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Smetan Engineering Company Presentation English

  1. 1. Management & Consulting Services Aus einem Guss – The Perfect Cast welcome herzlich willkommen
  2. 2. Management & Consulting Services Results count – Experience matters Teaser 25 Years of track record as Managing Director in different companies in the Automotive Industry Vision Mission 12 Years of track record for leading a global group of up to 11 companies world-wide Paradigm 12 Years of track record for Corporate Governance Motivation in international organizations Profile 6 successful Green-Field-Investments Development Responsible execution of turnarounds ServicesOffered Responsible execution of plant-closures Results Market-Leadership with Hydro Aluminum’s Business Unit Castings Nextpage Insider of the Aluminum Casting Market Expert in Aluminum Casting Technology Contact Expert in Manufacturing Systems Expert in Marketing and Sales
  3. 3. Management & Consulting Services Results count – Experience matters Teaser Complex tasks to which SMETAN engineering can provide a Vision Mission valuable contribution include: Paradigm Motivation Consolidating the Footprint and the Product Portfolio Profile Continuous Improvement and Re-Engineering of Development Manufacturing Processes and Value Chains ServicesOffered Step-Change Projects in Product and Process Development Results Major Capital Expenditure, in particular Green-Field investments Previous page New Start-Ups and Program Launches of significance Nextpage Restructuring of Companies and Divisions Home Divestment of Subsidiaries and Divisions Question Closure and Relocation of Subsidiaries or Departments Contact
  4. 4. Management & Consulting Services Results count – Experience matters Teaser “During my time as a manager in the automotive supply Vision industry I was constantly striving to confer such demanding and Mission complex tasks on outstanding executives with many years of Paradigm professional experience, who were removed from the daily Motivation routine as far as possible. Profile Due to their well established professional competence and Development leadership skills these managers always succeeded in ServicesOffered orientating all internal and external participants, who formed Results part in the tasks in a very efficient and, at the same time, target-oriented way, and in so doing discover risks in such a timely manner so that appropriate measures could take effect. Previous page Their understanding of reality, taken from their personal track Nextpage record, in most cases succeeded upon mere wishful thinking Home Question By means of this structured split of day-to-day business from project work, the whole organization gained considerably Contact dynamics and efficiency!
  5. 5. Management & Consulting Services Results count – Experience matters Teaser But, similar to a mountain guide for instance, these managers Vision had to walk certain routes several times themselves, before Mission they could safely guide others on these routes. Paradigm Motivation It is especially their self-confidence, which creates trust in an Profile undertaking and stabilizes teams. Development It is especially in critical paths that a special level of ServicesOffered professionalism and persistence is required, which can only Results emerge from one’s own personal experience. The professional leaves nothing to chance, rather he knows when to use ‚an additional clamp‘, before risking a ‚fall on a Previous page long rope‘.” Nextpage Home Question (Herbert Smetan) Contact
  6. 6. Management & Consulting Services Results count – Experience matters Teaser Vision For me, it is of course beyond any doubt that Mission you and your team are perfectly capable of Paradigm providing such professional competence Motivation and leadership skills to your personnel. Profile If you have appropriate time so to do! Development If not, please call me or send a note! ServicesOffered I will surely help you! Results You can count on it! Promised! Previous page Nextpage Print Yours sincerely Contact Herbert Smetan
  7. 7. Vision the holistic approach towards operational management... Teaser Vision Mission Paradigm Motivation Profile Development ServicesOffered Results „My vision is the outstanding product that sets the industry Previous page standard – in terms of design, characteristics, price and Nextpage reliability – and which offers the client competitive advantages, Home thus improving his market position.“ Question (Herbert Smetan) Contact
  8. 8. Mission ….creating sustainable cost leadership …. Teaser Vision Mission Paradigm Motivation Profile Development ServicesOffered Results “My mission is to manufacture this product using robust Previous page processes within a balanced production chain, which is based Nextpage on well designed, highly reliable equipment and capable Home tooling and by this creating sustainable cost leadership.” Question (Herbert Smetan) Contact
  9. 9. Mission ….creating sustainable cost leadership …. Teaser Daring to pursue solutions that redefine the industry standard Vision with optimum resource usage becomes possible if one is not Mission intimidated by confronting the complexity of the task and, with Paradigm foresight, has solutions available to apply to the areas in which Motivation latent risks may become manifest. Profile Manufacturing processes that are validated with a realistic Development attitude, in combination with reliable hardware solutions and a ServicesOffered fine-tuned material flow, make it possible to secure the long- Results term success of this approach by means of the ‘continuous improvement’ methodology. Previous page The consensus between management and employees is the ultimate requirement for the group dynamic necessary for the Nextpage sustainable successful company! Home Question (Herbert Smetan) Contact
