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Interview with me about iCloud!
and some other great code stories!

Published in: Technology
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Icoder Magazine

  1. 1. No. 05/2012 march 2012 www.icodermag.comApp marketingfor the poorCyberDuck- filetransfer fromiPhone to MacThe New Apple TV,Should you Purchaseit or Not?iPhoto & RedesignedCamera app for iPadThe Endless Possibilitiesof Xcode 4iCloud, what is itand what it offersIs Getting Lost A Thingof The Past?THE NEW iOS TECHNOLOGIES
  2. 2. march 2012 Greetings iCoders! This issue, we’re talking about New iOS Technologies. iOS is the operating system at the heart of iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices like everyone who read our magazine know. In this issue we want present some new things in iOS. There is a lot of interesting and new information for developers and regular readers. You can also find some tutorials and review about GPS system, which app is the best for you? Read and find out. As usual, we’re waiting for your comments and suggestions about magazine and articles. Want read about something? Write to us and we think about it. Remember, iCoder Magazine is created by developers for developers, everything what we creating is for you! Enjoy the read! Mariusz Bernacki Editor in Chief iCoder Magazine Published by: Postal Address: FX Press Sp. z o.o. Sp.K. FX Press Sp. z o.o. Sp.K., ul. Bokserska 1, 02-682 Warszawa, Poland President: tel. +48 600 649 676 Ałła Zalewska Advertising: Editor in Chief: Mariusz Bernacki All trade marks presented in the magazine were used only for informative purposes. All rights to trade marks Design and DTP: presented in the magazine are reserved by the companies Aneta Jones which own them. Eurodesign The FX Press Sp. z o.o. Sp.K. works individually from Apple. The iCoder Magazine team reserves the right not to be responsible for the topicality, correctness, Production Director: completeness or quality of the information provided Ałła Zalewska by contributors.2 05/2012
  3. 3. contents Tutorials App marketing for the poor 04 Inbal Geffen CyberDuck-file transfer from iPhone to Mac 08 Mateusz Majewski Technology The New Apple TV, Should You Purchase it or Not? 13 Kris DeSouza iPhoto & Redesigned Camera app for iPad 17 Mateusz Majewski The Endless Possibilities of Xcode 4 22 Omar Al-Halawani iCloud, what is it and what it offers 28 Hessel van Tuinen Reviews Is Getting Lost A Thing of The Past? 34 Omar Al-Halawani Articles THE NEW iOS TECHNOLOGIES 38 Gökhan Gültekin Proper Presentation in App Store 44 Jason Walsh3 05/2012
  4. 4. Tutorial App marketing for the poor “Congratulations! The status for the following app has changed to Processing for App Store.” Your baby came into the app world – the app store. The app you’ve put your heart and soul into, is now ready for sale! Excited, after the first day the app is live, you’re expecting the daily report. Slowly, the report loads... and here it is – 3 downloads. How disappointing. You probably thought that you could retire after creating this app... It will probably take a while before you get there. Basically, it’s all about being out there, on Google, app ing a huge amount of money”? store searches and top charts. It’s a no brainer, that’s what You can Google it as much as you want, you won’t find every app owner/developer wishes for. But how? a definite answer. If you’re the owner of a large company that has a huge One thing I can say for sure - there is no “successful recipe marketing budget – good for you! for app marketing” (without tearing your pocket). Marketing without a budget can be a headache and requires Paying for marketing is easy and may prove cost-effective. you to work hard. You can pay for reviews, pay for downloads, pay for com- panies that will promote your app, pay for ads in other When marketing without a budget you need to find crea- apps etc. tive solutions and use as many free resources and plat- forms as you can. This way, somebody else will do the hard work for you; but what if you’re an indie developer, or a new startup and Listed here are some zero-budget tips that I’ve gathered don’t have a marketing budget? during the last years as a freelance iOS developer. So the real question isn’t “how can I market my app”, it’s I will share some of my insights – things that worked for “how can I spread the word about my app without spend- me.4 05/2012
  5. 5. App marketing for the poor Tutorial • Drop it like it’s hot press Facebook Like Box widget and Wordpress sharing Always plan price drops! Submit your app as paid, even settings. if you’re planning to eventually give it for free. The bloggers and app aggregator websites will be all over • Wordpress Facebook Like Box widget it and market the app for you. People just love getting Link your Wordpress blog with your Facebook fan things for free, and they love it even more if it used to page in order to expand your fan base. Users that be paid. “Apps Gone Free” is one of the psychological came cross your post and don’t know about the fan- tactics that users can’t resist. Price drops are the ulti- page might become fans after reading your blog. You mate method to go up the app store charts. will find this widget in the Wordpress dashboard un- der Appearance -> Widgets. • “Lite” & Pro versions Create a free version of your app with limited func- • Wordpress sharing settings tionality and an option to purchase the full functional- By configuring your sharing settings you automatically ity via In-App Purchase. allow Wordpress to post links with new posts you’ve written in your blog. For example, if you connect to By creating two versions of the app you gain a few things: your Facebook fan page, every new post on your blog will be published on your Facebook fan page. Same • The “Lite” version will be easier to promote, you will for: Linked-In, Twitter etc. Wordpress sharing set- expand your user base and some users will upgrade the tings can be found in the Wordpress dashboard under app, or at least join your Facebook fan page. Settings->Sharing. • The “Pro” version can be used in giveaways or in planned price drops. Once in a while, lower the price • Cross app marketing of the “Pro” version, to get the users attention (as Use your current users to cross-advertise your apps. mentioned above). Make sure that your “Lite” version Use splash pages, links offering more apps or custom has enough functionality to make it viable and useful for ads. You’ve worked so hard to get these users, they’re your users, but add some extra-shiny features to the potential users for other apps you own. Pro version to make it worth the upgrade. According to my statistics, splash pages conversion are • Press it! approximately 7-8%. For best exposure, present your Wordpress ( is a great splash page every time the user starts the app. If you want tool to increase visibility of your app to Google and your splash page to be presented on app activation even other search engines. Start with opening a free Word- if the app was opened from the background, don’t place press blog. Have at least one static page, describing the call for splash page in “applicationDidFinishLaunch- your app, accompanied by screenshots from your app, ing” method, call it in the “applicationDidBecomeActive” and one posts page with room for comments from method. your users. Make sure comments must be moderated before going live! • App rating For most potential users, the rating of your app can Use tag words and categories that you would like to be be crucial. Although some might ignore the ratings associated with your app. After a few hours, your post will and download the app based on the app description, be discoverable via Google searches. There are also people screenshots or recommendations. App rating might who constantly read new posts, they’re also potential us- even be a factor in the unknown algorithm used for ers. You can use any blogging system you know. I personally the “iTunes store” search results. Don’t count on the prefer Wordpress because it’s easy and it provides many users to return back to the store and rate your app. great tools and widgets. Of course, the most important ad- Make it simple. Add a button or prompt the user to vantage of Wordpress is that “WordPress, straight out of rate your app with an alert. App rating is considered the box, comes ready to embrace search engines“ (Word- an act of “sophisticated” users. This will assist the Press Codex). Wordpress has built-in tools and widgets “lazy” or “simple” users to rate your app. Hopefully that are easy to embed in your blog, for example: Word- they’ll have something good to say.5 05/2012
