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Digipack analysis 1 (the start)


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This is the start of my digipak analysis. I haven't fully finished it but I intend to today.

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Digipack analysis 1 (the start)

  1. 1. Digipack analysis
  2. 2. The ins and outs of “The fame monster” digipack. This was Lady Gaga‟s second studio album. Here are the opening panels of the digipack. The album itself consists of two cds. On the back we see theThis is the back of front image of Ladythe album. Along the Gaga‟s last album as thisside are the list of particular album includedtracks included. both her old album and her new one.
  3. 3. Symbolic references within the digipack part 1.• On first look at the album you immediately assume that it will be quite gothic; this is because the colour scheme of the album (greyscale) indicates that the music involved will be „dark‟ and/or „edgy‟. If I were to go into further depth with this point I would suggest that the use of this gothic theme is to relate to her „monstrous‟ image. This monstrous image may have been influenced by the original Grimm brother‟s tales which were in fact filled with rape, gore and incest. This is then again implicated in Lady Gaga‟s songs which mainly consist of fairy- tale monsters such as werewolves who „eat‟ her heart and brain.
  4. 4. Analysis of the opening panels.• The opening panels of the digipack are shot in such a way to suggest that Lady Gaga‟s album is her portfolio. This is shown by having her in the exact centre in both of the frames and again by using the colour scheme of greyscale. This is similar to most acting portfolios.• Another way of reinforcing this idea of Lady Gaga‟s album being her portfolio is through the use of the album title: “The Fame Monster” She wants fame or is hungry for fame – this is her way of demonstrating to her audience that she deserves it. As if she is auditioning for the part of Lady Gaga.
  5. 5. The back panel. The back panel is of a close up of Lady Gaga‟s face. On one side of her sun glasses are covered with diamonds while the other is not. This could be to portray Lady Gaga ashaving a split personality. The covered sidebeing the side that she disguises herself as“the fame” and the underside which is blackrepresents her “darkness” or “the monster” inside of her.
  6. 6. Here is the start of my digipak analysis. • I am going to be finishing it today. But I thought that since my blog looks quite bare I would post what I have done so far. 