  10. 10. “simply be better” ….through highly efficient value chains Teaser Vision Mission Paradigm Motivation Profile ProcessCapability Development ServicesOffered Quality Results Reward- System Product Operational Effectiveness Previous page Nextpage Home Question Contact ...the complexity of which is resulting from a multitude of diverse interactions
  11. 11. “simply be better” (1) ….through highly efficient value chains Teaser „ Successful companies focus on the production process, since Vision profit isn’t generated through accounting! Mission Paradigm Only optimally fine-tuned manufacturing sets the standard for Motivation quality, costs and product availability – and by this also Profile represents the precondition for the successful positioning of a company in globalized competition! Development ServicesOffered Companies focused on continuous development of their Results market share, as well as the expansion of their target market, would do well to disregard discussions regarding hidden defects in their products. Previous page The product quality is determined exclusively by Nextpage manufacturing, not by inspection. Home Products that are flawless with regard to the specification can Question only be produced in consistently validated processes. Contact
  12. 12. “simply be better” (2) ….through highly efficient value chains Teaser Further, high-performance processes only result in a consistent Vision production flow in reliable and well-tuned production facilities Mission in which ongoing client demand can be met without significant Paradigm warehousing of products while employing exemplary labour, Motivation equipment and resource efficiency. Profile Appropriate business processes ensure as well operating cost Development management in company administration. This includes ServicesOffered management systems for quality assurance, work safety and Results environmental protection. Only in the product, that is in the process of formation, do the Previous page capabilities of human, machine, tool, process and material flow come together to demonstrate the suitability of the solution Nextpage chosen. Home Question The fulcrum and linchpin for sustainable success of a production concept lies particularly in the robustness of the Contact chosen production process.
  13. 13. “simply be better” (3) ….through highly efficient value chains Teaser This is why a firm hold on reality is relevant for the whole Vision system during the validation phase of the later production Mission process and set-up. Paradigm Motivation Mistakes in this step of any program can usually only be Profile compensated by dealing with symptoms, since the time and financial means for correcting the root-causes are often lacking Development in later phases of a project. ServicesOffered Results Consequently, the Project Management Systems in leading companies assume the defensive function of ensuring the prevention of economic effects resulting from unexpected Previous page launching issues. Nextpage The same applies to the reliability of the hardware used. While Home purchase decisions regarding private acquisitions are Question increasingly based on the many available performance comparisons, the selection of production facilities and Contact resources is less frequently based on such a fundamental analysis.
  14. 14. “simply be better” (4) ….through highly efficient value chains Teaser In this connection, quality defects and hardware malfunctions Vision as well as their interactions are clearly the main reasons for Mission the instability of a generally unsatisfactory and cost-intensive Paradigm production concept. Motivation Profile If the production chain is not reliably coordinated, then energy efficient process layouts become a mere farce and production Development itself becomes a game of the dice. ServicesOffered Results In the end, the people involved hold everything together. This is why the entire production process in all its complexity must be manageable and comprehensible, able to be taught Previous page and learned. Nextpage The consensus between management and employees should Home serve to support the necessary curiosity. Question Print Because only by constructively managing mistakes are we able Contact to discover new and better ways of doing things. (Herbert Smetan)
  15. 15. “simply be better” (5) “and a pure hypothetical example….” Teaser 15 Vision 14 advantage Mission costs costs 13 12 11 15 Paradigm 10 9 14 8 12 13 Motivation 11 7 9 10 Profile 6 8 5 7 Development 6 4 ServicesOffered 5 3 4 3 2 Results 1 1 2 value added value added “Let us start for a virtual plant tour in your company and follow the material flow of one of your mainstay of sales. Doing so we Previous page incorporate every single production step into a chart, which shows Nextpage costs above added value. The “red lines” herein form those costs, Home which do not lead to any added value at all. In impulse one thinks, Question that this does not exist in your company, and we state that your Print stocks are of full of these and that your fork-lift trucks do not carry Contact anything else around for most of the time. And then reflect for a while and allow the thought for a moment that the right hand chart could be that of one of your competitors.”