  6. 6. App marketing for the poor Tutorial Needless to say that giving the “simple” user’s access to • Push messages - don’t push it! criticize your app, won’t always generate only good re- Push messages can be an extremely powerful tool if views. Take that in consideration when asking for rating. they’re used correctly. Very much like the power of The question whether to prompt an alert or just show a splash pages, you can use push messages to cross-pro- button on your screen is a question of your taste and how mote apps. The problem with push messages is that you characterize your users. An alert can be an advantage they’re annoying, and unlike splash pages, the user can and a disadvantage. It forces the user to act in order to unregister from getting them. This is why I recom- continue using the app. Some people might see it as an op- mend to use them wisely. Every irrelevant message portunity and some will find it annoying. If you annoy your you send will cause users to unregister from your app users they will probably write a bad review, which is the push notifications and they might even uninstal the opposite of what you intended to do. I find a button more app. Before sending a push notification, think about subtle and yet easy enough for those who have something the consequences. Is the value of this message equal to say. to the power of holding users as possible push receiv- ers? On the other hand, what’s the worth of the users • Create a fan base if you don’t use them! Mastering the art of push notifi- • Enable sharing from your app using several social plat- cations isn’t simple, but with some trial and error you forms (Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc) this way your us- will learn what works for your users and you will be ers can promote the app for you. able to practice it on your next app. • Promote your Facebook page from within your app. Facebook users are potential users for other apps you • Be active on your facebook fan page own (or might own). Even by joining your page they Make your Facebook pages friendly, comment on promote the app to their friends. posts from users, post interesting photos and links that are relevant to your app and fans.  Expanding your Facebook fan base can be done in many ways. You can add a link from your app to your Facebook • Giveaways page or use an internal inbox to send a message leading to Giveaways are a great way to keep people active in your page. I’m using Appoxee SDK (http://www.appoxee. your Facebook page. com) to engage my app users. In Figure1 you can see an Remember that when users like something on Face- internal inbox with a message promoting the app Facebook book, their friends see the activity and it’s very likely page. they will become fans of your page too. Make your giveaways simple, don’t ask users to upload • Use the Wordpress Facebook Like Box widget men- photos or write anything. Trust me, I’ve tried that, the tioned before. reach rate will be much lower. A simple “Like” will do Figure 1 – Appoxee’s internal inbox The internal inbox is a wonderful way to engage your current users. * Advertise your Facebook fan page and blog/website. * Keep them updated with your new apps * Inform price drops on your apps * Advertise relevant events or products The internal inbox’s main advantage is that unlike push messages, the internal inbox doesn’t force the user to read the messages. The user will open the inbox only if he’s curious or interested in the content. In this view there’s also a “More Apps” button, Figure1 – Internal Inbox which can be used to promote your other apps.6 05/2012
  7. 7. App marketing for the poor Tutorial the trick, without forcing the user to work hard or Let’s review our main objective and how all these tips bring share personal details. us closer to achieving it. Another advantage of giveaways is that they make Our objective was to market the app, which means we your page attractive. people who will visit it later will want users. know that there’s a chance to get free apps or other promotions and they might join just for that fact. Figure 3 will help us understand how it all connects. You don’t have to follow all the tips. As you can see there are many ways to reach the users. Still, it’s important to re- member that as many systems you use, you will reach more users of different kinds. Some users won’t have a Facebook account, some users don’t look for price drops. Using dif- ferent methods will help you maximize your efforts. Figure2 – Giveaway on Facebook fan page • SEO 101 Since we want users to know about our app, we need to promote our website. Post links pointing to your website, Wordpress blog and itunes download link wherever you can! In your Facebook fan page, in iOS developer’s forums, in free review websites, anywhere possible. Google rankings are known to be related to the number of links to a certain website. When linking your blog in other websites and blogs, your website gets priority on Google searches. Another SEO tactic that can be used to promote your website is adding links on your posts to external websites. You can add links to websites that reviewed your app, or other rel- evant websites. When showing search results, Google algorithms take in consideration both linking to your website and linking from your website outside. Search for SEO tutorials on Google for more details on promoting your website. Most of the tips are easy to fol- low (add links, add keywords etc...) • Community Figure3 – App marketing cycle example Find your target communities on the web and on Face- book. For example: if your app is targeted for children, If you got tired and frustrated just from reading this article, become active in parent groups or pages. Giveaways in I guess you should start saving some money for advertise- these kind of groups are a great way to expand your ment and do it the old fashioned way. user base. Contact bloggers that write about subjects Never forget that nothing will work if you don’t have an that might interest your target users. For example: if excellent app that brings actual value to your users. Good your app is a game, contact bloggers that are gamers. luck everyone! Offer them a free promocode or a few promocodes to give to their readers. Contact as many bloggers as Inbal Geffen possible. Not all bloggers will respond, but that’s ok, iOS developer & entrepreneur. you only need a few bloggers to get started. Bloggers Website: will gain the added value of sharing promocodes or Linked-In: announcing a new and exciting app.7 05/2012
  8. 8. Tutorial CyberDuck -file transfer from iPhone to Mac Hello, today I’ll show you how to view system files of your iPhone through the Mac. In this tutorial we connect iPhone via SSH files. In emergency situations, for sure come in handy. CyberDuck program is equivalent to WinSCP for Windows. This is a great program so that in a very easy way you can add to your iPhone files and delete them without USB, all via Wi-Fi, wirelessly!8
  9. 9. CyberDuck-file transfer from iPhone to Mac Tutorial What do we need? Now select the program from the list of sophisticated. 1. A computer with Mac OS X 2. CyberDuck for Mac 3. Jailbreak iPhone 4. iPhone and Mac connected to a Wi-Fi Let’s get started! 1. OpenSSH installation Turn iPhone and enter into Cydia, and now we are waiting to refresh the sources and enter the search and enter the password: “Open SSH”   We install, confirm 2. Our IP address Once installed, enter the settings, then Wi-Fi. Among the list of available networks look for our already connected to the network. In addition to a network press the blue arrow. Here you can learn about our network. We save you our IP address, which is the first item on the list. Example: IP address 05/2012
