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HDFC Life Mobility Hackathon: Smart App with Dashboard

This app allows HDFC users to sync their health tracking device for notifying them on a real-time basis. Chatbots uses the power of Natural language processing and Machine learning to solve user problems related to insurance industry

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HDFC Life Mobility Hackathon: Smart App with Dashboard

  1. 1. HDFClifeSmartAppwithDashboard Team:MahakLabs
  2. 2. ProjectTheme • AI (Artificial Intelligence)-based real-time services • E-Insurance application system • Customer representative dashboard with required functionalities • UPI Pay and Wallet integration with customer authentication • Real-time push notification and notification center; switching between chatbot and real human (Customer Representative) per client request • Uses of GPS to find customer location to offer relevant services • Fitbit smart health watch device API Integration to check customer health and offer medical services • Practo services API to connect customer for medical support
  3. 3. AI(ArtificialIntelligence)basedreal-timeservices We are trying to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning services to improve the customer experience. Following are the features provided: ✓ Real-time analytics to track the operations and services ✓ AI Sentiment analysis to generate reports on the customer behavior ✓ Voice/Text-based chat system to search and buy plans Company Benefits ✓ A company’s response system and feedback will be auto-improved with this chatbot service. ✓ Direct and quality response can be provided. ✓ More plans can be sold out.
  4. 4. E-Insuranceapplicationsystemwithwalletintegration Simplified chatbots for customers to choose and buy insurance per their need and convenience The application process is as follows: ✓ Search for insurance plans with chat interface ✓ Read the plan benefits and offers ✓ Compare plans per need ✓ Select the prefered plan ✓ Upload or scan copies of documents, if not available in application database ✓ Fetch details from Aadhar card number ✓ Select a pay mode, i.e, UPI, Wallet, or other available payment methods
  5. 5. ✓ If using a mobile application, press camera to calculate the heart rate for providing the health information ✓ Select if you want a representative to get in touch with or meet you in person ✓ Receive a confirmation mail for submitting the application ✓ If a medical insurance is chosen, the application will ask to authenticate with Fitbit, if available Contd.
  6. 6. Representativedashboard Customized real-time dashboard would be provided to customer representatives where an automated system will perform live chat with the client on their request. The dashboard would be able to initiate/search for client’s complaints, opted plans, policies, and some other activities. Features of the dashboard are: ✓ The dashboard application auto publishes all the required data and information if the available representative accepts that request; if denied, the action will be reported to higher admins. ✓ The dashboard would generate all dynamic reports and documents by capturing important keywords and request patterns. ✓ Auto-model will be populated for all the uploaded documents; the representative may not need to find a document in the local storage as everything would be under shared application environment. ✓ The dashboard will allow the sharing of the dynamic content directly with the respective customer.
  7. 7. UPIPayandwalletintegrationwithcustomerauthentication UPI, wallet ,and other payment services integration in the app so as to allow customers to pay online. Services like Paytm, Freecharge, and JioMoney also offer cash back to the existing customers which motivates them to use their services.
  8. 8. Real-timepushnotificationandnotificationcenter Customers customized notification center where the representative and an automated system will send/generate important notifications apart from mails Notification will be categorized as follows: ✓ Policy Renewal Notification ✓ Payment Notification ✓ Update Notification ✓ Plans Notification
  9. 9. GPSLocation-based services This feature helps our application to learn about a customer’s locality and based on it, the app automatically suggests our partnered medical services. Following are its functions: ✓ To capture customer location when buying insurance ✓ To provide better medical options nearby ✓ To set up a representative meet-up ✓ To track basic customer activities
  10. 10. FitbithealthAPI We offer our customers a Fitbit to monitor their health-related activities as a gift with our health insurance plan. It will track all the information on health-related issues. Our HDFC life insurance app will keep track of the latest health history and notify the customers as a push notification to help take care of them and consult with our doctors, if needed. Fitbit-generated reports and health information would be useful in identifying the best plans and future offers for our existing customers.
  11. 11. PractoAPIServices Practo API helps customers to find doctors in their locality and book appointments on real-time basis. Current medical admission policy is really critical; the hospitalization team takes too much time to admit anyone. But we offer an option where all customers and their information will be automatically updated with the hospitalization team. Whenever people opt for medical insurance, one of our customer representatives will get in touch with them and collect all the required information, which can be used at the time of a medical emergency. NOTE: Practo’s API is currently revamping and it’ll be ready soon
  12. 12. Customersbenefits 1. A single “HDFC App” which will perform multiple functions of medical services and assistance 2. Cloud-storage of all the medical and other financial documents which would be accessible from anywhere in the world 3. No more delay in hospitalization as one ID number at the time of hospitalization will fetch all the information
  13. 13. Companybenefits 1- Customer acquisition is easy. 2- Companies can save tons of money while implementing all those features and options. 3- Genuine data tracking/mapping becomes possible, which will prevent hospitals from faking data. 4- With the vault functionality, companies can maintain a variety of information on a large scale. 5- Apart from selling insurance, companies can earn good reviews and responses because of the unique services that they provide.