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The Intelligence Management Model - Data Driven is not enough


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Have you ever thought about the future of your title or position? Are you sure your company is ready for the data-dominated future?

Digital is everywhere. Digital will be everywhere. Data will be everywhere. And even beyond. Nowadays the quote of a data-driven company is stressed very often through press, social media and in business talks. A company has to be data-driven to understand the relation between different channels and actions, even between departments and profit.

Data-Driven vs. Data-Dominated
The data-driven aspect is no longer reaching out far enough, when considering the future of a company. The company of the future will not be data-driven any longer, but definitely data-dominated. Saying out loud the word of “domination” can include positive and negative aspects.

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The Intelligence Management Model - Data Driven is not enough

  1. 1. © 2015 Webtrekk GmbH The Intelligence Management Model Who will survive and thrive in the data-dominated world? by Ralf Haberich
  2. 2. © 2015 Webtrekk GmbH White Paper l The Intelligence Management Model l 2 “Data-driven” companies are often darlings in the press, social media and business talks. And with good reason: Being data-driven allows companies to understand the relationship between different channels and actions, between departments and profit. Nowadays, companies have to be data-driven. Period. Digital is everywhere. Digital will be everywhere. Data is (and will be) everywhere, too. Have you ever thought about how the data-driven landscape will affect the future of your title or position? After all, data-driven is only the beginning. Are you and your company ready for the data-dominated future? Data-driven vs. data-dominated When it comes to the future of a company, being “data-driven” will soon no longer be enough. The company of the future will not be data-driven; it will be data-dominated. The word “domination” carries positive and negative connotations. “Data- dominated” is no different. If a company truly follows data in all aspects – if data is allowed to dominate – it will no doubt achieve higher growth and profit. Nevertheless, this philosophy might also cause damage to personal relations and harm veteran managers currently responsible for marketing and the future of the company. These managers need to prepare for the data-dominated world. The following Intelligence Management Model was created in order to have the optimal setup within a company. It can guide Upper Management through the coming challenges, including the inevitable digitalisation of their business, and open discussions about how management processes should evolve in the face of existing and incoming data. In short, this model illustrates how data is not the new oil, but the new air. You need to have data if your company wants to breathe, wants to survive. Being “data-driven” is no longer enough. The company of the future will be data-dominated.
  3. 3. © 2015 Webtrekk GmbH White Paper l The Intelligence Management Model l 3 Data is not the new oil – it is the new air Looking at the setup of the Intelligence Management Model, we can define four fields of data-competence: • Digital Power Users • Digital Weak Followers • Digital Strong Learners • Digital Decision Makers All four fields combine different levels of technical competence with visionary and strategic performance.
  4. 4. © 2015 Webtrekk GmbH White Paper l The Intelligence Management Model l 4 Four types of Digital Characters The Digital Power User is a pure technical person with a very strong analytics and/or mathematical background. Very much capable of diving into the details of analytical and technical aspects of a subject, but less able to see the bigger picture: how the company fits into the market, how the market will transform, future changes within the business eco-system and so on. The Digital Weak Follower is a person that does not put enough effort into keeping pace with the digital revolution. This applies to everything from the business aspects to the personal job profile within his or her professional surroundings. Therefore, the ability to solve analytical questions or engage in business discussions about the future of the company proves elusive. The Digital Strong Learner understands data and is able to perform analytics, but is currently not fully immersed in those topics. Smart enough and educated enough, this person will catch up. The greatest attributes of this profile are the knowledge around strategy and company or department vision – being able to proactively envision, manage and navigate future challenges. The Digital Decision Maker is a perfect combination of technical and visionary competence. This profile is very hard to find and requires a degree of expert- ise in both fields. Residing at the intersection of technical savvy and strategic foresight, this is the ideal profile of the future manager, someone who can bridge the gap – and build a future – between IT and Marketing. What about Digital Maturity? This Intelligence Management Model can now be spiced up with an additional aspect: Digital Intelligence Maturity. This way, we can determine which profiles have strong analytical knowledge and the capability to understand and solve Business Intelligence-related questions and projects.
  5. 5. © 2015 Webtrekk GmbH White Paper l The Intelligence Management Model l 5 The circles of the managers and employees in the chart above represent the current status of their technical knowledge, as well as their visionary and strategic competence associated with their Digital Intelligence Maturity. Looking at these charts – or just looking at the world we now live in – it is obvious that profiles will change in the future. This has many positives: more competence on more shoulders in order to act faster, decide smarter and drive profit quicker. Most likely, the characters will all (try to) move into the top right corner – Digital Decision Makers. This is a positive development and would transform the company and the managers into relevant players within the future market. As you can also see, the circles vary in size, meaning the pure Digital Intelligence Maturity will either have to either increase or decrease, depending on the profile and job description. Digital Analyst Marketing Director CDO CMO Digital Intelligence Maturity CEO Looking at these charts – or just looking at the world we now live in – it is obvious that profiles will change in the future.
  6. 6. © 2015 Webtrekk GmbH White Paper l The Intelligence Management Model l 6 For all their positives, however, there will be challenges: internal competition, reliable internal transfer of technical knowledge, (too) narrow focus of digital strategies, etc. Again, domination has plenty of negative aspects, too.
  7. 7. © 2015 Webtrekk GmbH White Paper l The Intelligence Management Model l 7 We will also be observing new positions and profiles popping up in this digital, data-dominated landscape. Roles such as Technical Analysts and Chief Visionary Officers will join the stage and quickly assume enormous roles. In short, the company structures that we have come to know will be reshaped by the data-dominated landscape. No, CEOs aren’t going to disappear. Neither will CFOs nor Analysts nor Marketing Directors. These positions will remain essential to businesses around the globe. But the digital world is creating new responsibilities and roles, just as it creating new challenges and opportunities. And those who understand and anticipate this shift are the ones who will dominate the management of the future.
  8. 8. © 2015 Webtrekk GmbH Contact Webtrekk GmbH Robert-Koch-Platz 4 10115 Berlin, Germany +49 (0)30 755 4150 About Webtrekk Webtrekk is a global provider of digital intelligence solutions, headquartered in Berlin with offices in China, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and the USA. Webtrekk is widely recognised as a leader in digital marketing solutions. Alongside its Digital Intelligence Suite, Webtrekk offers a wide range of consulting services designed to address digital analytics needs, from strategy to implementation to training. About the Author Ralf has been Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Webtrekk since late 2011 and is respon- sible for International Sales & Marketing. He leads the international team and is focused on expanding Webtrekk´s global footprint. He regularly speaks at global congresses and publishes thought-leading articles at His book “FUTURE DIGITAL BUSINESS” was published in 2012. Follow Ralf on Twitter. Visit our website Request a demo