  10. 10. CyberDuck-file transfer from iPhone to Mac Tutorial 3. Conection You can now put iDevice. CyberDuck Turn on the Mac. Select the new connection.  10 05/2012
  11. 11. CyberDuck-file transfer from iPhone to Mac Tutorial Select the third from the top of the protocol is a protocol (SFTP to connect through SSH) • Now the “Server” type in our (previously saved) IP address • User name: root • Password: alpine Now we are connected into your iPhone! You can edit all the files directly from your computer. The program is in some sense equivalent to iFile. But here comfortably look through the partition. We have ac- cess to a computer, and you can add files without iTunes to the appropriate folders, it will be useful when you want to quickly upload a whole album of our favorite sing- er or you want to upload wallpaper. Ap- plication required for the advanced user iOS. I myself have used, I use and I will use. Great Apple users! Mateusz Majewski mateusz.majewski@yahoo.pl11 05/2012
  12. 12. CyberDuck-file transfer from iPhone to Mac Tutorial12 05/2012
  13. 13. Technology The New Apple TV, Should You Purchase it or Not? If you’re like me and was expecting an actual television set for the new Apple TV then you must be utterly disappointed. All we got was an update of the same looking a black box of the 2nd generation TV. Is the 3rd generation Apple TV hiding something great, am I missing something. As a huge Apple fan, I would want to think so.13 05/2012
  14. 14. The New Apple TV, Technology Should You Purchase it or Not? Let’s gather what’s new with Apple TV. Firstly it packs an this A5 chip because this wasn’t mention on-stage at the impressive A5 processor, a step up from the 2nd gen Apple last Apple event. It’s nothing unique in the 3rd generation TV A4. I would think that an A5 processors (single core, I Apple TV but Air-play allows you to play contents from must point out) is included to give enough power for the your iOS device on your HDTV and the gaming graphics on 1080p graphics output, another of the new features avail- the Apple TV 3 looks much more amazing than the Apple able. I personally think Apple themselves isn’t impress with TV 2. Maybe it’s a reason to get the new device. A5-single The updated interface is something to mention and so we interface. Nothing has change apart from the top layer. The shall. At first glance, what comes to mind is beautiful and new interface is also available to all Apple TV 2 owners in to be honest, it is, that’s until you head a little bit deeper the latest software update. Maybe it’s not a reason to go into the menu and what you find is the same old textual out and purchase the new device.14 05/2012
  15. 15. The New Apple TV, Technology Should You Purchase it or Not? The price of the new Apple TV remains the same US$99. and videos at a top HD quality. Is it worth going out and buying it? The latest software If you already own an Apple TV, then you’re not the tar- upgrade for the Apple TV will give your 2nd generation geted market with the new Third generation Apple TV. device the lovely looking top layer interface. In the case of If you had your eyes on the Apple TV then maybe it’s the the ability to play 1080p videos, this might be really tempt- time to get one. So it’s all in your hands readers, we are ing for some because let’s face it, we love watching movies merely pointing out the facts. Apple TV 3rd generation technical specifications Size and Weight • Height: 0.9 inch (23 mm) • Width: 3.9 inches (98 mm) • Depth: 3.9 inches (98 mm) • Weight: 0.6 pound1 In the box • Apple TV • Apple Remote • Power Cord • Documentation Processor • Apple single-core A5 chip System Requirements • Wi-Fi (802.11a, b, g, or n) wireless network (wireless video streaming requires 802.11a, g, or n) or 10/100BASE-T Ethernet network • iTunes Store account for buying or renting movies and buying TV shows • Netflix account for streaming Netflix content • For streaming media from a Mac or PC: iTunes 10.6 or later; iTunes Store account for Home Sharing • MLB.TV subscription required to watch live and archived games • League Pass Broadband subscription required to watch live and archived games • NHL GameCenter Live subscription required to watch live and archived games15 05/2012
  16. 16. The New Apple TV, Technology Should You Purchase it or Not? Ports and Interfaces • HDMI2 • Optical audio • 10/100BASE-T Ethernet • Built-in IR receiver • Micro-USB (for service and support) Wireless • Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) Environmental Requirements • Operating temperature: 32° to 95° F (0° to 35° C) • Storage temperature: -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C) • Relative humidity: 5% to 95% noncondensing • Maximum operating altitude: 10,000 feet (3000 m) Power • Built-in 6-watt universal power supply Video Formats • H.264 video up to 1080p, 30 frames per second, High or Main Profile level 4.0 or lower, Baseline profile level 3.0 or lower with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps per channel, 48kHz, stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats • MPEG-4 video up to 2.5 Mbps, 640 by 480 pixels, 30 frames per second, Simple Profile with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps, 48kHz, stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats • Motion JPEG (M-JPEG) up to 35 Mbps, 1280 by 720 pixels, 30 frames per second, audio in ulaw, PCM stereo audio in .avi file format Audio Formats Supported • HE-AAC (V1), AAC (16 to 320 Kbps), protected AAC (from iTunes Store), MP3 (16 to 320 Kbps), MP3 VBR, Audible (formats 2, 3, and 4), Apple Lossless, AIFF, and WAV; Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound pass-through Photo Formats • JPEG, GIF, TIFF TV Compatibility • Compatible with high-definition TVs with HDMI and capable of 1080p or 720p at 60/50Hz,2 including popular models from these manufacturers: Hitachi, JVC, LG, Mitsubishi, NEC, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Samsung, Sony, Sharp, Toshiba, Vizio, Westinghouse Kris DeSouza He is from iPhone and iPad App review blog, 05/2012
  17. 17. Technology iPhoto & Redesigned Camera app for iPad As we know from long time, the camera of iPad aroused much controversy and debate, from first-generation iPad until the new iPad. The first had no camera at all, the next had two. Its options when it comes to movies I estimate (720p without stabilization). As for the photo- awful. I still do not know how many in my opinion megapixel has camera in iPad 2 it is said that 1.3, but in my opinion more than 2.0. iPad 2 brought the second camera FaceTime. Its purpose is to talk through video calls and use the stupid and senseless Photo Booth.17 05/2012
  18. 18. App marketing for the poor Technology However, the new iPad has already a great 5 megapixel     Today we’ll see what the new iPhoto, we will know the iSight camera! IPhone 4S lenses and image stabilization options and watch the camera application on the iPad. make a nice effect, even on the big screen of iPad. There is   only one small problem, who takes pictures by tablet? With the new iPad a mobile software update from Apple, iOS 5.1 has appeared.18 05/2012
  19. 19. App marketing for the poor Technology At the first sight there is a little changes, but if you read carefully we can notice the line saying: Redesigned Camera app for iPad  Whether we use the iPad second or third generation, the its own camera application. That functions are not ideally application has been redesigned to pamper us. The appli- suited to our needs or expectations, but edits, corrections cation is universal from today, because after several firm- and other additions we can do in iPhoto. ware versions, Apple finally arranges for and iPad now has19 05/2012
