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Straight from the oven and ready to be released is the HUBnet´s Purpose and Policy. This completes the Private Policy approved by the General Assembly of HUBs last April and will help set the culture and provide usage guidelines for members. Some actions needed from you: like it/comment/post-it on the platform, print it and post it on the walls of your HUB, talk about it with your members during a HUBnet Workshop, request their feedback as this should be co-created over time! If you have any queries please contact

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HUBnet l Purpose and Policy

  1. 1. HUBnetPUrPose& Policy powered by National Field
  2. 2. HUBnet is not jUstanotHer social network!It is the global HUB:A hosted place where trust is inherent,resources are shared generously andgenuine connection around common goalssupersedes self-branding and promotion.HUBnet is a safe space to share buddingideas and work on emerging projects withpeers across the globe. There are far fewer fire-walls between people, as a result of the trust built here. Connections that would otherwise be very difficult, become natural. This encourages collaboration, mentorship and idea-exchange. Functionalities support this, but the success of this community is not determined by technology alone, but by the member experience and interactions. Purpose of HUBnet
  3. 3. sPecifically, HUBnet is:The purpose is to cultivate . A platform for connections between likethe conditions of a vibrant minded individuals (networking, discussions,global virtual community mentorship, partnerships).on HUBnet that mirrors andenhances the value creation . An incubator for ideas and emerging projectsand experience of the (brainstorming, collaborative creation).physical HUB spaces. . A learning space for sharing and receivingHUBnet supports local information and promoting educationteams and members catalyze (resource reservoir, inspirational portal,their positive-impact collaborative real-time educational space).efforts on a global level viaconnections, collaboration, . Global center for essential HUB memberinspiration, engagement and actions in the near future (room bookings,the evolution of their fields event sign-ups and membership changes).of practice. reservoir, inspirational portal, collaborative real-time educational space). Purpose of HUBnet
  4. 4. Our interactions are guided by the purpose and the HUB´s mission with a fun yet serious tone We support each other in realizing enterprising ideas for the world across all 5 continents with the aim of scaling our impactWe post with the aim of action; even if a specific topic iscurrently “just” a conversation, it holds within the potential ofconverting into action, into an idea or project that one or many We post to create value for each other, we don´t just post anything we think, feel or do We are all equally responsible, as members, to give and get value as well as keeping the asking/receiving with the sharing/collaborating in balance in the long term Principles of interaction
  5. 5. We post to connect to other members, ideas, projects! And we are open to serendipity and finding unlikely allies! We post to spark conversations about the different fields we are working on We post to create meaning of what is happening around us across the globe We post to share knowledge, opportunities and to advance our fields of practiceWe cultivate a safe space, balanced betweennurturing and challenging, we encourage productivedisagreement when its based on respect We curate the construction of meaning around topics that matter to this community and facilitate a locally embedded and globally connected community Principles of interaction
  6. 6. PostinG, commentinG and likinG What type of post to make? Depending on the purpose of your postGeneral (#seeking, #offering, #sharing and #connecting), choose one of the types of postsThe first step is to introduce yourself to share a status update in a special way: youand hash tag the #HUBlocation you are can post a link, upload a file, share a besta member at as well as the #topics or practice, or ask a question for example.#areas you work on! There is another format to post calledKeep your messages short and clearly state “announcement” that only HUB hosts/teamwhat kind of action is needed from readers. members use as these posts stick to the top of the stream. Where to post? What is visible to whom and who will get a notification? #HUBlocation #topics Depending on the relevance of your post, you can choose to post to different locations: your profile, your HUB, other HUBs, your region or specific projects. Think twice before posting to HUBnet world stream, as you don´t want to create noise for others! netiquette: description of basic practices
  7. 7. To find these streams and post there, go to1. Your profile 4. The worldWhen you post to your profile, this will notify When you click on HUBnet logo and post there,the people who have subscribed to you. it will go to all the members in the world. Please do not use this feature unless your post2. Your HUB would be truly relevant to everybody so as notIt’s your default stream when you open to create noise and spam.HUBnet (or find it under “Groups on your leftmenu”). 5. Specific projects Search and find the projects on the list that3. Your region relate to what you are going to post aboutClick on “Teams” tab and search the continent e.g. if you want to share information about aor city you are looking for -you will also global sustainability competition, you mightfind HUB Candidate Cities and Initiatives in choose the project called Sustainability and/ordifferent stages of HUB development where the Global Competitions and Awards have incipient communities. You should additionally always add tags like #sustainability and #competition for people to be able to search for content through the hash tags. netiquette: description of basic practices
