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Apps for Amsterdam Workshop Hackathon 16-06-2012


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Door Ivonne Jansen-Dings.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Apps for Amsterdam Workshop Hackathon 16-06-2012

  1. 1. Ivonne Jansen, Waag Society
  2. 2. • Ivonne Jansen Dings Project manager, Waag Society• Apps for Amsterdam, Apps for Noord-Holland, Apps voor Nederland, Open Cities, Commons4EU•
  3. 3. Creating Economic Value $ 2.300.000,-
  4. 4. Creating Social Value
  5. 5. Citizen ConnectCity: Connect is the City of Bostonsaward-winning effort to empower Bostonresidents to be the Citys "eyes and ears"throughout our neighborhoods. Through thisprogram, you can now use your mobile phonein five different ways to alert the City ofBoston to neighborhood issues such aspotholes and graffiti.
  6. 6. BuitenBeterCity: Eindhoven, Tilburg, Haarlem, Zeewolde,Huizen, Schiedamwww.buitenbeter.nlThere are many problems in streets andneighborhoods that can be spotted bycitizens. Like a broken streetlight, a dirty busstop, or garbage that has been dumped.BuitenBeter gives them the opportunity toreport the problem using their smartphone.And helps the city to create a clean, safe andhealthy living environment.
  7. 7. Illegal Dump SiteAvailable in Sloveniawww.register.ocistimo.siApplication recording of illegal dump sitelocations, managing the logistics for theirfield data collection and cleanup. By exposingthe locations of illegal dump sites, people canforce responsible institutions to clean thedata Government - it can use these data tomanage the process of illegal dump sitescleanups, to educate the public and topenalize the violations of the law.
  8. 8. E11Available in Germanywww.e11map.deDifferent sources of energy throughoutGermany are shown in the E11 map. With thediscussion on nuclear energy being anongoing issue, this map shows citizens wheretheir power comes from and gives them theknowledge to make an informed decision.
  9. 9. OCO ScholenzoekerCity: OCO-scholenzoeker is a useful app foranybody trying to find a school inAmsterdam. It gives the user different searchcriteria, like type of school, level, educationalprinciples, distance, size of school etc. Usinga map interface the information is displayedin a clear manner. Also parents (and children)can give their evaluations about the schoolusing a rating system.
  10. 10. SolaAvailable for the energy from your own roof is a hottopic. Durable energy for the future isimportant. But not cheap. Does it pay off toput solar panels on your roof? Which roof isthe best? How much energy would theyproduce? Are any subsidies available? Solashows the consumer how much he can save inenergy costs by installing solar cells. Simplyplace your phone on your roof and Solacalculates the incline, angle and sun hoursand possible subsidies you can receive.
  11. 11. Makkie KlauweCity: demo app confronts citizens with thesafety of their own property. The apps showsthieves where in the city they can best stealspecific items. Combining data on incomenumbers and charges being pressed per area
  12. 12. Maak 6 groepen: Mobiliteit,Veiligheid,Energie, Leegstand, Democratie,Toerisme&CultuurVerzin ideeën voor datasets of appsbinnen ieder themaHou de ideeën bij
  13. 13. Thank YouIvonne Jansen,