  20. 20. App marketing for the poor Technology  iPhoto for iPad is a powerful software designed for effec- or mask mark with your finger. tive organization and edit digital photos at a very affordable price 3.99 €. iPhoto provides us with advanced retouching, including their color, exposure and contrast, adding filters and ef- This program is a mobile version of one of the applica- fects. We are also able to send photos to other devices tions available in iLife on the Mac. The application has also from Apple. the same options, as version of iPhoto on the Mac, but is equipped with support of gestures to help you perform We can change the brightness and contrast, saturation, the various tasks. entire image or selected components or select the white balance setting. I really like the animation of the crop and iPhoto for iPad allows among others to upload images to marketing functions with a special wheel and pitch angle. social networking sites, create slideshows, and view with your photos on the big screen using Apple TV. The new iPhoto also includes Digital Photo Journals, which help our picture to be created automatically, with the pos- For example, in a trivial way with the help of gestures, you sibility to add the information about the date, time and can select individual images and display them on a single place of photos. The program will handle up to 19 meg- screen for comparison, and the elements of the pictures, apixel photos.20 05/2012
  21. 21. App marketing for the poor Technology Going back to the camera: But for the first sight we can notice the change in the sepa- ration of a button to take pictures or video from the main   The entire interface has been completely redesigned to strip. Now, to take pictures more confortable we have take photos and videos, better. the thumb-button next to the hand when I hold the iPad. Ingenious solution, the key is always below finger. From In the low left corner we can see our last photo taken by now it will be better to push this button, without using the iPad, pressing on the thumbnail, we go to the camera roll. sound button to take the picture. Another plus! We can also go there by intelligent multi-touch gesture, swiping your finger across the screen to the right. I think that Apple has done everything as it should. In the AppStore we have a full package of iLife (GarageBand, iP- Next to: options. Probably Apple plans for the future to hoto, iMovie). I think it was the next good step by Apple. expand the options because they did a separate folder, but iPhoto can not be good for professional imaging, but as a on the iPad there is only one: Grid. basic, mobile entertainment and editing for sure come in handy, even for moderately severe treatment. iMovie also The iPhone we have probably two: Grid and HDR. allows for the average treatment effects in movies, but Ga- On the right we have the option of changing the camera rageBand is almost a professional tool for creating music from the back (default) to the front. It is worth to mention on mobile devices. Coming up here, we begin to be aware about adding to iOS 5.1 improvements that eliminate the that Apple, for some time, maybe longer, maybe shorter, possibilities of recording the film upside down, as often will be dominated in terms of quality and mobility of their happened, for example me. Next, as standard-change from devices. Greetings! photo mode to video. Mateusz Majewski21 05/2012
  22. 22. Technology The Endless Possibilities of Xcode 4 You might have heard about Xcode 4 somewhere, but did you ever fully understand it? Do you realize exactly what it can be used for and why Apple is so proud of it? Well I’ll try and clear a few things up. So what is Xcode 4 for those who don’t know? Xcode is sockets, C and C++ compilers with the likes of Mac OS X, a program for Mac OS X that can develop software for Apple have made it possible to take full advantage of iOS other Mac OS clients and iOS devices, pretty cool if you devices and really push it to your needs. think about it! It was first released back in 2003 and has been used by developers ever since. If you’ve invested in The possibilities are even more advanced when develop- Mac OS X Lion, the good news is, you can get Xcode 4 ing for Mac OS X. Cocoa is the main programming envi- completely free off of the Mac App Store, if you don’t ronment you would be using to create applications, it may have Lion you can always signup to be a developer for take a while to get used to if you’ve only used DirectX or Xcode and even more applications to help you develop OpenGL before, but once you know how to use it to it’s applications. Xcode is a very powerful tool and the suite full extent, you can create extremely powerful applications itself has a modified version of the GNU Compiler Col- for the OS. It uses the Objective-C language to give the lection, which basically means it supports C, C++, Objec- user a rich experience and gives the developer the ability tive-C, Objective-C++, Java, AppleScript, Python, Ruby, to make state-of-the-art applications and gives them com- Cocoa and more. plete access to the OS and you can use Automator, Ap- pleScript or VoiceOver to enhance your application. The It’s understandable why developers want to make applica- graphics are another good reason to start using Xcode, tions for iOS devices, it’s one of the most advanced mobile both iOS devices with their retina display and Mac OS X platforms out there, and it’s secure and compact and gives with its graphics capabilities means using Core Animation, the user an amazing experience. Making an application on Core Image and OpenGL makes some really good anima- an iOS device or even a Mac OS X device may be expensive tions and multimedia. And this is all made better by the fact at first, but if you have a good product you want to share that millions of users in 90 different countries now use the with the world, you can easily pay off the developer mem- Mac App Store. bership. Once you get the hang of Xcode and SDK, you can easily make great applications for a powerful platform. iOS Why choose Xcode 4 over previous version though? I, my- 5 has made it possible to make your application more open self, usually get the most stable and up-to-date versions of and the limitations even lower. Using Xcode you can store programs to get the most out of it, but what have been documents and data you need in iCloud, publish magazines the improvements since Xcode 1? When Xcode was first or newspapers to Newsstand, integrate Twitter to your released in 2003, it wasn’t the most amazing program ever, application and so much more. iOS has a powerful founda- it was simply based on Project Builder but had an updated tion and shares technologies such as OS X Kernel, BSD UI, ZeroLink, Fix and Continue, distributed build support22 05/2012
  23. 23. The Endless Possibilities of Xcode 4 Technology The Xcode 3 interface. So after the progression from Xcode 1 to Xcode 3, what’s The very old Project Builder. different in Xcode 4? Why should I get that version instead of others, should I just stick with Xcode 3 if I have Snow and Code Sense indexing. Windows users thought nothing Leopard? Well to start off, Xcode 4 puts the editing tools of it, but Apple fanatics and developers definitely started and Interface Builder into a single application, which can to seem interested in the idea. When Mac OS X v10.4 be really useful. Version 4.2 was released alongside iOS 5.0 “Tiger” was released, so was Xcode 2.0, which included and had improved features like storyboarding and automat- the Quartz Composer. This is a pretty powerful visual pro- ic correction. Xcode 4 drops support for older systems gramming language to use and has improved over the years. such as the PowerPC and all SDKs for Mac OS X 10.4 and Version 2.0 also had better Code Sense indexing for Java 10.5 and all iOS SDKs older than 4.3. You can still produce and included Ant support which is a great tool that im- binaries for these platforms but for the Mac OS platforms, plements Java. To further the possibilities of Xcode, later you are limited to creating x86 and x86_64 binaries. versions in the 2.0 series could create universal binaries and it supporter Shared Precompiled Headers, unit testing So for those of you who are interested in developing appli- targets, conditional breakpoints, and watchpoints. cations, I would