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Feel more confident with this all natural hair thickener!


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Cover up your hair loss and feel confident in just 30 seconds.
This organic hair fiber will set you free!

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Feel more confident with this all natural hair thickener!

  1. 1.  Easy to apply No staining Organic fibers Natural look In 9 colors (can also be mixed) The first legal drug in EuropeToppik is very simple to apply by holding the container above the thin part of youhair, and then shake it gently. In seconds, thousands of tiny hair fibers, in yourhair color, mix into your own hair. Through static electricity the fibers attachthemselves to the hairs so that they stay in place and look natural. After applyingToppik just lightly beat with your fingertips to properly divide the fibers.Using Toppik Fiberholdspray allows you to be 100% confident, even in rain andwind.
  2. 2. How Toppik works.Because Toppik is an organic product, it doesnt only color the scalp butthe fibers also attach to the individual hairs, which makes the opticaleffect more natural. Click on the picture for the movie
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  4. 4. Photographs and films are often shown in 2D, which makes it oftenseems thicker than it actually is because of the depth that your missing.By filming a demonstration of Toppik in 3D, there is a good optimal resultvisible which makes the demonstrations more reliable. Click on the picture for a movie
  5. 5. Display content:• 12 x 10,3 gram Toppik• 4x Toppik Fiberholdspray• 3x Spray Applicator• 3x Hairline Optimizer• 1x Display
  6. 6. Toppik ShampooToppik Hair Building Shampoo delivers micronized keratin – exactly thesame organic protein as your own hair – on the inside of the hairshaft.The result is thicker healthier hair with lees see through on the scalp.Use every day for continued thickening and protein enhancement.Instructions:Wet the hairs, Massage the shampoo.Leave it for 1 minute and rinse thoroughly.Products features: Infused with keratin Protein Thickens hair with every use Strengtens thin or fine hair No sulfates or ParabensFor a better result use Toppik Conditioner after the Shampoo.
  7. 7. Toppik ConditionerToppik Hair Building Conditioner is a deep conditioner that addsthickness to fine or thinning hair. This unique conditioner locks in addedthickness and seals with fortifying amino acids. With it’s powerfulconcentration of antioxidants, vitamins and keratin proteins you will seethicker, fuller and healthier looking hair.Instructions:Apply to dry damp hair and massage gently.Leave it for 1 minute and rinse thoroughly.Products features: Infused with keratin Protein Thickens hair with every use Strengtens thin or fine hair Adds volume No sulfates or parabensFor a maximum result use Toppik Hair Fattener after the Conditioner.
  8. 8. Toppik Hair FattenerToppik Hair Fattener with an innovative nutrient delivery system thatactually adjusts to your hairs ph to open the hair shaft and allow aninfusion of body-building Keratin protein. After the protein-charged formulais absorbed, the shaft is then "closed down" to seal in the thickeningproteins. The Fattener is so effective that some users actually need lessHair Building Fibers to achieve their full-looking head of hair. Use ToppikHair Fattener every day to see a steady, continual increase in your hairsthickness. Your hair will actually feel cleaner, look shinier and be easier tostyle.Instructions:Apply Toppik Hair Fattener and slowly stroke your hair with your fingertips.Make sure the fattener is evenly distributed. The fattener should not beleaching.Products features: Thickens hair up to 70% Strengthens hair for a fuller look Packed with the highest concentration of pure Keratin protein Adds volume and shine No sulfates or parabens