  8. 8. @taGGinG and #HasHtaGGinGWho to @tag? These are examples of some genericTagging increases engagement and the reach hashtags you can use:of your post, so when you are sharing, asking,commenting, it is always useful to tag people #offering #sharing #connectingwho are relevant in the conversation, peoplewho might know about your request/query or #seekingpeople who might find the information useful. #HUBlocation for posts so that people know where you are posting from at a glanceWhat topics to #hashtag?When you post or comment on something, #HowtoHUBnet when you don´t know howhash tags help the information get indexed to use something on HUBnetand remain accessible. If you directly click ona particular hashtag you will be able to see all #HUBnet when you talk about the platformthe conversations that have previously beentagged with the same hashtag, as well as by #collaboration #newmemberusing the “Search” functionality. #sustainability #entrepreneurship #innovation #impact #innovationAfter you type the hashtag (#), the auto-text #environment #recognitionfiller is activated which helps you see if thereis already a hashtag available for the topic you #connection #investment #educationare about to post on. The most used hash tags go to the trending topics list on the right of your HUBnet pageIf you don’t find the one you want, you caneasily create a new one. netiquette: description of basic practices
  9. 9. content, toPics and ProfileContent and topics should be consistent Profile filling: We need to know who you are andwith the purpose and in line with the what you are interested in to make your presenceinterests of HUB Members. If you are not more relevant. Remember that you are not easilysure, check with your local hosts or your searchable unless your profile is complete and youGlobal Virtual Host. may miss opportunities to collaborate!Let´s avoid SPAM in any shape or form.Stick to one subject per post. If you’d like to“talk” about different issues, it’s easier forpeople to engage on different posts per topic. netiquette: description of basic practices
  10. 10. ProjectsSome general projects that we’d like to Naming: A code for naming projects is beingsuggest that you join are: “How to HUBnet”, implemented. For member created projects,“Global Job and Intern Opportunities”, “Global please use the pre-text “MP” before the restCompetitions and Awards”. of the name. If instead it is a project related to the local community, request your local hosts/If you’d like to create a new project, first check team members to start it as they are the onesthe complete project list and then check entitled to do it and the pre-text of the citythrough the search function to make sure should be included (i.e. HUB Amsterdam eventsit doesn’t exist already on HUBnet. If you’re > HUB AMS Events).not sure, ask a project creator/admin of anexisting related project to find out if it can be Curation: The creator and administratorsincluded in that project or if you should start a are responsible for curating the project andnew one. hosting it periodically to share, explore, create meaning and move forward together.Creation: To create a project you need tobe willing to host it (or invite others to Removal: The admin and creator of a projectdo it as “admin” of the project), include a will be requested to remove their project if itdescription for the “info” tab outlining the does not have a dedicated project host, picturepurpose of the project, a photo/picture and description after 6 weeks of creation or ifthat represents it and a folder for files to there has not been activity for 6 consecutivebe uploaded there. You can choose if your weeks.project is public or private but this needs tobe decided at the beginning. Once chosen,it can only be changed by requesting so onHUBnet’s “Help&Support” tab. netiquette: description of basic practices
  11. 11. Get sUPPort and Give feedBackHelp & Support HowtoHUBnet ProjectFor strictly technical support when you know Feel free to ask questions, support each otherhow to do something but it does not work and share practices on how to make the most(there is a bug), go to the “Help and Support” of #HUBnet! If you don’t know if this is the rightcenter run by National Field. place to post something, this is what you can do in this space:You will find it located at the bottom rightcorner of your screen. This is only for tech . Ask how to use an App or feature or explainproblems on the platform, not HUB-related to somebody else: #HUBtoHUBnetissues. . Share first impressions about the platform: #HUBnetfirstimpressionsFeedback Survey . New releases and features:If you prefer to give more private and detailed #HUBnetnewfeaturesfeedback, you can still fill in the FeedbackSurvey (at the bottom of the left menu on Improvement Poll and APIHUBnet listed as an app). We will have a quick poll every two months to prioritize the features that are more important for HUBs. This will inform the monthly follow-up calls with National Field. If you are interested in having the API to develop an App or special feature, please submit a brief to the tech team. netiquette: description of basic practices
  12. 12. Commercial Advertising DebateIt is not permitted in this community, Substantive debates and even extremealthough you may share your project and/ disagreements are encouraged since suchor opportunities with other members but discussions are often highly needs to go with a story with it: why you However, the tone of the messages mustbelieve this is useful or of interest with other be maintained at the highest level ofmembers and it needs to be leveled in your professionalism: flaming, sarcasm or personalcontributions and conversations (so that you attacks will not be tolerated. Any complaintsare not only posting information always). should be sent to the Global Virtual Host and will be discussed with the council of Local Virtual Hosts, who can take disciplinary actions and will inform of any once every two months or after an extraordinary meeting. special policies
  13. 13. Surveys and questionnaires CommunityCan be shared taking into account the This is a closed community of people that sharesame principles as with sharing a project a purpose, values and principles in the senseand/or opportunities mentioned above. that only members of HUBs around the world are in it. We have created a unique and safeJob postings space for you to collaborate; that is why you willThere is a specific project in HUBnet called not be able to cross-post and share things toGlobal Job Intern Opportunities pecific project and from other social platforms automatically.where you can both, announce an opportunityor share with people that you are seeking on, Private Policyyou could also update your status with it but Access the global private policy approved by thenot post it to an entire local HUB or others General Assembly of HUBs in April 2012 here.streams.Any concerns should be sent to the Global Virtual Host through this form and will be discussed with the council of Local VirtualHosts, who can take disciplinary actions and will inform the interested parties and HUBnet´s global community if needed. Wewould like to co-create this document with you, so please suggest changes or additions on #HowtoHUBnet project! special policies
  14. 14. illustrations by Konstantina Mavroidakos