recommend you go for Xcode 4, it comes free if you have Lion (which wouldn’t be a bad upgrade if So far you might not be too impressed, but you can see you don’t already have it) and it develops higher quality ap- how progressive and adaptive Xcode is and why 4.0 is the plications and comes with more features than previous ver- best option. Xcode 3.0 was initially released alongside sions. It also develops applications for the newer versions Leopard but is still used by many computers across the of Mac OS X and iOS, which is necessary for those who world and it took the biggest leap in versions yet. Some want a good selling application as most people upgrade of the notable changes include an updated debugging tool, their iDevices as soon as an update is available. context-sensitive documentation and Objective-C 2.0 with garbage collection to help increase speed. It also supports Enough of the sales talk though, what is really possible in Project Snapshots, which provides a basic form of version Xcode 4, how about some examples? Before we get into control. Version 3.1 was an update for the developer tools that though, you need to understand the UI of Xcode, this for Mac OS X and was included with the iPhone SDK; you will make it easier for you to get around the application. could make applications for iOS 2.0 and included the GCC Firstly, to create a new project, go to File > New Project 4.2 and LLVM GCC 4.2 compilers. Versions 3.2 shipped and then choose from the many types of application. For out with Snow Leopard and don’t install on any previous now, choose “View-Based Application” this is a really sim- versions of Mac OS X. Support for targeting iOS versions ple application. After entering a name you will be taken 3.0 and below were dropped in this update, and Java sup- to the workspace, which at first, may be really confusing, port in 3.2 is “exiled” to the organizer. If you still use Snow here’s a picture that will show you the two different sec- Leopard you can download Xcode 3.2.6 for free after a free tions: registration at Apple’s developer site.23 05/2012
  24. 24. The Endless Possibilities of Xcode 4 Technology Now the rest is straightforward! Simply design the applica- A chart showing the sections of Xcode 4 tion how you want it to look and add all the elements you want such as Text Fields and buttons. This is the easiest The simplest way to make the application is to go over to way to make an application for those of you who are new the Navigator (as shown above) and double click Project- to making them, but you can also make your application a Name.xib; this will let you change the interface of the ap- lot more customizable by using Objective-C coding, this is plication you are making. Go to View > Utilities > Object a little bit more confusing and advanced and should only be Library to see the different icons and interface elements attempted if you understand coding. you can add to your work. A few things you should take away with you when using Objective-C coding are: • Variables are written in ‘camel case’, e.g. appleMakesCoputers - the upper case letters appear like “humps” in the text • All lines end in a semicolon • Asterisks are used to declare a pointer, which is a variable that “points” to a physical memory address Now that you understand your workspace and some of the basics, a really simple application you can make is a cal- culator, there are many guides out there on the internet to guide you step by step through this process, but I will just outline the main steps. Simply make a new project and se- lect “View-Based Application” and target your iPhone, this application is for iOS devices after all. Go to the initializa- The Object Library showing a multitude of different interface tion file (which is CalculatorViewController.h) and add the elements code below.24 05/2012
  25. 25. The Endless Possibilities of Xcode 4 Technology This calculator would be pretty useless without a key- board, so naturally you’re going to want to add one. To do this, look underneath the Text Field’s attributes and head on down to keyboard. From the menu, select “Number Pad”, that’s it! Now all we need to do is link up our codes with the inter- face we’ve just created. Click on “File’s Owner” and go to The IBOutlets creates the code for variables that we can the “Outlets” pane, to add the code we need to drag the use later on. code to the correct elements. So drag the “Label” code over to the label, connect the two text fields and con- Now move on to the implementation file nect the calculate button with the code that we defined in (CalculatorViewController.m), this will define how the the initialization file and then do the same with the clear variables will react to user interaction, again, add the code command. And that’s all there is to it, quite a bit of work below. If you’re new to Xcode 4, but this is a good practice and if you’ve done everything correctly you can load it up in the iOS Simulator and show it off to your friends! So apart from the technical terminology, what have other people said about Xcode 4? The reviews look generally favourable from the older version, Xcode 3, but there are both advantages and disadvantages. When transitioning from Xcode 3 to 4, probably the first thing you will notice, is the new user interface, it’s quite a bit different. The tool- bar is near empty and there seems to be an LCD display in the middle that’s come right out of iTunes, not to mention Now we need to build the applications interface, go to the everything is now contained in a single window such as “View Controller” and add three labels, two buttons and the code editor, project navigation, inspectors and the rest. two text fields and make it look like the picture shown, or The workspace can be as minimalistic as a text editor or however else you like! you can choose it to be packed with a UI editor, document info, debugger and the media library. If you plan on using this application a lot, it’s rare that you will only ever have one project on its own; after all, it’s such a large applica- tion. For instance, you may be developing plugins or have frameworks that are in their own projects to later compile together with your main project. Customise your application how you like What the new UI looks like in Xcode 425 05/2012
  26. 26. The Endless Possibilities of Xcode 4 Technology Xcode 3 probably had the worst user interface out of all stop in the debugger, the stack information is now much the Apple products. It was called the “Groups & Files” list cleaner and it’s easier to reach, you can even view multiple and of course, you could improve it, but it was still very threads at once and you can make Xcode filter out threads cluttered and was one window that was trying to offer you that aren’t relevant. everything at once. At exactly the same time it was a file manager, target browser, find results list, SCM controller, Another new feature to Xcode 4 are jump bars. They’ve symbols list, breakpoint manager and much more. How- existed in other applications for quite some time now and ever, all that is now gone and Xcode 4 simply replaces the they’ve proved to be very useful. They let you navigate old “Groups & Files” list with navigators. You’ve got the through your entire project, but to those of you who are Project navigator, Symbol navigator, search, issue, debug used to the Groups & Files list will probably end up using and the breakpoint log. The Project navigator is the main the Project navigator and if you’re used to using Open one, it shows you your classes, frameworks, resources, Quickly, you’ll probably keep using that. It’s a great new products and the rest, but there’s an improvement. At the feature, but it’s navigation between files seems somewhat bottom you will find a filter bar with 3 pre-set filters, re- limited, and may only appeal to new users who prefer it to cently changed files, unsaved files and files with SCM status the other methods. and it includes a search field with which you can filter files across all projects in the workspace. This may be all good, but there is a problem, the inability to save filters or