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English - PUBLISHERS - HUNT media kit 2011

  2. 2. MOBILE ADVERTISINGThe mobile phone has become afundamental part of the life of the consumer,a necessity. There is simply no other devicewhich spends more time with the consumer.91% of consumers have their cell phonewith them 24 hours a day.6 out of 10 people sleep with their mo-bile phone.All of this transforms mobile into a veryattractive marketplace. It represents anopportunity for brands to establish moreeffective communication strategies withina new medium which provides invaluableinsight into consumer behavior.Direct, personal, and immediate. MOBILE ADS Media Kit 2011
  3. 3. HUNT Mobile AdsWe are the leading company in the regionadvancing alongside the rapid growth of themobile advertising industry. Advertisers thattoday plan and invest in mobile know thatpartnering with a strong mobile advertisingnetwork is the key to running a successfulmobile campaign.HUNT is made up by a team with anunparalleled background. The management,founders, advisors and investors have builtand directed important entertainment andmobile marketing companies, as well as onlineadvertising networks in the region.WE KNOW MOBILE,ADVERTISING, andTECHNOLOGY.Hunt is not simply testing out mobileadvertising, Hunt is delivering mobile advertisingtoday, and every day to our advertisers.Hunt is Mobile,HUNT is Advertising. MOBILE ADS Media Kit 2011
  4. 4. HUNT’s REACHHunt delivers the largest mobile reach in LatinAmerica, with headquarters in Argentina,and offices in the US, Mexico and Brazil, andservicing all countries in between. In Latin America, mobile phone penetration is 86%We know how important it is for an advertiserto reach their target market, and we knowhow to reach these consumers within theirmobile universe. That being said, we’ve builtthe deepest and broadest mobile advertisingnetwork in the region. MOBILE ADS Media Kit 2011
  5. 5. OUR SOLUTIONHUNT provides innovative solutions to advertisers looking for both brandingand performance campaigns, an efficient distribution channel for applicationdevelopers, and revenue opportunities for mobile site owners. MOBILE ADS Media Kit 2011
  6. 6. OUR SOLUTION Hunt is at the forefront of the mobile advertising industry. Which ever mobile strategy our client decides to implement, we have the information, the know-how, and the technology to execute the best solution for each particular objective. Our products were built to adapt perfectly to the demands of our clients, with the ability to optimize performance of specific actions within the mobile internet. Additionally we also offer the following integrated services:> Advertising in WAP > Advertising via SMS publishers and portals. Messenger(*). Various advertising formats Where text advertising (fixed banner, animated, is incorporated into the WAP push, video) can be body of the Personal SMS incorporated into WAP/ messages from one user Mobile Portals. to another (*) Service provided by each one of the mobile operators/carriers in the region. Subject to the availability in each country and by each carrier. The operator reserves the right to utilize their database and the final decision regarding authorization regarding if messages will be sent. MOBILE ADS Media Kit 2011
  7. 7. OUR OFFERINGHunt Mobile Ads offers various services which cover the entire valuechain of mobile advertising, providing support to advertising agencies,as well as to the publisher side, and to developers who seek to monetizetheir inventory. WE CONNECT WE CAPTURE publishers, advertisers, users and create and manage databases for mobile operators clients WE MANAGE AND DELIVERY AND MONETIZE OPTIMIZATION advertising inventory for WAP, lof advertising campaigns Mobile Web Portals, and messaging Reporting and controlIn an environment which has a As an aggregator, HUNT has one oftendency to maximize the potential the largest inventories of WAP sites,of micro segmentation by utilizing Mobile Sites and Applications in bothtargeting capabilities such as Latin America and the US Hispanicgeographic location and specific Markets, which at the same time,consumer behaviors, mobile is the allows us to help publishers monetizeperfect platform in which to create their inventory, thanks to the largefurther levels of segmentation. number of advertisers within HUNT’s network. MOBILE ADS Media Kit 2011
  8. 8. MOBILE ADVERTISING IN MOBILEINTERNETAt HUNT, we work together with our clients to find the best way to realizetheir mobile advertising objectives. HUNT provides innovative solutions forpublishers to reach both Branding and Performance clients, constantlyseeking the opportunity to maximize revenue.Mobile Strategies include: APP DISPLAY PUSH SEARCH ADS NOTIFICATIONS ADS SMS ADS WAP DISPLAY ADS MOBILE ADS Media Kit 2011
  9. 9. I M P L E M E N TAT I O N SOur Adserver manages mobile campaigns within the most appropriate channelswhich maximize impact and performance. At HUNT, we are pioneers in interactivemobile advertising campaigns, generating the largest number of impressions, byaggregating the largest amount of available mobile inventory to monetize. LANDING PAGE CLICK TO PLAY VIDEO CLICK TO CAPTURE OPT-IN CLICK TO CALL CLICK TO SURVEY CLICK TO DOWNLOAD MOBILE ADS Media Kit 2011