  16. 16. Motivation (1) There is a perfect solution………. Teaser Vision Mission Paradigm Motivation Profile Development ServicesOffered Results …….and together we will find it Previous page “I have always been looking for the new and I have always Nextpage been questioning critically the established. But both, entering ‘virgin territory’ as well as changing the status quo does not Home only demand the courage to take risks, but also that sort of Question acting responsible, which allows the risk to become controllable.” Contact (Herbert Smetan)
  17. 17. Motivation (2) There is a perfect solution………. Teaser “These experiences allowed me to recognize early on that Vision every realisable task can be achieved with the help of a Mission professional, systematic approach. Paradigm Even in the case of green-field projects at a new site, in which a Motivation new product was to be produced using a new process, with Profile completely new staff, implementing a realistic, comprehensive Development approach to achieving the goal allowed the project to succeed ServicesOffered without deviating substantially from the established schedule Results or budget. I was consistently responsible for all of these green-field projects from the development and project phase through to Previous page the time at which the facilities could be operated at the Nextpage intended performance level. Home Question Contact
  18. 18. Motivation (3) There is a perfect solution………. Teaser In this manner, I was sequentially given responsibility for a Vision group of up to 11 companies (see below) in total, located in Mission Western and Central Europe, as well as in Latin America and Paradigm the Asia-Pacific region, which in 2006 confirmed their Motivation outstanding positioning and performance as industry standard Profile through a number of leading management consultant firms. > Development The product portfolio and footprint were continually optimized ServicesOffered so that eventually the group essentially concentrated on the Results manufacturing of high-performance engine blocks and cylinder heads from the light weight material of aluminum. Previous page I would now like to offer the insights gained from my extensive international experience to the entire industry worldwide, as Nextpage an independent management consultant. Home Question Contact Bielsko-Biala/Poland, Charlottenberg/Sweden, Dillingen/Germany, Györ/Hungary, Leeds/Great Britain, Linz/Austria, Most/Czech Republic, Nanjing/China, Saltillo/Mexico, Wernigerode/Germany, Ziar/Slovakia
  19. 19. Motivation (4) There is a perfect solution………. Teaser I willingly bring to the table my ability – developed during the Vision course of my involvement in the global and internationalized Mission automotive supply industry – to reliably evaluate the Paradigm performance potential of companies operating in very Motivation different, even contradictory environments. Profile For over a decade during my career, I frequently had the Development opportunity to accompany companies in Western and Central ServicesOffered Europe, Asia and Latin America over the course of their very Results successful growth – often as supervisory board chair. The efficiency of mature business processes is particularly Previous page apparent in corporate governance, since only then corporate governance is able to ensure clear and decisive assessment of Nextpage a company’s current business situation without bias and allow Home for the evaluation of proposed corrective counter measures.“ Question Print (Herbert Smetan) Contact
  20. 20. Profile (1) visionary plot– structured implementation Teaser Vision Mission Paradigm Motivation Profile Development ServicesOffered Results Boeing 767-Flight-Simulator at the Lufthansa-Trainings-Centre at Frankfurt Rhein-Main- Airport on 14.04.2007 „During almost four decades in the aluminum foundry industry Previous page I have repeatedly taken responsibility for pioneering projects Nextpage for first-class car components, which within the industry never Home failed to attracted a high degree of attention.“ Question (Herbert Smetan) Contact
  21. 21. Profile (2) visionary plot– structured implementation Teaser These include noteworthy technical innovations as well as Vision important large-scale investments both in Germany and Mission abroad, for which I was also responsible during their initial Paradigm operative phases. Motivation Profile I was able to fundamentally contribute to the character of the Aluminium Foundry Industry through this work. Development ServicesOffered The decisive factor was that all these projects without Results exception were realized within set budget constraints and also achieved all project goals. These goals included precise adherence to the business plan, as well as the punctual release Previous page of a qualitatively and quantitatively irreproachable product. Nextpage I consider these the foundations of reliable and professional Home work, or better, of ‘Right and Good Management.’ Question Contact
  22. 22. Profile (3) visionary plot– structured implementation Teaser Wherever progress is made, where new territory is to be Vision entered, people are subject to risks that can be managed with Mission the right methodology, and thus made calculable. Paradigm Motivation It has always been particularly important to me, and has Profile fundamentally become part of my understanding, to develop the requisite methodology systematically, and to continually Development refine it. ServicesOffered Results This is because, for me, leaving the result of a project to chance is not an alternative. Neither is reluctance to enter new territory, since it is only Previous page beyond the horizon of the known that long-term success lies Nextpage hidden. Home For me, the manufacturing process lies at the centre of this Question structured manner of working. Contact