flatten An example of the new jump bars results so they don’t show groups. This functionality would replace the smart folders that you can find in Xcode 3, un- fortunately there is nothing like this in Xcode 4. The new and improved “Project navigator” Apple is well known for it’s different key bindings, however I can’t seem to remember all of them, they can be really Xcode 3 did have a real flaw, file management. It’s been annoying and they’ve added a load to Xcode 4. These can improved in Xcode 4, but it still has its issues. You can be really useful, but at the same time if you forget the key map groups to folders on disk, if you create a new file in binding you have to look for the command elsewhere or a group, it’s then added to that directory, but if you drag possibly mess up your work experimenting. Open Quickly a file into that group, it isn’t moved to the directory, this is now Shift- Command-O, this makes sense but it means may seem small but it’s a major time waste. The Search all the debugger keys have had to be changed as well. Step navigator is simply a find and replace panel and it has all the Over/Into/Out have all be changed to F6, F7 and F8 respec- same options as Xcode 3, however the find options panel tively. This is quick and easy but correct me if I’m wrong, seems to have been replaced by a find scope sheet, which these keys all do something already as they assigned to is easier to understand. The last navigator I’ll write about do system commands such as rewind, play/pause and fast- is the Debug navigator. Your stack appears here when you forward.26 05/2012
  27. 27. The Endless Possibilities of Xcode 4 Technology People seem quick to criticise Xcode 4, but I believe it shouldn’t be judged on what it is, but what it will be in Omar Al-Halawani the future with updates and more. There’s a lot of new He is a freelance writer who’s been interested in and interesting features, yet Apple seem to have got rid magazines and helping people for quite some years of a lot of features from Xcode 3 that many people loved now. He’s also been an avid Apple fan for years and and used constantly. The foundations are pretty much all owns a lot of iDevices! In his free time he enjoys there to build an Xcode that can compete with the likes of surfing the net and is an active member of many Visual Studio and Eclipse, they just need fleshing out more online forums, feel free to contact him at and some of the old features put back in. There are very few areas where Xcode 4 is worse than previous versions. or just Google Omar6000. The majority of those areas are where the features simply aren’t there, but where they may re-appear in future ver- sions. In every other area it offers major leaps forward in usability, performance and enjoyment. I’ve always considered Xcode to be the nicest IDE to use in terms of user interface, though it wasn’t ever the best looking one. It’s just the competition was so ugly and clut- tered. Xcode 4 however, genuinely is pretty. This may sound nerdy but, sometimes I love looking at it and admir- ing the amount of work that has gone into it. Apple has had some of the prettiest developer tools in terms of Inter- face Builder, Instruments and Quartz Composer for quite a while, but Xcode seemed dated when you compared it. It now feels like the sort of user interface you’d expect from Apple. Some people believe though, that Apple simply used iTunes as an inspiration for Xcode 4 and made the toolbars sparse to make it look like iTunes. It does lack some of the more advanced features of Xcode 3, but it’s wrong to say that iTunes was the cause or inspiration. iTunes isn’t particularly great; it’s old, clunky and somewhat ugly. In my opinion Xcode 4 is much closer to iLife or iWork in the sense that it’s modern, it puts a large amount of focus on the user interface and it tries to use great engineering to reduce the amount of work you need to do to create great results. It may be lacking a few features, but maybe with the release of Mac OS X 10.8 “Mountain Lion” this summer, there will be an update to Xcode that will make it more user friendly and packed with new (and old) features. All I know is, Xcode still has quite a long way to go to keep compet- ing with the other applications out there, but it still makes a hell of an IDE.27 05/2012
  28. 28. Technology iCloud, what is it and what it offers Apple recently launched a new service for all there devices. The named it iCloud but, maybe it looks nice but: What is it? iCloud stores your music, photos, documents and more, and wirelessly pushes them to all your devices. Automatic, effortless and seamless — it just works. Overview of devices and iCloud service28 05/2012
  29. 29. iCloud, what is it and what it offers Technology Apple made already some iCloud And Apple is giving their developers the tools to make their based applications apps work with iCloud too. So you can do things like paint One of these applications is Apple iWork. a masterpiece, edit stock lists and more — and have it all Pages, Keynote and Numbers. with you on all your devices, including your Mac or PC. iPhone and iPad with preview of Keynote (part of iWork)29 05/2012
  30. 30. iCloud, what is it and what it offers Technology iCloud makes it easy to move Pages, Keynote and Numbers You can also drag and drop any iWork ’09 or Microsoft documents between your computer and your iOS devices. Office document from your computer into one of the Just sign in to in any modern web brows- the iWork apps on, and it automatically ap- er, and all your iWork for iOS documents will be there — pears on all your iOS devices, ready for you to review, complete with your most recent edits. Click a document to edit or present. download it in iWork ’09, Microsoft Office or PDF format. Documents from iWork showed in iCloud on web browser Services in iCloud: Photo Stream Photo Stream is a service supplied with the basic iCloud iOS Device Backup and Restore service which allows users to store the most recent 1,000 iCloud allows users to back up iOS devices online; they photos on the iCloud servers up to 30 days free of charge. can be restored from backup without connecting to a com- When a photo is taken on a device with Photo Stream ena- puter. bled, it is automatically uploaded to the iCloud servers; from there, it is automatically pushed to the rest of the user’s reg- Find My iPhone istered devices. Apple has announced that the service will be Find My iPhone, formerly part of MobileMe, allows us- integrated with the Apple TV set-top box, allowing users to ers to track the location of their iPhone, iPod touch, wirelessly view their recent photos on their HDTV. iPad, or Mac. A user can see the device’s approximate location on a map (along with a circle showing the ra- Back to My Mac dius depicting the margin of error), display a message Back to My Mac, previously part of MobileMe, is now part or play a sound on the device (even if it is set to silent), of iCloud. This service allows users to login remotely to change the password on the device, and remotely erase other computers configured with the same Apple ID that its contents. have Back to My Mac enabled.30 05/2012
