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MITRE AttACK framework it is time you took notice_v1.0


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Mitre ATT&CK is for all of us, and it is time to pay attention to it.
Malware Archaeology

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MITRE AttACK framework it is time you took notice_v1.0

  1. 1. Mitre ATT&CK is for all of us, and it is time to pay attention to it Michael Gough – Co-Founder
  2. 2. Whoami • Blue Team Defender Ninja, Incident Responder, Logaholic • Creator of all those “Windows Logging Cheat Sheets” and the Malware Management Framework • Including LOG-MD and Windows Logging ATT&CK cheat sheets • Co-Creator of “Log-MD” – The Log and Malicious Discovery Tool • Co-Host – “Brakeing Down Incident Response”
  3. 3. HOMEWORK
  4. 4. There is more than this talk • But we only have 50 minutes • Brakeing Down Incident Response Podcast – Episode 007 – ir-podcast-episode-007 • SANS Threat Hunting and Incident Response Summit New Orleans 2018 – My talk and many others covered ATT&CK, find the PDF’s and videos as SANS releases them • MITRE ATT&CKcon is this week !!! – I was invited, but I am here educating my peeps
  5. 5. Why do we care? • People ask me all the time • “How do you know what to look for”? – Experience – Because Hacker Hurricane said so ;-) – The Malware Management Framework • Reports that show what the bad guys actually did • So how or what do we map our defenses to? – PCI? – OWASP? – Compliance XYZ? – Because InfoSec or WebAppSec says so?
  6. 6. Why do we care? • If you can identify your gaps • Whether a consultant or an employee • You can define potential budget needs • You may have to admit a tool is not mapping well, so an opportunity to recommend a replacement that has better coverage • Budget re-allocation is always a bonus • The goal is to IMPROVE your security posture
  7. 7. Why do we care? • ATT&CK is your new baseline • You heard me • We FINALLY have a goal of what to achieve • Map to ATT&CK and you WILL pass or exceed any and all compliance requirements if you are doing them! • Forget the Cyber Kill Chain – us/capabilities/cyber/cyber-kill-chain.html • ATT&CK is more detailed at what you should detect… along the Cyber Kill Chain
  8. 8. What is ATT&CK ?
  9. 9. MITRE ATT&CK • MITRE’s Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, & Common Knowledge (ATT&CK™) is a curated knowledge base and model for cyber adversary behavior, reflecting the various phases of an adversary’s lifecycle and the platforms they are known to target. • ATT&CK is useful for understanding security risk against known adversary behavior, for planning security improvements, and verifying defenses work as expected.
  10. 10. ATT&CK Tactics and Techniques • 11 Tactics • 283 Techniques • Covers the following Operating Systems – Windows – MAC OS – Linux 11
  11. 11. Why care about ATT&CK • It is HUGE… extensive information of what the adversaries actually do to YOUR systems
  12. 12. ATT&CK requires some ‘Back to Basics’ to achieve “Totality”
  13. 13. Achieve Totality Coverage - Asset Management • Can you see every host? • Do you have ghost assets? • Remote systems (Road Warriors) • Powered down VM’s/Systems • IP Scan all devices and identify the OS Completeness - Deployment • Are your agent(s) installed and running properly Configuration – System Settings • Are the systems configured correctly • Enable all that you want and expect Coverage Completeness Configuration
  14. 14. 80/20 rule • A VERY important point is we need to ignore or not worry about the 20% that you don’t, or can’t cover. • Don’t get hung up on the 20% or you will continue to flounder • Worry about the 80% you CAN or COULD do • You have to learn to walk before you worry about trying to be, or cover 100% (run) • Being good at 80% should be a goal • You will improve over time as you get better • It’s really more 74%-26% – You must accept more false positives to reach 80% or higher (Devon Kerr EndGame)
  15. 15. Let’s Look at an Example
  16. 16. Credential Access • Tactic - Credential Access – Guessing – Cred Dump – Keystroke logging – Off the wire
  17. 17. Technique – Brute Force • Technique ID – T1110 • Tactic – Credential Access • Lists Platforms • Shows Data Sources