  23. 23. Profile (4) visionary plot– structured implementation Teaser It is of equally high importance to me to develop a hypothesis Vision concerning the functional character of each manufacturing Mission process, and to confirm or reject it with the variation in Paradigm parameters and to validate it before I further stabilize the Motivation process by limiting the variance and continue attempts to Profile improve it. Development Without a reliable understanding of the actual functional ServicesOffered model, every Six Sigma strategy is condemned to ineffectuality! Results Wherever we are concerned with professionals in their field, we develop trust in these individuals and cultivate the feeling Previous page that we can rely on them, and not the feeling that we are at their mercy. Nextpage Home It is of prime importance to me to prove to everyone that their Question trust in my work is well-placed, in both personal and business contexts. Contact
  24. 24. Profile (5) visionary plot– structured implementation Teaser The same professional approach is also important when it is a Vision question of permanently maintaining and improving high- Mission performance manufacturing facilities. Paradigm Motivation In the hands of corporate governance, continuous status Profile information becomes an efficient navigation system when based on a system of meaningful Key Performance Indicators . Development ServicesOffered Should it become necessary to close, restructure or divest Results companies or divisions, dealing with matters professionally creates trust for people with realistic views. At the end, wherever we go, however we do, whatever we Previous page change we have to take the people with us. Nextpage The only constant in our world is change, without which there Home would be no progress. Question Contact (Herbert Smetan)
  25. 25. Profile (6) visionary plot– structured implementation Teaser “Well-managed organizations can be recognized in that their Vision decisions are always made at the lowest possible hierarchical Mission level in the organization, and are based on reliable information Paradigm and appropriate business processes.” Motivation Profile (Viable System Model) Development “In poorly managed organizations, the boss always makes the ServicesOffered decisions – which do not appear to be motivated by any kind of Results logic!” (wide-spread employee opinion) Previous page “A company’s work-safety performance is the best early Nextpage indicator for the acceptance of management within a company. Home If one assumes that this consensus fundamentally determines Question employee motivation, then this index becomes one of the Print most important management instruments.” Contact (Herbert Smetan)
  26. 26. Profile (1) personal back-ground Teaser Vision Mission Paradigm Motivation Profile Development ServicesOffered Results CV Hobbies: „By jogging and bicycle touring I train to improve my stamina. During extended hill walks I marvel at what Previous page motivation is able to activate reserves. And when occasionally Nextpage playing golf I feel humbled. Home In my younger days I learned during challenging offshore Question sailing cruises, that it is only oneself who sets ones limits.” Contact (Herbert Smetan)
  27. 27. Profile (2) personal back-ground Teaser Vision Mission Paradigm Motivation Profile Development ServicesOffered Results CV Mode of working: “Based upon my experience in medium-sized industry I feel at home in this environment. And I know to strike Previous page the right note, which most of the time guarantees its effect. Thus Nextpage my working method is not always perceived enjoyable. Home But the person for me is the pivot and focus of a corporation and Question his trust is paramount!” Print Contact (Herbert Smetan)
  28. 28. Career (1) holistic thinking – focused acting Teaser Vision Mission Paradigm Motivation Profile Development ServicesOffered Results intabular form education Previous page „ Though I was originally compelled to study physics, I later Nextpage discovered my more pragmatic interests and decided to study engineering sciences. Having been trained as a molder in an art Home and metal foundry, casting and materials were the obvious Question choice for me when it came time to specialize.” Contact (Herbert Smetan)
  29. 29. Career (2) holistic thinking – focused acting Teaser “In addition to my enthusiasm for free shaping (acquired as a Vision molder working with artistic castings), after completing my Mission studies it was my fascination in Aluminum as a light weight Paradigm construction material that moved me to explore the Motivation possibilities of this combination. Profile Applied research at a leading company in this market segment Development was the next logical step, though I first acquired some ServicesOffered exceptional leadership experience at an iron foundry. Results Unfortunately at this time research centers in the so-called intabular form ‘ivory tower’ were not very well respected in the real world – education that is, in operations. Previous page For this reason, after a few years I decided to re-enter the Nextpage ‘lion’s den’. Home Question This was one of the most productive phases of my career, as I began to test in the real world all the knowledge I had acquired Contact in the ‘ivory tower’.