  10. 10. INVENTORY MANAGEMENT FORADVERTISING & ADSERVINGIn order to manage the mobile inventory of a campaign, HUNT has anAdserver that allows direct access and real time management, controllingat all times the delivery and targeting options of the mobile campaign.Our Adserver is able to control:1 2 The CREATION and SEGMENTATION DEFINING THE TYPE OF of banner inventory for mobile BUSINESS MODEL advertisers CPM, CPC or CPA o CPA.3 4 ASSIGNING VOLUME DEFINING THE NUMBER OF DISCOUNTS agreed upon by the IMPRESSIONS BY CAMPAIGN. client. BY PROJECTING INVENTORY for clients5 6 PROVIDE INFORMATION MANAGEMENT OF SMS Capacity regarding the availability of to define which users will receive inventory for clients these messages and the frequency (*). (*) Service provided by each one of the mobile operators/carriers in the region. Subject to the availability in each country and by each carrier. The operator reserves the right to utilize their database and the final decision regarding authorization regarding if messages will be sent. MOBILE ADS Media Kit 2011
  11. 11. PRODUCTSMobile DevelopmentWe are an innovative company that creates custom solutions for advertisers,publishers and operators.We create the tools necessary for the mobile web to respond to the actualneeds of mobile web publishers. HUNT Mobile CMS HUNT Ads HUNT Hound Mobile Applications Mobile Inventory Management Site Analytics At HUNT, we design, create HUNT manages and Our analytics tool provides and manage WAP Sites and sells inventory. Our detailed reporting, which Mobile Sites, and redirect Adserver facilitates the is designed to give an traffic to these sites via rapid execution of these overview of relevant data banners, SMS Pull, etc. campaigns, which permits for mobile web portals HUNT develops customized us to create and control and mobile web creatives, content platforms for the mobile impressions of thereby providing for better Java, Symbiam, Android, portals and applications, performing campaigns. Blackberry, Python, Flash always looking to optimize Lite, BREW and iPhone. the publisher’s return. (*) Service provided by each one of the mobile operators/carriers in the region. Subject to the availability in each country and by each carrier. The operator reserves the right to utilize their database and the final decision regarding authorization regarding if messages will be sent. MOBILE ADS Media Kit 2011
  12. 12. CREATION OF MOBILE PORTALS (*)What is a WAP portal? What is mobile Internet? It’s your space on themobile network.In the late 90’s, companies recognized theopportunity to reach users directly via theInternet, and started to create their own onlineinitiatives.Given that today the number of users that canaccess information via their mobile handsetsbasically duplicates that of those accessing viaa fixed internet connection, advertising in themobile medium is a necessity.As in web; WAP sites, or mobile sites area medium which allow for advertising andcreative campaigns related to marketing.At HUNT, we design, create and manage WAPSites and Mobile Sites, and redirect traffic tothese sites via banners, SMS Pull, etc. ((*) Services provided through HUNT’s CMS platform or via third parties, depending upon the type of product to be developed. This development have may an additional cost to the mobile advertising campaign. MOBILE ADS Media Kit 2011
  13. 13. MOBILE APPLICATIONS (*) New experiences for the user; useful and personal. Mobile phones offer a wide market for content and mobile services. This includes a great variety of applications such as: Games, Music, Video, Photos, Messaging HUNT develops customized content platforms for Java, Symbiam, Android, Blackberry, Python, Flash Lite, BREW and iPhone. We work under several business models for applications. Free applications (to the end user) that are funded by advertising Advergaming, with the opportunity to insert your advertisement via a gaming format Marketing campaigns are managed and administered by our ad serving platform and via this platform we can segment the target audience and achieve an important reach and frequency for advertisers or publishers.(*) Services provided through HUNT’s CMS platform or via third parties, depending upon the type of product to be developed. Thisdevelopment have may an additional cost to the mobile advertising campaign. MOBILE ADS Media Kit 2011
  14. 14. INVENTORY MANAGEMENT Simply your advertising inventory management HUNT can manage and commercialize the inventory of any publisher. Our Adserver facilitates the rapid implementation of campaigns, enabling us to create and control the impressions on mobile portals and in applications, with the end goal of optimizing the publisher’s revenues. This is done through:> The creation of inventory for mobile banner ads.> The management of SMS(*) with the capability to define end users and the ability to manage transmission frequency.> The administration of sponsored video ads.> Define the number of impressions in sites and applications for specific campaigns.> Define the appropriate business model, CPM, CPC or CPA The management of our Adserver can also be integrated with other third party systems as a way to manage all inventory within one singular platform. (*) Services provided through HUNT’s CMS platform or via third parties, depending upon the type of product to be developed. This development have may an additional cost to the mobile advertising campaign. MOBILE ADS Media Kit 2011
