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Alt tab mobile overview - march 2013


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Alt tab mobile overview - march 2013

  1. 1. Company Overview March 2012
  2. 2. OverviewAlt Tab Mobile works with startups and enterprise clients around the globe to build awesome iPhone & Android Apps-  We work with you from initial concept to launch on the App Store-  We focus on native iPhone, iPad and Android-  We build powerful backend and web portals to power your app-  We have a strong team of over 20 developers and designers-  We are obsessed with design and user experience-  We are focused on building successful and profitable products-  We can assist with industry contacts to help with mobile marketing, analytics, hosting, legal and other essentials-  We have a presence in the USA, Australia, Sth Africa, UK and Europe-  We have worked with some of the biggest names, including Macquarie Bank, BT Financial and ninemsn We make building a mobile app fun! 2
  3. 3. The Process #1 WORKSHOPS We setup a series of workshops with you to discuss the product concept, what the competitors are doing and how to get your idea to market! #2 SCREEN MOCKUPS Mockups of the screens help us to visualize how the app is going to work without getting bogged down in the design. #3 PRODUCT DOCUMENT We put all of this into an easy to read product document, don’t worry, this can be read by someone non-technical! #4 USER INTERFACE DESIGN The product is brought to life with the graphical design of the user interface, yum! #5 CODING Our world class engineering team build and test the app. You will get regular demos to play with and get involved in the process too. #6 GO LIVE! Launch the app in the App Store or Google Play…and start generating revenue too! We are here to support you too and work on future iterations of your product.
  4. 4. The Team Yossi Mlynsky Pinky Columbres Founder & CEO Mobile Startup Specialist Getting things done Helping startups go mobile Dov Tenenboim Hessel van Tuinen Head of Mobile Development Business Development - Europe Mobile development guru Lives and breathes mobile Petr Šulc Sriharsha Yadabettu Head of Mobile Design Business Development – San Francisco Your product….made awesome! In the thick of the startup capital Amanda Woo Jay Soshnick Mobile User Experience (UX) Business Development – North America Obsessed with your users Lets chat about how going mobile! Jeremy Guth Gedaliah Riesenberg Mobile Analytics & Marketing Strategic Partnerships Get people engaged with your product Strategic big thinker Dev & Test team A team of 20+ developers, designers, testers and project managers providing the nuts and bolts for your product. We provide a fun environment where your product can thrive and grow before being launched to market 4
  5. 5. Awesome mobile apps we have built recently
  6. 6. Case Study: 21 Questions21 Questions is a fun turn based game built on a powerful Amazon NOSQL database ready to scale fast! Justlaunched in Canada, coming to a phone near you soon! Challenges ü  How to easily engage users as the play multiple games ü  How to ensure virality of the app ü  How to ensure the app is scalable ü  How to track the usage and engagement of the app Features ü  An easy to use User Interface was designed and built ü  Social integration with Facebook and Twitter ü  Built on a powerful NOSQL database (yeah, the one Draw Something uses) ü  Integration of multiple analytics and ad SDKs including Flurry and FiksuTechnologies: iOSIndustries: Social, GamingLocation:
  7. 7. Case Study: Sushi Sumo NYCProject Description: Chicago based startup, Community Sprint is a social fitness app aimed at keeping peopleaccountable and working out in groups. Challenges ü  How to display extensive menus and the associated categories ü  How to manage the shopping cart on the small display of an iPhone ü  How to integrate orders into existing restaurant systems Features ü  Awesome User Interface and Design ü  Powerful web backend for managing menus ü  Easy to use shopping cart ü  Receive orders via email, fax or onlineTechnologies: iOSIndustries: Hospitality, EntertainmentLocation:
  8. 8. Case Study: Community SprintChicago based startup, Community Sprint is a social fitness app aimed at keeping people accountable andworking out in groups. Challenges ü  How to create a scalable social platform ü  How to easily enable users to connect and work out in groups ü  How to manage scheduled alerts and notifications Features ü  Awesome User Interface and Design ü  Built using Amazon server and database ü  Facebook and Twitter integration ü  User registration and social networking ü  Location based services for maps and alertsTechnologies: iOSIndustries: Social Networking / FitnessLocation:
  9. 9. Case Study: Mish & MushSydney based publisher Mish & Mush launches an iPhone and iPad app featuring educational children’s booksand game with animation and sounds. Challenges ü  How to bring to life the characters of the book ü  How to create an interactive game from the characters and visual Features ü  iPhone and iPad application with 3 books and a game ü  Fun animations bringing to life the characters of the book ü  Matching game ü  In app purchases for unlocking new booksTechnologies: iPhone / iPadIndustries: EducationLocation:
  10. 10. Case Study: KazaaOne of the pioneering companies to stream music to users, Kazaa has approached Alt Tab Mobile to take theirmobile product into the next era. The current version has some limitations and issues that needed to be addressed. Challenges ü  How to maintain a stable platform for real time music streaming ü  How to minimize crashing of the apps due to memory leaks Features ü  Live music streaming for tens of thousands of users ü  Increased stability and user experience for userTechnologies: iOSIndustries: EntertainmentLocation:
