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wedhop learnings


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Published in: Technology, Business
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wedhop learnings

  1. 1. Social Wedding Websites: Project Takeaways Erik Eliason, Alex Frey, Yohanes Frezgi
  2. 2. Business CaseContext:-Couples typically build wedding websites 6 months before the event-Current solutions are poorly designed, require significant time tobuild, and don’t leverage any social or mobile featuresPotential Solution:-We believe that brides would like to build their wedding websiteseamlessly by leveraging Facebook and other social features. Theseassumptions are further explained on the next slide.
  3. 3. Business ObjectiveTest the following hypotheses Hypotheses Potential Implications ‣ Reverse auction for vendors utilizing pictures A. Brides base vendor ‣ Inspiration boards that help brides identify themes or ideas for decisions on pictures their wedding ‣ Vendor selection based pictures ‣ Wedding reviews for vendors and venue with an emphasis on B. Brides would like more friends reviews (Yelp for weddings) social integration in wedding tools ‣ Engagement or save the date announcements with nice design (Paperless Post on Facebook) C. Current planning tools do not ‣ Simplified project management tools designed for managing sufficiently meet weddings brides needs ‣ Wedding reviews for vendors and venue with an emphasis on D. Brides want transparent friends reviews (Yelp for weddings) tools to find venues and vendors ‣ Engagement or save the date announcements with nice design (Paperless Post on Facebook)
  4. 4. Tools to Test Hypotheses1. Customer Interviews2. Wireframes3. A/B Facebook Ad Tests
  5. 5. 1. Customer Interviews Quote Key Learnings “Vendor selection was a huge pain Brides use planning point for me. In the existing substitutes like excel and industry structure vendors are google docs rather than incentive to provide no details on tools from established sites price or capabilities because they to allow them to collaborate want a conversation in which they with friends Janet can up sell you on things that you There is a segment of Zhou do not want” practical brides who are underserved by current options “I have an account on Current wedding planning but it was overwhelming and I sites feel overwhelming and are very web 1.0 didn’t find any of my vendors there…… I found my vendors by Brides value advice from asking friends on Facebook” friends Naiomi Bisram
  6. 6. 2. WireframesTesting Hypothesis A: Brides base vendor decisions on pictures 1. Inspiration Boards on 2. HotorNot for Weddings Facebook Customer Demo Feedback ‣ Pictures are not primary factor in vendor selection decisions ‣ Brides do not perceive collecting pictures and inspiration boards from multiple vendors as a pain point. They enjoy a non-linear design process. ‣ Neither offering would be compelling better than current solutions
  7. 7. 3. Facebook Advertising Testing CTR CPC Conversion Cost Per Hypothesis Rate Email “FREE Wedding B. Brides would .09% $0.07 21% $0.35 like more social Profile” integration in wedding tools “Free C. Current Wedding .03% $0.68 18% $3.75 planning Planning” tools do not sufficiently meet brides needs “Find your dream .04% $0.76 9% $9.00 D. Brides want Venue!” transparent tools to find venues and vendors‣ Harder to economically acquire customers for planning tools + vendor selectionbecause of pre-existing relationships w/ other sites PIVOT(!): free + simple wedding sites are something that engaged brides are seeking
  8. 8. Research Website (Part I of III)Note: The research website was used in conjunction with Facebook advertising tests. 1. Landing Page: Learn + Sign up Tagline Benefits Call-to-actionFacebook Connect Integration Email Signup Form Popularity PrincipleCaptured data such as name, Capture email and time Leveraged Facebook Facepile profile picture, email, location stamp plugin to display Facebook (city and country) and time stamp friends that have signed up for the website
  9. 9. Research Website (Part II of III) 2. Confirmation Page: Based on Registration Type A. Registered with Facebook B. Registered with Email -Or - Standard welcome due to lack of dataPersonalized welcome including name and picture using Facebook Connect.
  10. 10. Research Website (Part III of III) 3. Share: Tell Your Friends on Twitter and Facebook Tweet to Followers Share with Facebook FriendsJavascript popup with automated message “I just Javascript popup using fb:invite function. discovered #wedhop! Build your wedding website in under 60 seconds. via @wedhop”
  11. 11. StatusProgress Made: Next Steps:1. Hypothesis Testing: 1. Wireframe DemoDetermined that vendor selection -Build wireframes with each step ofthrough photos and planning the signup and website creationtools are not strongest demand. processes.2. Landing Page: -Continue customer interviews-Built landing page which captured regarding product featuresdata from Facebook Connect or 2. Define Data FlowEmail form -Spec out data flows for beta-Built database to store data from website and structure of databaseusers3. Test Demand: 3. Continue Email AcquisitionsAcquired over 100 emails in 4 -Continue to optimize Facebook adsdays at ~$0.50/email. and acquire 2,000 emails prior to launch.RESULT: move forward withwedding website creator