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Reza collection


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Reza collection

  1. 1. Abstract Globalization, Human Society, Social Compact, Capitalism, Cultural Heritage, TourismSocio-Economic Impact of Globalization
  2. 2. the law of the jungle social compact civilization ad hocagora
  3. 3. inter alia
  4. 4. non-viable community Changing Political Economy under Globalization
  5. 5. New Horizon for Tourismexploitation
  6. 6. the tragedy of thecommons village commons commons
  7. 7. fair trade fair tradeinter alia
  8. 8. Redesigning of Cultural Tourism
  9. 9. ad hoc intra-cultural tourism inter-culturaltourism
  10. 10. tragedy of the commonsvillage commons That which is common to the greatestnumber has the least care bestowed upon it. ownership
  11. 11. commons References The Lexus and the Olive Tree Stone Age Economics Globalization and its Discontents Tokyo Keizai University Journal management Tokyo Keizai University Journal management Tokyo Keizai University Journal man- agement Life along the Silk RoadAcknowledgement APPENDIX: Asian Nations Receipts from International Tourism italics