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Moon rabbit - Skin Care Brand

Moon Rabbit was created for a Hong Kong based client who are in the beauty industry. They wanted my idea on a new skin care brand which they were going to launch in South East Asia.

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Moon rabbit - Skin Care Brand

  1. 1. by: Kim Haagensen
  2. 2. ScopeTo create a brand with international potential with a start up in Sout-East Asia. The brand has tocontain a logo and name. A slogan should also be created and matched to the brand, but unlike thelogo and name the slogan can be changed.In addition to logo, name and slogan a brand identity should contain a colour and material pallet.The pallet in both cases should be inspired by our products and what we sell. (For example: inskincare it would be natural to be inspired by the natural ingredients.)The material and colour pallet will be the guideline in all future decision when it comes to productdevelopment, creation of retail shops, marketing material, website, etc…    by: Kim Haagensen
  3. 3. IdeaOne of the ambition when it comes to creating a brand should be to create a story and root itinto regional culture, heritage or popular culture. This will not only strengthen the brand in thecommunity it is rooted, it will also be portrayed as more credible and exotic in other community/markets.It is vital to have a strong link between the product/service and the brand, through the story.Many people misunderstand this and name/brand a concept with what the product or service is.Not many people would believe 20years ago that the biggest tech company today would be calledApple and the logo would be a apple with a bite taken.Colours, logos and slogan may have different regional preferences by people around the world,but a brand with a strong story (Identity) will have the same impact around the world.You can know nothing about art, music, architecture or design and still you can hear a classicalmusic piece for the first time or stand before the Taj Mahal and you will have goose bumps,quality is universal and human.You will also have the same effect with a great Kim Haagensen
  4. 4. Legend says there once was a village where a rabbit, a fox and amonkey resided. The three devoted themselves to Buddhism andspent much time in its study and practice. One day, the Emperor of theHeavens looked upon them and to test their faith told them to bringhim something to eat.The three set off to fulfill his wish. Consequently, the fox returned withfish, the monkey with fruit, and the rabbit, who could do nothing butgather grass, lit a fire with it and jumped in, offering himself. Hiscommitment earned the approval of the Emperor and he was placed inthe moon as its guardian, with ”smoke” sorrounding him as areminder of his endeavor.    The Legendby: Kim Haagensen
  5. 5. Cultural refrencesby: Kim Haagensen
  6. 6. by: Kim Haagensen
  7. 7. by: Kim Haagensen
  8. 8. by: Kim Haagensen
  9. 9. by: Kim Haagensen
  10. 10. The Moon Rabbit logo will have an recognizing effect because of the mortar and pestle therabbit are working on for making the medicine for the gods.The story about the moon rabbit you will find throughout Asia, the story is more or less thesame all over but it has regional adaptations. After my research it looks like the storyoriginated from Korea. In China some say the rabbit makes medicine and some say it makesrice cake (a symbol of life).by: Kim Haagensen
  11. 11. by: Kim