How to be successful in Co-Creation Research


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Innovation Research Communities are an instrument to combine the approaches of user co-creation in new product development with marketing research in an online environment. Users are not only asked about their opinions, wishes and needs but are also invited to contribute their creativity and problem solving skills by generating new product ideas and concepts. Research data is gathered by tracking the product configuration of users and by having the user designs evaluated and enriched by other users. The Innovation Research Community is introduced in a case study of the Swarovski Enlightened Watch Design Contest.

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How to be successful in Co-Creation Research

  1. How to be successful in Co-Creation Research? The Swarovski Innovation Research Community Volker Bilgram Dr. Johann Füller Dr. Birgit Rieder Esomar Online Research 2009, Chicago
  2. Web-based Exchange Triad Innovation Research Community An Innovation Research Community combines marketing research and co-creation with users in an online community setting. 2
  3. The Swarovski Enlightened™ IRC 3
  4. The 3 Dimensions of an IRC Innovation Research Community Co-Creation Marketing Research Community 4
  5. The 3 Dimensions of an IRC Innovation Research Community Co-Creation Marketing Research Community 5
  6. Watch Configuration Tool • Configuration of own watches selecting from 24 components. • Selection and free placement of 108 different gemstones. • 1.300 configured designs were submitted by users. • 147.000 gemstones were incorporated in the designs. 6
  7. Configured Designs 7
  8. Configured Designs 8
  9. Further Configured Designs 9
  10. Upload of Freely Created Designs • Upload feature for designs freely created with graphical software. • Downloadable examples of gems and material for inspiration. • More than 700 freely created designs were submitted. 10
  11. Examples of Submitted User Designs
  12. The 3 Dimensions of an IRC Innovation Research Community Co-Creation Marketing Research Community 17
  13. Gallery of User Designs 18
  14. User Evaluation of Designs – Stated Preferences • Evaluation of designs either with „short“ evaluation or detailed evaluation (“vote&win”). • Possibility to comment on designs and provide suggestions for improvements. • 6.000 evaluations were completed by the members of the IRC. 19
  15. Backend Research – Observed Preferences e.g. wristbands used e.g. gemstones used • In the backend of the configuration tool, data was collected regarding the usage of components and gems for the configured designs. • In addition, preferred combinations of components and gems could be identified. 20
  16. The 3 Dimensions of an IRC Innovation Research Community Co-Creation Marketing Research Community 21
  17. The Design Community • Open accessible community (short registration required). • User profiles with own avatars, created designs, evaluations and comments. • 1.652 users joined the Swarovski Enlightened™ IRC. 12.11.2009 22
  18. User Avatars 23
  19. Recruitment of Participants • Recruitment of (semi-) professional designers by placing banners on selected design-related websites. • Editorial reports about the contest on relevant websites. • Word-of-mouth via 2.000 invitations sent by members of the IRC. 24
  20. Viral Effects • Independent websites reported on the contest as well as on specific submissions and created buzz all over the world. • Users from 48 different countries joined the IRC. • 7.5 million page impressions within 8 weeks. Google search results 25
  21. Origins of Participants 26
  22. Postprocessing – Baselworld A prototype of the winning watch design was showcased at the Baselworld – the world„s leading watch and jewellery fair.
  23. Postprocessing – Forrester Groundswell Award • Finalist at the Forrester Groundswell Awards in the category Embracing. • Featured in “Best Practices in User- Generated Content“ for Forrester Leadership Boards. watch_design.html 28
  24. Benefits of the Swarovski Enlightened™ IRC Identification of customer preferences regarding wristwatches with applied gems. Insights into trends and innovative ideas. Communication of the new brand “Enlightened” and positioning as a customer-oriented and innovative company utilizing viral effects in social media. Design contest for both (semi-)professional designers and people of the target group. Implementation of a co-creation research community with Web2.0 functionalities for continuous trend research and co-creation. 29
  25. Follow-up Contest on the IRC Platform • Design contest in the field of jewellery and necklaces. • 3.536 registered members created more than 3.000 designs. 30
  26. 12.11.2009
  27. Your contact at HYVE: Volker Bilgram