  30. 30. Career (3) holistic thinking – focused acting Teaser Most of my inventions soon came to be seen as real Vision innovations. Mission When I walk through foundries today, I am excited to witness Paradigm practices that originated from my own initiative in those early Motivation years: Profile Degassing of molten Aluminum by means of inert gases, Development gassing liquid metals by means of Hydrogen-Nitrogen-gas- ServicesOffered mixtures, grain refinement and permanent modification Results directly in foundry operations by means of master-alloys. intabular form education Electronic pressure control in low-pressure casting facilities. Previous page And, last but not least, the most recent initiative for the use of Nextpage inorganic binders in the aluminum casting industry. Home It was above all these successes as I made the switch from Question research to manufacturing that pushed me to look for even greater challenges. Contact
  31. 31. Career (4) holistic thinking – focused acting Teaser It was quite opportune when a client for cast light metal Vision wheels decided to cast these wheels in his own foundry in France and to use the counter pressure casting process that Mission was invented in Bulgaria. Paradigm Motivation It should be noted that this was in 1980, when Eastern Europe Profile was still closed behind the Iron Curtain and the import of any Development technology to this country was adversely affected by various ServicesOffered embargos imposed by the United States. Results Yet the most serious problems were solved step by step and intabular form the first successful counter pressure foundry eventually began education operations outside of the Eastern Block. Previous page After this success the idea aroused of creating forging quality Nextpage from the “first heat” by means of this innovative new casting Home process. Question Contact
  32. 32. Career (5) holistic thinking – focused acting Teaser As is seldom the case, the industry was apparently not ready Vision for such advancements as chassis components cast in Mission aluminum, and it is only now – some 25 years later – that this Paradigm idea has begun to re-establish itself. Motivation For me these successes were the starting point for more Profile demanding leadership challenges at the level of top Development management. ServicesOffered Here too it was my creativity in combination with my Results extremely structured manner of working that helped me at the intabular form young age of 36 to convince an entrenched, traditional education company to undergo massive change and thus to create the Previous page decisive basis for this company’s turn-around. Nextpage For me the years of this turn-around were crucial in firming up Home my conviction of the importance of the individual and of his or Question her contribution to overall success. Contact
  33. 33. Career (6) holistic thinking – focused acting Teaser At that time I received the offer of becoming the person in Vision charge of the most innovative (and at the same time the most Mission riskiest) investment project in the European Aluminum Casting Paradigm Industry – the construction of a factory for the production of Motivation engine blocks and cylinder heads made of aluminum by the means of the core package process that until then had only Profile been used for low-volume production. Development ServicesOffered I began the project in 1991, after the fall of the Iron Curtain, by Results looking for the right location. Subsequently a new factory was intabular form built in a new location (Dillingen/D) where a new, innovative Education product was to be produced by means of a new, half-baked casting method and with a new, completely inexperienced Previous page work-force. Nextpage Home More skeptic people than me called this the perfect Question description of a total disaster. And yet somehow my structured process focus that had Contact previously proved so dependable allowed me to perfectly master this complex challenge as well!
  34. 34. Career (7) holistic thinking – focused acting Teaser As a result I was placed in charge of a group of companies, Vision where I was now repeatedly confronted with the task of Mission handling additional green-field investments, all of which I Paradigm successfully concluded and was able to leverage for healthy Motivation company growth. Profile In total I was awarded responsibility of a group of up to 11 Development companies; their internationally outstanding and even leading ServicesOffered positioning and performance was attested by well-known, Results independent consulting firms in 2006 in the course of the intabular form divestment of this business unit. Education The product portfolio and footprint were continually improved Previous page so that the group came to focus primarily on the Nextpage manufacturing of engine blocks and cylinder heads at the Home leading edge of performance cast of the light weight Question construction material aluminum. Contact
  35. 35. Career (8) holistic thinking – focused acting Teaser In the process of this focused restructuring, additional state of the Vision art capacity had to be created continually, thus setting the Mission standard for the industry. In addition, outdated operations had Paradigm either to be closed or fully modernized. Motivation These measures included restructuring of the entire product Profile portfolio in the direction of high-quality and high-performance Development components. Finally, thanks to the combination of outstanding ServicesOffered production and carefully coordinated market segmentation, Hydro Results Aluminum’s Castings Business emerged as the industry leader. intabular form Hence products which were not under the price-pressure of education commodities could be acquired. Dependable product quality Previous page made it possible to provide stable, inter-continental delivery to Nextpage the global automobile industry and so led to scale effects in the Home group’s cost structure. Question Crucial for this success were the consensus within management regarding a targeted strategy and the market presence that was Contact completely unique.