  18. 18. Examples – More Data • Groups that used it • Tools or kits • Good for background information • Read the reports (aka Malware Management) and on the actors campaign(s)
  19. 19. ATT&CK Provides Guidance • Mitigation examples • Detection examples • References • You must translate them into what Processes, Procedures, Products you have
  20. 20. What about APPSEC? How does this apply to us?
  21. 21. Map your capabilities to ATT&CK • Map the tools you have to the ATT&CK Matrix • This will give you a place to start and a way to track and rate your activities
  22. 22. Sample of ATT&CK and Applications
  23. 23. Mitre Att@ck • This is a good place to start and map all your detection, prevention, and hunt activities to • Not enough details as to how – You will need to map them – Or find someone that has, maybe a product(s) • Add your Web Proxy • Add your WAF • Add your IPS • Add Network tools • Add code scanners • Fill any other gaps • Of course…. ADD YOUR LOGGING !!!
  24. 24. Mitre Att@ck - Logging Let’s look at Windows Logging, my personal favorite • Most Techniques can be mapped to logging • Add Log Management • Add some Sysmon or WLS to the logs for more details • Add LOG-MD-Pro, and other tools or script(s) • Add a solution to query the OS ( I love BigFix) • Add Network tools • Fill other gaps • See the previous slide for application stuff
  25. 25. Map your capabilities to ATT&CK • The Windows ATT&CK Logging Cheat Sheet • 11 Tactics and 187 Techniques mapped to Windows Event IDs
  26. 26. Map your capabilities to ATT&CK • The Windows LOG-MD ATT&CK Cheat Sheet • 11 Tactics and 187 Techniques mapped to Windows Event IDs, LOG-MD, and Sysmon
  27. 27. Find your Gaps, and Strengths • By filling out the ATT&CK matrix to YOUR capabilities, you begin to understand what you CAN and CAN NOT do against the actual tactics and techniques the bad guys use against you • I was shocked, I mean SHOCKED at how much I do in Windows logging mapped to actual tactics and techniques • But then again I have been practicing Malware Management since I created it over 6 years ago
  28. 28. Example Suspicious PowerShell Hunt
  29. 29. How do I Hunt for PS? • Without Log Management? • Or with it, we consume LOG-MD-Pro logs into Log Management too
  30. 30. TOOLS
  31. 31. What is available to you • MITRE ATT&CK Navigator • You select items you have, select colors and export it
  32. 32. ATT&CK Navigator • ATT&CK Navigator – Https:// • Mobile too – • Pre-ATT&CK –
  33. 33. SOCPrime
  34. 34. SOCPrime • TDM – Threat Detection Marketplace • SIGMA Rules – Generic Signature Format for SIEM Systems • ATT&CK mappings • Lots of log solution options • Convert from one platform to another • SIGMA rule convertor • Subscription service to gain access • Some free SIGMA based rules
  35. 35. Tools • Unfetter – – • Tanium – the-mitre-attack-framework-improving-detection- capabilities/ • SIGMA – –
  36. 36. API • MITRE has an API for ATT&CK – • Cyb3rWarD0g – Invoke-ATTACKAPI – • Mitre Pre-ATT&CK Mappings • ft/ATT%26CK-Stuff • Blog on Brute Force example with ATT&CK – case.html
  38. 38. HUNT ! • Some say create a hypothesis • I say start by eliminating things you CAN hunt for and know you do NOT have • Then build more hypothesis • Map your capabilities to ATT&CK • For Windows logging and LOG-MD there are 2 Cheat Sheets mapped to ATT&CK –
  39. 39. Conclusion • MITRE ATT&CK is GREAT stuff • It gives you a way to measure what you have and can detect, based on what your adversaries ACTUALLY do, not what compliance, an auditor or consultant says • You don’t have to get very detailed at first • Use simple coloring at first – Green (good), Yellow (needs work), Red (poor), no color (we got nuttin) • Expand it once you map it • Then expand as you rate your capabilities • But get to know this framework!
  40. 40. Additional Reading This Is the Fastest Way to Hunt Windows Endpoints – fastestwaytohuntonwindowsv101 – SANS will post the video at some point SANS THIR 2018 PDF’s and videos Most of the talks had ATT&CK involved Quantify your hunt not your parents red teaming Devon Kerr – Quantify Your Hunt: Not Your Parents' Red Team– Devon and Roberto – 1536351477.pdf Finding Related ATT&CK Techniques – f1a4e8dfe2b6
  41. 41. Questions • You can find us on the Twitters – @HackerHurricane • • • Preso will be on SlideShare and linked on • Listen to the PodCast to hear the rest of this topic –