  15. 15. SITE ANALYTICS Understanding the behavior of your users To evaluate the effectiveness of the design of your mobile internet site, and the suitability for it’s target market, is it important to have a strong analytics tool. HUNT provides reporting for : > Number of pageviews, time spent, country, state, mobile operator and type of handset (device model) > Number of visitors per page, and time spent per visit > How users are entering and leaving the page, as well as close monitoring of mobile web behavior. Our analytics tool provides detailed reporting, which is designed to give an overview of relevant data for mobile web portals and mobile web creatives, thereby providing for better performing campaigns.(*) Servicio prestado por cada uno de los operadores móviles de la región. Sujeto a disponibilidad del mismo en cadapaís y por cada operador. El operador se reserva los derechos de utilizar sus BBDD, de cobrar las mismas y de autorizaro no el/losmensaje/s a enviar. MOBILE ADS Media Kit 2011
  16. 16. FORMATSThe MMA (Mobile Marketing Association), an entity that regulates the business ofMobile Advertising worldwide, has a number of standard formats for the developmentof mobile advertising.The objectives of the advertiser (recognition and branding, customer acquisition,promotion and sales, information capture, retention and return) determine the mostappropriate format in the mobile, whether it’s in Ads SMS, WAP Display Ads, SearchAds, App Display Ads or Push Notification.They are: MOBILE ADS Media Kit 2011
  17. 17. HUNT Mobile Ads management team:> Diego Martínez Núñez, Presidente & CEO With over 15 years experience in the areas of Marketing, Communications and Digital Business Development, Diego holds his Marketing degree from the University of CEMA. He was Founder and Director of By-Cycle, Argentina a mobile marketing entertainment company. By-Cycle, founded in 2002 was acquired in October 2007 by the Italian group Buongiorno, the worldwide leader in mobile entertainment industry, where Diego took on the role of Executive Director for the Southern Cone. As an entrepreneur, Diego’s core interests lie in developing start-ups into successful companies both nationally and internationally, and in particular, in the Latin American market. His prior work experience includes: General Director of Havas Digital (MediaContacts,Argentina) Marketing Manager at Teleglobe Communications Corporation - Bell Canada and Head of Marketing and Communications at INTERGRAM a US based corporation.> Alejandropreviously served as President of the Southern Cone region for Buongiorno, an Italian multinational company, and Alejandro Sas, Vicepresidente & CCO the recognized worldwide leader in the mobile entertainment industry. He also served as the founding father and President of Mobile Monday in Buenos Aires. Alejandro was one of the first entrepreneurs in Argentina to work in mobile marketing when in 2002, along with a group of partners, he launched By-Cycle, which was later acquired by Buongiorno Group. Alejandro held previous posts as Sales Director of Starmedia (Argentina) and was involved in television with such companies as Endemol, Estudio Mayor and Canal 9.> Gastón Bercún, COO & CFO Lawyer, entrepreneur and investor, Gaston is currently Director and Founder of Geelbe, the most important invitation only (private sale) online shopping club in Latin America, with operations in Argentina and Mexico. He is a Business Angel at Likexo and an Angel Investor at VU Security. Previously, he was founder and CEO of DerechoGratis.com, the first law portal in Argentina, which he sold in 2002. He was president of the Latin American Institute for Electronic Commerce between 2005 and 2008 and was Director of the Chamber of Electronic Commerce Argentina between 2002 and 2008. He studied law at the University of Buenos Aires and holds a Master in Law and Economics with a concentration in Finance from the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella. He has also been invited to speak at the Master of ebusiness Management program with the Univeristy of Salvador in Argentina, as well as at numerous events related to law and technology.> Advisory Board: . Ariel Arrieta . http://ar.linkedin.com/in/aarrieta . Damián Voltes . http://ar.linkedin.com/in/damianvoltes HUNT Mobile Ads is the leading mobile . Santiago Pinto Escalier advertising network specializing in the . http://ar.linkedin.com/in/santiagopinto . Alejandro Guerrieri Latin American and US Hispanic markets, . http://es.linkedin.com/in/aguerrieri which offers solutions to discover, build brands and monetize the mobile internet.> Corporate Headquarters Buenos Aires - Argentina Mobile handsets represent a new and fundamental platform for communication, Tel. +54 (11) 4899 0449 info@huntmads.com and HUNT develops the tools so that any business in the region can take @HUNTmads advantage of these possibilities. facebook.com/huntmads HUNT was created in early 2010, when a group linkedin/company/huntm.ads of mobile and internet visionaries embarked upon their journey to develop a mobile> Other Offices: Brazil advertising business in Latin America. México USA MOBILE ADS Media Kit 2011
  18. 18. MOBILEADS