Campus Master Plan BeltLine and Park Prideto create a livable, walkable, adaptable and that might arise for service cost and distribu-sustainable urban research district that gives David Green speaking at a “The University of Alaska tion, allowing the broad partnership driving the ULI Summit in Atlanta about Campus Master Plan 2012Gainesville a competitive edge in attracting project to make decisions that will have the What’s Next in Sustainable is underway” (University ofand retaining the best minds and companies in best possible outcomes. More on the project... Design in Atlanta Alaska Southeast News)research. The Visioning process for the Districthas set in place lasting partnerships between University of California San Karen Alschuler taught a class Marine Gateway featured inpublic and private stakeholders to ensure Francisco Five Sites Study at the Hass School of The Vancouver Sun:successful implementation. Win! This is an opportunity to make Business at UC Berkeley. This Article on this sustainable a difference with excellent urban was to graduate students in Real mixed-use and TOD projectInnovation Square is a unique project. On the infill in five districts of the city. Estate Development south of Vancouversurface it appears to be a typical district plan,but has become a much more comprehensive University of Wisconsin Kamala Subbarayan: promoted The BeltLine and Ryan Gravel Platteville Master Plan won an to Associate, and selected for featured in Atlanta Intown:process. The project started as a simple zon- ASLA-MN Merit Award! the 2012 Perkins+Will’s “Parks and transit in bloom ating exercise, creating regulations that would Leadership Institute. Park Pride Conference”allow, even incentivize, research specificdevelopment in an underutilized commercial Urban Design Project Awards Dan Seng in our Seattle office Brodie Bain Joins P+W asdistrict between downtown Gainesville and the from the 2012 Perkins+Will published the book Campus Planning Director inUniversity of Florida campus. It includes the Design Awards Biennale “Sustainable Urban the Seattle officevarious elements of a district plan, but moves Development”.
  3. 3. EXTERNAL NEWS VOLUME 2 Follow PerkinsWill_UD on Twitter APRIL 2012UPCOMING CONFERENCES / REPORTS / RESEARCH /DEADLINES FOR PROPOSAL RESOURCESUBMITTALS APA National Conference: Urban America: US cities in Should Cities Limit Building Article by Jane Jacobs from took place 4/14-4/17 in Los the global economy - Report Heights (Atlantic Cities)? 1958: Downtown is for People Angeles. A group from P+W by McKinsey Global Institute. (Fortune Classic, 1958) attended and two of us spoke. See The end of the report has links to Speaking Engagements for more. other interesting reports. ULI Spring Meeting: Growth in Urban Population Challenge Detroit, cool If the downtown of tomorrow looks like most of This is a member only Outpaces Rest of Nation, program, inviting 30 future the redevelopment projects being planned for meeting taking place 5/8-5/10 Census Bureau Reports leaders to live, work, play, in it today, it will end up a monumental bore. But in Charlotte and around Detroit for one year downtown could be made lively and exciting -- and it’s not too hard to find out how. Congress for New Urbanism 3 Landscapes - Improving Urbanized - here is a sneak 20th conference: taking place Conservation Practice in the peek of this fascinating 5/9-5/12 in West Palm Beach Northeast Megaregion: A Report documentary film (scroll down This year is going to be a critical one for the Florida. Basak Alkan and David by Regional Plan Association and to the video) future of the city. All over the country civic Green, from Atlanta, attending America 2050 leaders and planners are preparing a series of redevelopment projects that will set the char- AIA 2012 National Convention Interesting research done by and Design Exposition: taking Design Council on how urban acter of the center of our cities for generations place 5/17-5/19 in design can affect crime to come. Great tracts, many blocks wide, are Washinton DC ARTICLES OF INTEREST being razed; only a few cities have their new downtown projects already under construction; Rio+20: United Nations Interview: Jon Christensen on Article about Washington, but almost every big city is getting ready to Conference on Sustainable California’s cities D.C.’s Union Station build, and the plans will soon be set. Development: taking place 6/20-6/22 in Rio de Janeiro, What will the projects look like? They will be Brazil spacious, parklike, and uncrowded. They will Society for College and 2012 TED Prize Given To The Autodesk exhibited a new feature long green vistas. They will be stable University Planning (SCUP) City 2.0: This year, the (TED) award approach for 3D interactive and symmetrical and orderly. They will be 47: taking place was distributed in a different way: to building instructions at LEGO 7/7-7/11 in Chicago an idea, the City 2.0. World 2012 in Copenhagen clean, impressive, and monumental! Read More....