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What is an online programming challenge? A look at NVIDIA® Jetson™ Developer Challenge

  1. Whatisanonlineprogramming challenge? A look at NVIDIA® Jetson™ Developer Challenge
  2. Hackathonsandonline challengeshavealotincommon Such competitions are marathons where programmers, graphic designers, project managers, marketing specialists and other creative people work together to come up with innovative ideas relevant to a particular issue.
  3. There’salwaysaprizeupfor grabs! In this challenge it was a total of $42.700 and NVIDIA tech gadgets.
  4. Eachchallengehasitsowntheme NVIDIA® Jetson™ Developer Challenge was focused on use of AI and Deep Learning to build a better world.
  5. Challengesandhackathonshavesome differencestoo An online challenge can lasts even a few months, hackathons only a weekend. NVIDIA’s challenge started on October 23rd and ended on February 18th.
  6. Everyonecanparticipate, locationdoesn’tmatter Thanks to that 2369 people from 80 countries took part in the challenge on our platform. Hackathons on the other hand are restricted to one place, and those numbers are usually lower.
  7. Whatkindsofprojectswere submitted? We’ll highlight projects from the winners. Each of them aimed at making the world a better place!
  8. 1stplace Sim-to-RealAutonomousRoboticControl The autonomous robot that explores the world excellent project that sheds light on how education might be improved in the future It’s an open platform that can be adapted to countless scenarios, which makes it suitable for education, or a helping tool for disabled.
  9. 2ndplace TITUS This project presents a UAV that uses a single camera as a sensor for SLAM, and the whole system is meant to inspect forests to identify places potentially prone to wildfires.
  10. 3rdplace On-UAVrealtimedetectionofstorm damage A drone using a neural network for recognizing damaged and intact houses marks the buildings affected by storms on the map. This solution aids rescue patrols and helps identify potential locations of victims.
  11. Publicchoiceaward Avitra-ReconnaissanceRobot The project is system of motion sensing cameras that carry the operator’s movements over to the robot that’s on site. The robot then provides live feed from cameras and uses AI to create a 3D map of its surroundings to aid spatial awareness of the operator
  12. Wanttoseemoreprojectslikethese? Don’t worry, there’s plenty to choose from! Check out the full list of projects.
  13. WheredoIsignup? While this challenge is over, there are more contests to take part in on our platform. Find a challenge for you!
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