  31. 31. iCloud, what is it and what it offers Technology iTunes Match keep the original version stored there or to replace it with iTunes Match debuted on 14 November 2011, initially avail- the version from the iTunes Store as they wish. Any music able to US users only. For an annual fee, customers can not available in the iTunes Store is also able to be uploaded scan and match tracks in their iTunes music library, includ- by users for download onto their other supported devices ing tracks copied from CDs or other sources, with tracks or computers, but online storage needed for the upload of in the iTunes Store. Apple lets customers download up to tracks not available in the iTunes Store is taken from the 25,000 tracks in 256 kbps DRM-free AAC file format that users separate iCloud storage service allowance, as iTunes match tracks in any supported audio file format, including Match is currently available in 37 countries. ALAC and mp3, in the customers’ iTunes libraries, with users having the additional option on their computers to With this in mind, i’ve been to this Apple event last summer: I was very excited and thrilled to be there, “one of the Some things you have to know/keep developers” There were nice sessions with a lot of infor- in mind about iCloud? mation regarding iOS 5 “New Features” one of this was (if you are developer and didn’t know already) iCloud. Being a Responsible iCloud App The best thing during this event has been the clear and Apps that take advantage of iCloud storage features should good explanation about how iCloud is really works for you. act responsibly when storing data there. The space available in each user’s account is limited and is shared by all apps. Some things i’ve learned there: Users can see how much space is consumed by a given app • It isn’t the complete file which is send after every and choose to delete documents and data associated with change. your app. For these reasons, it is in your app’s interest to • It isn’t a big data center which only saves data. be responsible about what files you store. Here are some • The technology only provides “the connection” tips to help you manage documents appropriately:31 05/2012
  32. 32. iCloud, what is it and what it offers Technology Have a good strategy for storing iCloud documents. is treated as data and must be deleted all at once. Whenever possible, give the user a single option to store all data in iCloud. • Never store caches or other files that are private to your app in a user’s iCloud storage. A user’s iCloud • Deleting a document removes it from a user’s iCloud account should be used only for storing user-related account and from all of that user’s computers and data and content that cannot be re-created by your app. devices. Make sure that users are aware of this fact and confirm any delete operations. • Treat files in iCloud the same way you treat all other files in your app sandbox. The time at which to save • When storing documents in iCloud, place them in a file should be driven by the need of your app and the Documents subdirectory whenever possible. the need to preserve the user’s data. You should not Documents inside a Documents directory can be change your app to save files more or less frequently deleted individually by the user to free up space. for iCloud. iCloud automatically optimizes its transfers However, everything outside that directory to the server to ensure the best possible performance.32 05/2012
  33. 33. iCloud, what is it and what it offers Technology Conclusions: If you are Apple-fan, developer of iOS applications or only I’ve also got the opinion: Be reachable for many people and user of Apple products. all the good will be shared! We all can agree, if this service is working as Apple say We have launched many different mobile apps for iOS, how it has to be, it can be a great addition for now and in Android and WindowsPhone7 We believe the “cloud” the future. in many formats will be all over the world. Developers easily can integrate several features of iCloud. So if you talk about the Cloud, iCloud is an good service Users can get there data where ever they want to have it. and i hope you’ve liked this article. Maybe next time i will write about some other cool fea- If you want to know more about this nice service: tures from iOS5. I’m Hessel van Tuinen, founder of HT Applications / co-founder of FriksMobile Remember: “If you trying to reach the Cloud, and you’re failing, You can reach me on: you’re still “sky-high!” Hessel van Tuinen My name is Hessel van Tuinen from the Netherlands. The chief editor asked me to write an article for this beautiful magazine. I’m honored to share some knowledge about the things i’m working on/with for 3 years now, March 2010 i’ve started my first company in the mobile software business, i named it HT Applications because that is what we doing, we develop applications. After two years i’ve got the knowledge and skills to offer a wide range of mobile applications to many customers. With the launch of the iPad last year and the upcoming demand for B2B applications we got busy.33 05/2012
  34. 34. Review Is Getting Lost A Thing of The Past? With so many GPS applications available for your iDevices, anywhere in the world, with a simple App Store search or tap of a button, you can find where you are, but what’s the best option? M any people believe that you need GPS Drive offer voice guidance and others Wi-Fi or cellular coverage to use include voice recognition and sensitive ba- a GPS, however that is only true rometer altimeters. As more people invest for the ‘Maps’ application where a cellular ne- in smartphones, GPS applications are in- twork or Wi-Fi connection is needed to do- creasing in popularity; they even have their S wnload the map data. With more and more own App Store category! The Garmin Nüvi GPS applications being added to the App Store is part of the new generation of GPS navi- every day, the list of possibilities goes on. The- gators, but even Garmin have realised it’s P re are many applications that use ‘aGPS’. The- better to get into the smartphone business. se incorporate a true GPS receiver, that uses They released an application called Garmin a cellular network to connect to 4 satellites StreetPilot onDemand last year that costs G to lock your position and find you, but if you only $0.99 with an optional subscription ser- don’t have a cellular connection the satellites vice. StreetPilot offers lane guidance, speed will still be able to lock your position, it just limits, 3D buildings, landmarks viewable on needs more time. Wikipedia, voice guidance and the ability to keep in touch with friends on Facebook and Since iOS 3.0, Webapps have been able to Foursquare, sharing your locations. access and display GPS information, includ- ing Google Maps and others like iRoute. There is a problem however, the Apple iPad Before iOS 3.0, accessing the iPhone’s GPS does have GPS, but only on the Wi-Fi + 3G meant running Maps or downloading anoth- model. This is how Wikipedia describes er application off the App Store, how times ‘A-GPS’: have changed. “Conventional or “standalone” GPS op- Smartphones now seem to be outclassing eration uses radio signals from satellites. other GPS navigators with high precision In very poor signal conditions, for example compasses and real-time navigation. Appli- in a city, these signals may suffer multipath cations such as AmAze GPS and MotionX where signals bounce confusingly off build34 05/2012
  35. 35. Review Is Getting Lost A Thing of The Past? ings, or be weakened by passing through walls or tree Another great way to add GPS functionality to your cover… An A-GPS system can address these problems iDevice is through a Bluetooth GPS device. There is an in several ways, using an assistance server or other data Apple certified one that seems to outclass most others from a network.” out there. The Dual XGPS150 comes in a small form and can be connected to any Bluetooth enabled smart- Under the iPad technical specifications, assisted GPS is phones and this includes the iPad and iPod Touch that only mentioned in the “Wi-Fi + 3G model” NOT the will enable GPS navigation. Your iDevice will pick up the GPS Wi-Fi only model. Maybe this is Apple’s marketing office GPS data via Bluetooth after pairing it with your device. taking some liberties with the plus sign. The iPhone 3GS It will then give the GPS data to most navigation applica- also has “Assisted GPS” listed underneath the technical tions available for the iOS platform. It also comes with specifications. The iPad technical specifications clearly a free GPS Status application that can be downloaded state that A-GPS is available on both the 3G and Wi-Fi from the App Store. This application is actually quite models of the iPad, so GPS is not included in the 3G useful and displays your current location, how many sat- chip. However, it could be that extra GPS-specific silicon ellites the device can see and connect to, along with the is added to the Wi-Fi model, but it seems unlikely. So we signal strength of each satellite, the battery level of the can gather