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Paranormal activity 2


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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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Paranormal activity 2

  1. 1. My 1st Film Opening Analysis.
  2. 2. What happens in the opening?• In the beginning the film opens onto a black screen which reads: "Paramount Pictures would like to thank the families of the deceased and the Carlsbad police department." This shot then fades into a long shot of a car making its way down the street towards a drive. The camera turns to show a close up of a house then turns again to show the Car pulling up beside the camera. Meanwhile the person behind the camera is speaking as if to someone they intend to show the footage to. The camera zooms in as a woman climbs out of the car (Christie) and cuts to a close up of a baby being taken out of the car by a man. The scene cuts again to a two shot of Christie and her husband moving towards the camera, talking to whoevers behind it. Another cut and we see a close up/tracking shot of Christie entering the house. Christie moves out of shot and we see another woman coming down the stairs (mid-shot) and the camera tracks her to the baby. The shot cuts to a close up of her cooing and such over the baby. Another cut and we see a two shot of Christie and her husband unpacking baby items. Again the camera cuts to a close up of the baby sleeping and the person behind the camera gushing over it. All this happens in the opening minute of the film. I wouldve done another minute but there is so many shots that I got confused.
  3. 3. Why I think they did a mentioning tothe Police Department in the opening shot.• If youve watched all three Paranormal Activity films youll know that this is something they do at the beginning of each film to suggest that the footage used is actually real. They reinforce this idea by not showing any credits at the end making the audience believe (or trying to get them to believe) that no one was hired to make it seem as though the footage was taken from an actual police investigation.
  4. 4. The emphasis.• There isnt much emphasis on the actual paranormal activity involved in this film in the opening. The emphasis or main object is the birth of Christies first son Hunter. Though it doesnt seem like it has much relevance to the film from the opening the birth of her first son is very involved in the plot later on.
  5. 5. The lighting.• I mention this because lighting had a huge impact in our opening sequence as it had to fit in with our themes of Death and Satanism...:(• It was a very different story for this opening however as the lighting hinted nothing. During the opening the lighting is very bright and homely...not dim or dark as I expected it to be. This was probably due to the fact that the director wanted to make the footage look as realistic as possible and therefore not give away that anything bad was going to happen to them even though from watching the first film and just by knowing the film title you know that something bad is going to happen. Its the same with the setting as well as it doesnt have anything sinister looking about the house that they filmed looked like a regular family home which was what the director was looking for (I assume).
  6. 6. THE END.