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Using Learning Data To Predict Workplace Success


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In this session you’ll be introduced to a process that was taken to identify the correlation (if any) that existed between the way that people behaved during an online development programme and how they applied what they had learned back in their workplace.

Whilst the specific outcome from this piece of research may or may not be of immediate value to you; the process that was undertaken is highly likely to be of interest as it will provide you with an insight as to how you can make that all important connection between learning and application.

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Using Learning Data To Predict Workplace Success

  1. 1. Process not necessarily the results
  2. 2. The development activity
  3. 3. Ask if they used anything and did it have an impact?
  4. 4. Talk to people who used it and reported an impact
  5. 5. Make notes about those conversations
  6. 6. Look at those people's activity
  7. 7. Look at experience patterns
  8. 8. Look for patterns, test hypotheses