from this that A-GPS is linked to the A4 chip. XGPS150 and confirmation that the device is success- fully connected to your iDevice. So how can you add GPS Functionality to the Wi-Fi only model of the Apple iPad and the iPod Touch? The iPod There is one other way to get GPS on your iDevice and Touch also lacks a GPS chip that lets you lock on to I can’t say it’s my most favourite. Using an Android smart- satellite signals, this helps to locate you and track the phone, you can connect your iDevice to it and the GPS distance covered. Instead of using the GPS chip for more data can be fed to your device through a hack. This does accurate triangulation using cellular coverage or satel- require a jailbroken device though. All you have to do lites, it uses Wi-Fi tower triangulation to provide inac- is install “BTStacks GPS” from Cydia, after this, make curate data as to where you are. There are several ways sure your native Bluetooth is turned off in the ‘General’ in which you can navigate just like any other smartphone settings. There are many applications available for An- using an iPod Touch or Wi-Fi only iPad. droid that will link your Android GPS chip to an external The first method you could use is adding an external source. After looking through many reviews I’ve found dock. You can use the 30-pin port (the charging port for that the adequately named “Bluetooth GPS” is the best, all iDevices) to put dongles into. This lets you use GPS however you can try others such as “ShareGPS”, “Net- on both the iPod Touch and Wi-Fi only iPad by giving work/Bluetooth GPS” or “Bluetooth GPS Output”. Some them access to GPS hardware and enabling navigation of these may not work, but this isn’t much of a surprise, through the dongles. These dongles lock on to satellite as most smartphones weren’t designed to do this. signals and can even be more powerful than the GPS available on the iPhone’s and iPad’s. There should be an icon on your springboard now called “GPS”, tap on it and you should be taken to an inter- The Bad Elf Dock is the perfect example of this. Its don- face that simply lists all the devices you can connect gles can be plugged in to all iDevices and it has a green to. At first it will say “Searching…” and as long as your LED light to indicate when the GPS is available. There Android smartphone is discoverable, it should show up is also a mini USB port so you can still sync your device soon. Now pair your iDevice with your Android by sim- to your computer. There is also an application on the ply tapping on your iDevice through your Android. Then App Store, Bad Elf GPS, for free that lets you download enter the same pin number to secure the connection. GPS data and check for any firmware updates. The Bad If you have successfully paired with one another, then Elf Dock can also lock onto your position within 45 sec- BTStack should take to a screen with a map on it. After onds or less with an accuracy of 2.5 meters. a few seconds more information should be visible on your screen after the GPS signal has fully resolved. Now To top it all off the Bad Elf is compatible with the iPod all you have to do is open up any application that is re- touch 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation, iPhone 4S, iP- quires GPS capabilities and you will be able to use it like hone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPad and iPad 2. any other GPS device!35 05/2012
  36. 36. Review Is Getting Lost A Thing of The Past? Now what if you have already have GPS functionality is that you have to make an account first, but that’s not on your iDevice and want to have a more advanced and too much trouble for most people. All you do after that improved application? There are many GPS applications is enter your current odometer reading and click start, on the App Store; they even have their own category! then when you’ve finished, tap stop and it will tell you So which one should you go for? They all have their your distance. Good for people who are on the road all own unique features and reasons to buy, but these are day or for a living. all free. GPS Logbooks Free GPS This application isn’t a very popular one, but that’s prob- This is a really simple application with no advanced and ably because it’s mainly for people who fly planes or are technical information or other twiddly bits. It will tell just interested geeks like myself and it might even in- you your current position, how accurate it is and it will terest some travellers. It’s a pretty simple application let you make your own waypoint by entering the latitude and all it really does is shares and records your flights S and longitude of the position. It doesn’t offer too many with your friends and other users publicly. Not really features, but it’s pretty simple and easy to use. an application for everyday users, but another example of how GPS functionality can be used in a unique and P AmAze GPS weird way. Now this application offers many features of expensive GPS applications. You can view the map in 2D or 3D myTracks – The GPS-Logger with pretty good graphics. It also offers a turn-by-turn If you’re interested in geocaching and do it a lot, this ap- G voice that really helps when you’re in the car or just plication might be good for you. After taking a look at find it really helpful in general. There is an option to some reviews, people like to take a lot of pictures while buy the full version, but there’s no need. All you have they’re geocaching. This application also adds the co- to do is tap on ‘keyword’ or ‘local search’ and you will ordinates of the picture you’ve taken and even gives you get what you ask for, real easy! The routing options are the ability to add other photos that you may have taken quite extensive, for instance you can have directions for in the same place on other phones or cameras. This is cars, pedestrians, trucks and there’s even an option for a particularly good application because you can take pic- car pools. Decide whether you want the shortest route, tures on any device and add them in at a later date and fastest route or without traffic. The navigation is simi- connect them to a specific location on a specific date, lar to applications such as Navigon and includes satel- neat! You can even send ‘tracks’ via email or synchronize lite images. You can save places, search addresses, do them with the desktop edition of “myTracks”. a local search, look through the white pages and more. It doesn’t offer maps to everywhere in the world but it GPS-R covers most areas, all of North America, Western, Cen- This is like a mix between a to do list and a GPS track- tral and most of Eastern Europe, parts of Latin America er. It tells you where you are going and then notifies (Brazil and Argentina), Israel and most of the Middle you when you are near something that you have to East, parts of Asia (India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, do. Maybe you have to go to the supermarket or what Singapore), Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. if you fell asleep on the train and missed your stop? Either way, I think it’s a really useful application and on This application will sound an alarm or vibrate (or their iTunes page they’ve promised real-time traffic con- both) when you get close to a destination you have set ditions, a five-day weather forecast and speed trap and and also tell you what you’re supposed to do when you red-light camera alerts for no additional cost. get there. You drop a red pin onto the map where you want to be reminded to stop and it does exactly that. Automilez There are also some real cool features such as, using This is particularly good if you need to keep track of your own songs as ringtones, the ability to exchange your mileage. If you really need to keep track of where reminders through email, post a tweet when you get you’re going and how much time and money you are a notification (for those social networking addicts) and spending, this is perfect for you. It has a real nice in- you can set a certain address to a contact in your ad- terface and seems pretty accurate, the only downside dress book.36 05/2012