  11. 11. Case Study: Sci Survey: Social Survey iPad AppSouth African Startup engaged Alt Tab Mobile to build a powerful iPad app to make gathering social surveydata in the field easy. This iPad app increased their productivity dramatically and made gathering data fun! Challenges ü  How to reduce the large error rate with survey data ü  How to make it easy to use for facilitators ü  How to ensure the app is flexible for all types of survey configurations Features ü  Validation of survey data at time of entry ü  Easy to use and clean design of user interface ü  Enhanced survey data with GPS, Camera and Digital Signature integration ü  Offline mode for survey capture with ability to synch with central dataabse when onlineTechnologies: iOS, WebIndustries: ResearchLocation:
  12. 12. Case Study: IncahootsChristina, founder of Incahoots felt a strong need for a simple to use customer relationship manager, especiallyfor people who deal with a lot of people on a regular basis. Incahoots allows users to select the frequency theywant to stay in touch with their contacts and receive reminders. Challenges ü  How to design an easy to use interface to allow users to select the frequency to connect with their contacts ü  How to integrate with the iPhone calendar and alerts ü  How to automatically schedule appointments with contacts Features ü  Simple user interface allowing users to drag and drop contacts into the frequency group ü  In app purchases for upgrading ü  iPhone Calendar integration ü  Scheduled AlertsTechnology: iOSIndustry: BusinessLocation:
  13. 13. Case Study: Digital Car PainterCanadian based custom car paint shop that needed an app with the unique ability to visualize a car beforeactually painting it! Challenges ü  How to manage a large database of car body types ü  How to make is easy to color car body and apply designs ü  R&D required for complex color fill algorithm ü  How to monetize the product Features ü  iPhone and iPad app ü  Easy to navigate car manufactures and decade for car selection ü  Complex car fill algorithm developed ü  In App purchase implemented to monetize the user base ü  Facebook integration for sharing ü  Over 6000 downloads per monthTechnologies: iOSIndustries: AutomotiveLocation:
  14. 14. Case Study: Spoilz - shopping treasure hunt startupSydney based startup Spoilz engaged Alt Tab as the development team for their new mobile business. Challenges ü  How to ensure shops listed are relevant based on users location ü  How to make it easy for stores to manage their own campaign information Features ü  Location based services to display store listing ü  iPhone App with world class design and custom controls through out the app ü  Secure web portal for end user to manage their campaigns and view reporting ü  QR code and barcode scanningTechnologies: iOS, WebIndustries: Shopping, LifestyleLocation: Coming soon to app store (Mid 2012)
  15. 15. Case Study: myWeight– track your weight and achieve your weight loss goals.myWeight is part of a suite of tools helping the medical profession create meaningful apps for their patients. Challenges ü  How to visually display the progress of the patient ü  How to make it easy for patients to regularly update their data Features ü  iPhone App ü  Integrated into a suite of tools used by the Central Baptist Hospital (KY) ü  Beautiful design and easy to use interfaceTechnology: iOSIndustry: HealthLocation:
  16. 16. Case Study: Hebrew CloudsNot for profit organization Oneg, engaged Alt Tab Mobile to build a suite of educational apps for children tolearn Hebrew. With 4 apps so far and more on the way, Hebrew Clouds is leading the way in children languagetools for the Hebrew language. Challenges ü  How to engage children to learn language on a mobile device ü  How to make the game play fun ü  How to cater for all levels of learning of children of various ages Features ü  iPhone app ü  Simple and fun design with a focus on children ü  Various modes of game play from learning drills to quizzes ü  Fun animations to reward children with correct answersTechnology: iOSIndustry: EducationLocation:
  17. 17. Case Study: Quizicle – mobile and web personality quizStartup Quizicle engaged Alt Tab Mobile to develop this innovative product. Quizicle is a mobile career andpersonality quiz backed by a fully bespoke web portal, web services and billing engine. Challenges ü  How to make taking a quiz easy on a mobile device ü  How to integrate with established web portal and database ü  How to display users personality results on a mobile device Features ü  iPhone, Android and Web App ü  Simple user interface for taking quiz and reading results ü  Integration with web services and central database ü  Premium SMS billing and credit card gateway integration ü  Over 80,000 users of the platform so farTechnology: iOS. Android, WebIndustry: EntertainmentLocation:;
  18. 18. Case Study: SOX&LOX - Over 200 Pharmacists ordering their Socks-Mobile!One of Australia’s leading sock wholesalers came to Alt Tab Mobile to develop a unique app to streamline theordering process for pharmacists around the country. Challenges ü  How to display various product configurations and options ü  How to ensure optimal user experience and user uptake Features ü  iPhone App ü  Used by pharmacists all around Australia ü  Streamlining business processes replacing fax and phone ordersTechnology: iOSIndustry: RetailLocation:
  19. 19. Case Study: Jimmy BringsProject Description: Sydney based Jimmy Brings, an alcohol home delivery startup, approached Alt Tab Mobileto create a suite of home delivery platforms for a unique twist on the traditional home delivery market. Challenges ü  How to integrate into existing business processes ü  How to create a user friendly and slick user interface for corporate clientele ü  How to ensure an easy admin for management of menus and orders Features ü  Magento driven eCommerce site for alcohol home delivery ü  Completely custom user Interface ü  Easy to use admin portal ü  Credit card payments and SSL ü  Integration into existing business processes with email notificationsTechnology: Web, Magento, eCommerceIndustry: CateringLocation:
  20. 20. + MoreReach out to find out more about the apps we arebuilding and bring your mobile dreams to life! ! 415 99 APP 94