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LookFit - A marketplace for health & wellness goods and services


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Slingshot HCF Catalyst 2016

Published in: Healthcare
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LookFit - A marketplace for health & wellness goods and services

  1. 1. An online marketplace for comparing everything health and fitness
  2. 2. Background Former investment banker Quit and wasn’t working so looked at where could I cut costs Large amount of discretionary expenditure spent on health and fitness Very difficult to compare products and find cheaper alternatives
  3. 3. Agenda Ø Opportunity Ø Market Ø Traction
  4. 4. Opportunity Ø  Online aggregators have been around since the dawn of the century Ø  Fitness industry shares all of the same underlying characteristics that make aggregators successful in these other industries Ø  Products are complex Ø  Pricing is very opaque Ø  Market is highly fragmented
  5. 5. Customer Interviews Ø  Big problem and has been validated by numerous customer interviews Ø  It’s not just about price Ø  Care more about the quality and reputation “There is alot of conflicting information, finding credible sources” “Contradictory information and so many dodgy websites” “Accuracy on information provided and trust involved” TRUST
  6. 6. What We Compare Ø  Gyms Ø  Personal Trainers Ø  Vitamins & Supplements Ø  Weight Loss Ø  Clothing & Accessories
  7. 7. Market REST OF WORLD $75b AUS $0.5b USA $20b
  8. 8. Suppliers Gyms Personal Trainers Vitamins & Supplements Weight Loss Clothing & Accessories
  9. 9. Summary Opportunity Market Traction $100 billion ✓ Great early sales traction ✓ Trusted brands signed up
  10. 10. Contact Jason Byrne | CEO Email Call Visit +61 407 152 775 Level 5, 155 Clarence St Sydney, 2000