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Extend the power of your WordPress website or blog with powerful and useful WordPress plugins depending upon your custom needs. To get started, all you need to know is exactly what and which level of flexibility you’d like to have.


  1. 1. TITLE : USEFUL WORDPRESS PLUGINS YOU’LL LOVEWordPress is a popular Content Management System out there. Its simplicity, extensibility andflexibility make WordPress one of the most deployed and user-friendly publishing platforms inthe industry. Tons of powerful WordPress Plugins also contribute a major part in its soaringpopularity. The reason is simple - plugins are the best way to extend the ability of WordPresspowered websites or blogs to meet individualistic needs.Truly speaking, plugin is one of the great things about WordPress. It helps in enhancing the pre-built functionality of a website or blog. Generally, plugins are PHP scripts that have the ability tomake changes in the site. Be it anything right from the simplest tweak to log-ins work,triggering emails or more. By installing WordPress plugins properly, you can boost security, SEOand other functionality of a site according to your needs.Literally, thousands of WordPress plugins are available out there through which one canoptimize the performance of a WordPress website or blog. In this post, I have rounded up someof the most useful WordPress plugins that you’ll love. Hope, you will find my collection ofplugins quite worthy.WORDPRESS PLUG-INS FOR TWITTER1. Wp To Twitter Updater (Link : to Twitter updater is an awesome plug-in that automatically posts a Tweet from yourWordPress powered blog to Twitter profile. It uses a free URL shortening service for auto-posts.Interestingly, this plug-in comes with full support for all your custom post types. By using Wp toTwitter updater. You can easily notify the Twitter readers about your new blog postsautomatically and get a link back to your post from Twitter as well.
  2. 2. 2. TwitterCounter (Link : TwitterCounter plug-in to your blog and flaunt the number of followers you have onTwitter. It displays TwitterCounter button and Twitter Widget as well. By using WordPressAdmin, you can even customize it.3. Tweetable (Link : is a powerful plugin that easily integrates Twitter account with your WordPress blog andenables you to post new tweets automatically. Tweetable will never let you feel ignored in thewide world of Twitter. By using this plugin, you can display all your latest tweet posts on yourdedicated Twitter page hassle-free.4. TweetMeme (Link :
  3. 3. Enjoy the benefits of retweeting with TweetMeme plugin that allows your blog post to beretweeted throughout Twitter. It will also display live tweets count from Twitter. Interestingly,TweetMeme is an easy to install and customize plugin with quicker loading times.FREE ADMIN PLUGINS FOR WORDPRESSWordPress fans recognize the WP Admin area as the heart of any WordPress-powered websiteor blog. An important place from where you can control everything in your page. No matterwhether you want to publish content, pages or custom post types – with an access to WPAdmin you can do anything hassle-free. WordPress offers you the power to customize thefunctionality of your Admin area by installing some free Admin plugins. Let’s have a look :1. Editorial Calendar (
  4. 4. Manage your blog post with easy-to-use Editorial Calendar - perfect plugin that allows you toschedule your posts. To avail benefits of this plugin simply add a calendar page to the postsection available in your admin area. In this way, you can schedule posts for each day. Besidesthat, Editorial Calendar also allows you to schedule multiple posts in sequential order.Interestingly, this plugin enables you to edit titles and publishing times as well. Simply changethe post status from “Draft” to “Pending review” to “Published” or “Scheduled” in the calendar,and manage your entire blog.2. Adminimize ( powerful plugin introduced by WordPress is Adminimize. It enables you to hide allunnecessary items from the backend. By using this great plugin, you can make modification inthe back-end options, dashboard options, global options and link options . It will also let youchange the write options, mostly used for posts, pages and custom page types. WithAdminimize, you can activate or deactivate menu and submenu.3. Wordpress Admin Bar Improved (Link :
  5. 5. An interesting plugin has been introduced with the advent of the WP 3.1 version : WordpressAdmin Bar (Improved) provides a complete control over the admin bar of your WP. This pluginis easily compatible with WP 3.3 version. By using Wordpress Admin Bar (Improved), you candisable and activate various default things in your Admin bar such as the website’s name, links,custom menu items, log-in bar, registration link and more. Unfortunately, this plugin is notcompatible with earlier WordPress versions.REDIRECTION PLUGIN (Link : is a great WordPress plugin extensively used in WP powered websites and blogs tomanage 301 redirections. By using this plug-in, you can also take advantage of 404 errorswithout sound knowledge of Apache .htaccess files. With Redirection, you can easily fix all looseends such as broken links of your site hassle-free and make the web portal Google-friendly thatoffers top-notch user experience.You can automatically create 301 redirects with this plugin. In this way, the Redirection pluginenables you to redirect your web pages to a valid URL. Besides that, it will help you to keep arecord of various requests for bad links and create custom redirects. By using Redirection, youcan conduct 404 error monitoring on a regular basis and have a complete log of 404 errors andmap 301 redirects.CONCLUSION:
  6. 6. Extend the power of your WordPress website or blog with powerful and useful WordPressplugins depending upon your custom needs. To get started, all you need to know is exactlywhat and which level of flexibility you’d like to have.
  7. 7. Extend the power of your WordPress website or blog with powerful and useful WordPressplugins depending upon your custom needs. To get started, all you need to know is exactlywhat and which level of flexibility you’d like to have.