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Noam chomsky


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my media homework. ;)

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Noam chomsky

  1. 1. Noam Chomsky ;)Who is he? What does he say about media? What did he mean by manufacturing consent? Or filters?
  2. 2. Who is he?• Noam Chomsky is an American linguist, Philosopher, cognitive scientist, and activist. A professor in Linguistics and Philosophy at MIT. He strongly criticises the foreign Policy of the USA stating that they are hypocritical when they preach freedom and democracy but have states that are against those two like Chile.
  3. 3. Manufacturing consent• Manufacturing consent – the political economy of the mass media is a book written by Noam Chomsky and Edward S Herman. This book analyses the news media and refers to it as business. In it the authors discuss how the news can be influenced by bias opinions just as any other aspect in the media could and that they only report things that will make them a profit. By bias they meant that the news will carefully select what they report and will report in favour of their sponsors.
  4. 4. WhaT ARE THE FIVE FILTERS?• Chomsky believes that there are five factors that the News take into account before reporting –• Ownership of Organisation – people in charge of what gets put on television.• Funding sources of Organisation – sponsors etc.• Sourcing – the news reporters who give them their news• Flak – a term used to represent criticism given to the Media by the public.• Anti-communism.