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Presentation hackateam

  1. 1. The Online Hackathon Platform
  2. 2. Our commitmentBring your company disruptive solutions by unlocking developers’ and web-friendly entrepreneurs’ potential from all over the world. Hackateam
  3. 3. Table of contents1 Hackateam2 Our team Hackateam
  4. 4. 1 Hackateam Hackateam
  5. 5. The first online hackathon platformLaunch a self-designed hackathon on our collaborative platform and reach the bestdevelopers, designers and business developers from all over the world. A collaborative platform Powerful and social A dynamic community Talented and active A 20 people team Focused on your needs 1 Hackateam Hackateam
  6. 6. How it works? Hackateam gives you the opportunity to organize online hackathons for a worldwide community of developers, designers and business developers You design your own business project on the platform and challenge the Hackateam community to bring you breakthrough solutions Hackateam expert members team up, mix their skills and compete to code the most innovative app1 Hackateam Hackateam
  7. 7. Why Hackateam? Our plateform engage our community on your projects Innovate Shine Engage talents Bring together experts to Communicate on your Discuss and collaborate withcreate what you are looking business activity and raise the best challengers who have for or may not even have your company as a pioneer already proved themselves on thought of yet of the open innovation shift a large set of projects 1 Hackateam Hackateam
  8. 8. Hackathon examplesOur hackathons can be based on APIs or address broader problematics SmartTeach SmartTeach gives you the opportunity to explore the tremendous world of education through tablets and smartphones Youth4Democracy This hackathon aims to leverage web technologies to sensitize young people on the importance of politics LinkedUp Bridge the gap between the online and offline world, by coding an application that will leverage LinkedUp services and database 1 Hackateam Hackateam
  9. 9. A powerful platform Our platform is totally customisable to offer a unique experience at each stage of the hackathonPresentation of teams and projects Real-time analytics and statisticsDedicated space to present projects and Automated reporting system and collectionteams of participants’ public profilesCompetition by team Voting systemRecommandation tool which boosts mix- Voting system allowing customizedskilled teams voting process and judge selectionOnline collaboration Documents exportationEfficient collaborative platform (chat, Dedicated space to host all documentsvideo conference and document library) and export them very easily 1 Hackateam Hackateam
  10. 10. 2 Our team Hackateam
  11. 11. A fast-growing start-upHackateam is an innovative company launched by a group of three entrepreneurswith complementary profiles. Our mantra is that open innovation is key to enhance innovation processes within companies by engaging various communities on a common goalHackateam is powered by Agorize, a successful platform dedicated to fosterrelationships between communities and companies through business challenges. 2 Our team Hackateam
  12. 12. They already use Agorize2 Our team Hackateam
  13. 13. Some figures about Agorize … 20 +5000 People in our team Challengers from about 99 countries +30 200Challenges launched Challengers peron Agorize platform challenge, on average2 Our team Hackateam
  14. 14. Contact +33 6 95 59 04 03 Robin BONDUELLECommunication Manager2 Our team Hackateam