Treffyn Koreshoff - Human Centric Design for Aged Care


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Design of objects for improving care for ageing people in home - identifying problems and providing suggestions.

Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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Treffyn Koreshoff - Human Centric Design for Aged Care

  1. 1. Ageing IoT and the
  2. 2. • Health and ageing well • The Internet of Things • What are you studying? • What are you finding?
  3. 3. • Support ageing well • Involve people in the design process • The IoT is repurposeable • Really engage people in the design process • Design doesn’t stop when you’ve built something.
  4. 4. Health and ageing well
  5. 5. Ageing well Maintaining independence and agency by remaining physically active and healthy, socially engaged, and contributing actively to their families, social networks and communities.
  6. 6. Ageing well manifests differently because we’re all unique So how do you build a device for everyone? You don’t. People need to understand their capabilities so they can be repurposed.
  7. 7. The IoT
  8. 8. Io T Pervasiv e Ubiquitous
  9. 9. Io T DomesticHealth
  10. 10. Processor s Sensor s Coordinators StorageNodes Actuators
  11. 11. So how are you going about it?
  12. 12. Mutual learning Imagine the future with the people who will actually be using the technology, don’t assume and prescribe.
  13. 13. Mutual learning Develop a common understanding. People learn about the possibility of the technology. Designers learn about their life and how they might use the technology. Together you develop something useful
  14. 14. Mutual learning Keep engaging even after you’ve built the object. Objects get finalised through use. People and the IoT are always subject to change. The IoT can be repurposed!
  15. 15. So what are you finding?
  16. 16. • can be really computer literate when they want to be • don’t like ‘old people’ technology • aren’t like the assumptions of ‘old’ people many designers have • make tradeoffs about everything • can envisage the IoT, just in different ways Peopl e
  17. 17. Questions