Druva Hiring Challenge


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Druva is looking for engineers to join their team.

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Druva Hiring Challenge

  1. 1. www.druva.com
  2. 2. Employee Speak An exclusive peek on the inside ! Kajal Jawale Chinmay Asarawala QA Engineer Sr. Software Developer Why Druva? I was a fresher when I joined Druva. I wanted to build a career in networking or storage. That’s why I chose Druva. Why Druva? Because I wanted to be a part of an Indian startup offering a product instead of services. What do you like about Druva? Druva is an environment where I have learned a lot. The work is new, diverse, and challenging. What’s more, people can choose roles that suit them the most. What do you like about Druva? The people and their knowledge. Their experience and know-how is much more than that of the workforce in larger organizations. What is unique about your role? I accept new challenges, and conquer them. Most of all, I learn a lot! What is unique about your role? The trust. My team knows that I deliver quality. Your stay at Druva... Great experience. I learned a lot, and am still learning. Your stay at Druva... Superb! Great experience, incredible facilities, and quality learning.
  3. 3. Creativity in our process We are young ! As Druva continues to grow, the diverse mix of people like you bring new life and charm to our being. We are proud of our guiding principles; but your ideas, enthusiasm, and energy make us who we are. Innovation at work Learn as you grow, grow as you learn In 2008, we set out to make history in the demesne of corporate data security. To make great strides, we had to create a place that would see history come alive. And so, Druva was born. Here, you will see extraordinarily talented people shine their best. We think fresh, design new, and solve old problems. This is possible only because of an unapologetic focus on our team’s strengths. It is people like you who make Druva a culture, and it is for us to provide an environment to nurture this culture. Our products started raw, assumed form, and grew to scale great heights. And then, they were chiseled to maturity by our team. At Druva, you can expand your horizons, learn new things, and reinvent yourself. Small ideas can become great innovations! At Druva, your ideas are translated into robust solutions. We employ cutting-edge technology to build great products that do what they promise to do. We empower great minds to innovate, ideate, and create, because innovation matters to us, and the world. We know that coding alone is not innovation. All ideas make a difference since they bring in a whiff of freshness to the otherwise accepted.
  4. 4. Druva Today Why we are different We understand how much our customers value their data. That is why we capture customer needs and translate them to products and solutions. We protect data, and make sure that it stays safe. And all while never once hampering system performance. Our Product provide backup across varied endpoints; integrated file sharing; enterprise-grade security; DLP integrated with encryption; geo-tracking; in-depth data insights with real-time reporting capabilities. inSync’s unified platform approach, consolidated endpoint management, deduplication, and uni-client design ensures greater savings in terms of time, IT governance, and user efforts. We let our taste for technology speak for itself. We deduplicate smartly, optimize networks judiciously, guarantee corporate data security, and support deployment flexibility, and are the number one choice for organizations looking to protect their precious data. Druva inSync, our flagship entrant into the world of backup and storage, is a unified approach towards backup, collaboration, security, data encryption, and data insights. inSync is robust in design, unified in structure, and flexible in its expanse. Our talented team has ensured that inSync can Product excellence is not the only reason why we are different. We are different because we care for our customers and their subtlest expectations. We ensure that our products give our customers remarkable IT visibility and overall governance. Most of all, our products are designed to optimize resources; we ensure that our products capture exploding volumes of data while employing resources prudently. What sets up apart is that we are discreet; our products work to protect data without hampering user experience. organizational assets. Our team focuses on technology to cater to the complex needs of our customers. It is to this kind of excellence that you will contribute. At Druva, you will be a part of a dynamic team that foresees challenges, ideates methodically, and delivers what our customers think, is world-class! Corporate Data Secutrity Our products are such that they secure corporate data anytime, anywhere, whether it is on personal devices or
  5. 5. Awards Victories and triumphs! It’s not just about the award, but the reason why we get an award. With each award, we introspect, evolve, and grow. Here are a few that we are proud about. Above all, we are grateful because our team made it happen and because the world cared. Clientele They trust us! We take security seriously. Very seriously. That is why the best in business trust us.
  6. 6. Work With Us! Give us an idea, we will build it into a product! Druva is young, and loves fresh ideas. If you enjoy working out-of-the-box, then you are at the right place. We will give you the environment to excel, the resources to translate your ideas into concrete plans, and plenty of freedom to do what you like to do! We know that a tiny idea germinates into something brilliant. Inspire us! We need an idea! At Druva, we make data security a cakewalk. We have some of the best engineers, creative designers, skillful writers, talented marketers, and awesome managers who make our products brilliant and different! If you think you can innovate and create, then we need you! We don’t just stop at that! Ever felt the lack of appreciation? We value you for the energy and skills you bring in. We have made it an endeavor to nurture these talents, and shape your skills, because we believe that Druva grows only when you grow. At Druva, efforts are appreciated and contributions rewarded. Work with us. Be a big, bright fish in a cheerful pond. Awesome Workplace Druva wants you to be happy ! Medical insurance for self, spouse, kids, dependant parents Accident insurance up to Rs 5,00,000 annually Gym reimbursement for all employees On the house, snacks and meals Library at your desk Flexible work hours, and work from home scheme
  7. 7. Life at Druva Snippets of what keeps us going ! We are fast-paced, with a product release every few months, but we are mighty pleased to say that we sustain! Our team is a collection of fine gems, and these gems have their special moments. Check out snippets of such moments! When we work we work, and when we play, we play. We are a passionate bunch of people, who love life and love to live it right. At Druva, we make sure that all our talented folks feel at home and feel at home how! Frequent outings, team get-togethers, and engagement programs are the reason why coming to work is fun.
  8. 8. Milind Borate Jaspreet Singh Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer Founder & Chief Executive Officer At Druva, we have some of the smartest minds from the storage industry, focused on using technology to solve real customer problems. Druva is an exceptional story about a product born in India. The core values and its people make Druva a very special story, a story that would become the foundation for many more product stories in future. To me, a great job means being able to work with great people, on a great technology. And I am happy to say, we have this unique combination at Druva. We at Druva take pride in the innovation that we cultivate and the value that we deliver to our customers. So feel free to create, innovate and elevate. That’s all Druva let’s you do anyway. Need we say more ?
  9. 9. Alper Arpacoglu Patrick Burgess avea Merz Pharma UK Ltd “At the end of the day, our company is an information company, so data security and availability is critical” “From a data availability perspective, Druva inSync is incredible” Ian Gates Alan Musser Capita Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp “I have installed it on my laptop. It’s simple, fast and totally non-intrusive. Working very smoothly, just as I hoped” “Druva inSync has been a very positive experience. I recommend it to administrators looking for an easy-touse enterprise solution”
  10. 10. Dr. Thomas Eifert Rajesh Kumar Sharma RWTH Aachen University PwC “Druva is the perfect solution for protecting our mobile users’ endpoint data” “Druva is perfect for the enterprise that needs an effective backup solution for its mobile users. We can now save the time and money we’ve spent on retrieving lost data. You don’t have to look beyond Druva” Swapnil Patil Alberto Guidoboni Kotak Securities Pallavolo Modena “The kind of man-hours spent on any implementation is the true test of a product and with Druva inSync, I can vouch for the fact the implementation time taken was the lowest. The product also has an effective and well-developed interface, which made administration very easy” “Volley is a sport based on statistics and statistics are based on laptop computers. The goal is to be sure to have quickly and easily data in any time and any place in case of crashes, despite what Murphy’s law teaches… That’s why we chose Druva inSync”
  11. 11. www.druva.com