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How effective is the combination of your main


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How effective is the combination of your main

  1. 1. How effective is the combination ofyour main product and ancillarytexts?
  2. 2. The PosterThe brightlycolouredbackground letsthe audience knowthat the album isgoing to be a Popalbum. This isbecause Popalbums tend to bebrightly colouredas they involve alot of up-beat, fastsongs as opposedto slow, acousticsongs.Pose to suggestthat we are‘independent’ or‘strong women’.It also includesall three of usand therefore ifyou have seenthe music videoyou willimmediatelyrelate us back tothe song. If youliked the songthis should havea positive effect.Confident speech.Also relates back tothe comic booktheme. ‘Come andget it’ is usually areference to a battleor fight.Each of us completelydifferent in height, haircolour and weight. Thismeans that we are aband that can berelatable for everyone.Potentially voyeuristicfor males. The malegaze implied here.
  3. 3. The front page of the DigipakFerocious meaningfierce. Women whorefer to themselves assuch will be drawn toit.Satirical name forthose who dislikeFlorence and theMachine. Thiswould also attractpeople who like heras they will assumewe produce thesame kind of music.Reference to a bandwho are already famoustherefore aiming attheir target audienceComic fans willappreciate thetheme.The male gaze.Three females infighting poses.Men may like thislook and buy it.
  4. 4. The back page of the DigipakFriendly/approachableband.Musical fanswill love thisas each songis titled aftera specificmusical. Thiswill branchinto thetheatreaudiences.Bright colours tostand out
  5. 5. The Music Video attraction for females: Ben. By using a youngmale in our music video we are using the opposite ofthe male gaze. The female gaze. Females willnaturally be drawn to a male model in music videosbecause that is the point of the male model. That isnot to say Ben is a male model but he is ‘eye candy’for the female audience.Similarly the girl’s may beseen as main attractionsfor men. There is three ofus being cheated on. Weare vulnerable. Men mayfind this attractive (ew).Relatable storyline forfemales and maybe evenfor male’s.Framed like a film togive the effect ofbeing at the cinema.
  6. 6. Why do these three help sell thealbum?The combination of the Digipak, Poster and music video is for marketisationpurposes. The more publicity each one gets, the more notoriety the bandreceives. The Poster is the more informative of the three. It enables theaudience to know when the album is going to be released, what it shall becalled and offer brief insight to the theme. The Digipak theme encouragesa wider range of ages to buy the Digipak as it’s fun and decorative whichwill attract a younger demographic and also let people know that there ismore to the band then doom and gloom. The music video shows the bandin a more serious light. It gives the audience a chance to see them as realpeople in more relatable situations. It helps the audience picture whatthey’re music is going to be like from the clothes they wear, the amount ofclose ups they choose to show, the narrative they have etc. For theyounger ages it will encourage them to become ‘independent’ andparent’s will approve of this and want to buy the album. If the music videohas good morals then parents will not be opposed to buying it. Whereasthey may be opposed to buying rock music for their young children.