  36. 36. Career (9) holistic thinking – focused acting Teaser Nevertheless, in a global, inter-cultural setting it is important Vision not only to create consensus at the management level, but Mission also to integrate motivated employees into the process as well. Paradigm As an engineer one quickly acquires the reputation of a Motivation technocrat, perhaps because it is a common trait of our Profile profession always to expect an appropriate reaction to any Development impulse, like a ball that always moves in the same direction ServicesOffered when struck. I have often attempted to improve the Results performance of companies by means of ambitious goals. Of intabular form course company staff and leadership are only able to achieve education these goals if the individuals involved see themselves as a unified group. Previous page Nextpage Once I was able to create the right group dynamics by Home evaluating the company culture and the behavior of individuals Question in the group, teams almost always achieved these ambitious goals thanks to their motivated work. Contact
  37. 37. Career (10) holistic thinking – focused acting Teaser Yet these goals should be defined by those in the group who Vision are to make significant contributions. Mission Goals defined together are perceived far differently by Paradigm employees. I attribute this very clear shift to a phenomenon Motivation known as ‘alignment.’ The accuracy of forecasts as well as the Profile commitment to fulfill these forecasts increased considerably. Development And the synergies created lead to extraordinary economic ServicesOffered results. From my point of view the “buy-in” of employees to all Results essential measures is always worth having, even if it takes intabular form some time to obtain it. education Previous page In fact all of my success is a result of having been able to generate enthusiasm among my employees for my goals. Nextpage Home Let us do so together.” Question Print Contact (Herbert Smetan)
  38. 38. Portfolio of services problem solving – decisions correctly taken Teaser Our Portfolio of Services: Vision Mission Detect Opportunities Paradigm Develop Strategies Motivation Capture Potentials Profile Initiate Change Development Create Sustainability ServicesOffered As your advisors we will not Results CoreCompetencies only hand-over our final CooperationPartners report but develop together with your team the right and Previous page suitable concept. Together Nextpage with your team we will as well Home support the execution of the Question related action-plan until the targeted result will be reliably and sustainably achieved. Contact
  39. 39. Portfolio of services problem solving – decisions correctly taken Teaser Vision from our perspective the significant improvement of value chains is Mission only feasible in teams of highly Paradigm create sustainability qualified, motivated people Motivation Smetan Engineering Profile who are simultaneously Development in mutual consensus. ServicesOffered The implementation Results CoreCompetencies implementation competency related CooperationPartners - requires experience Previous page competency Nextpage with motley teams, Co-operation Partner Home interdisciplinary, for Question capture potentials the most part without Contact any hierarchical structure initiate change known from real organizations”
  40. 40. Portfolio of services (1) problem solving – decisions correctly taken Teaser detect opportunities Vision Analysis of the positioning in the market, market Mission segmentation and competitive landscape Paradigm Analysis of the positioning in technology of products, of Motivation processes und of manufacturing Profile Analysis of the Foot-Print and the Product-Portfolio Development Analysis of financial performance and realistic improvement ServicesOffered potentials Results develop strategies CoreCompetencies Systematic Workshops to develop mid-term- and long-term CooperationPartners strategy ‘fit for future ?/!’ Previous page Develop Road-Map towards sustainable financial improvements Nextpage Master-Plan for fundamental changes in Foot-Print and Home Product-Portfolio Question Mutual identification of growth potentials and exit opportunities Contact
  41. 41. Portfolio of services (2) problem solving – decisions correctly taken Teaser capture potentials Vision Re-Engineering of existing manufacturing lines and value Mission chains Paradigm engineering and erection of new manufacturing lines in Motivation ‚State-of-the-Art‘-technology Profile Introduction of new products on the basis of existing core competencies Development Development of new markets within the existing product ServicesOffered portfolio Results CoreCompetencies initiate change CooperationPartners create acceptance for change within management and employees Previous page development of a mutually supported company vision Nextpage Initiate consensus regarding the nature of necessary changes Home Redesign of the organization structure on the basis of existing Question competencies Acceptance of deficits Contact Definition of a human resources development program according the company’s needs
  42. 42. Portfolio of services (3) problem solving – decisions correctly taken Teaser Create sustainability Vision Mission Consolidation of the product-, process- and material-portfolio Paradigm Significant improvement and stabilization of manufacturing Motivation processes in use Profile Development Optimization and completion of the existing equipment ServicesOffered Re-Engineering of the value chain Results CoreCompetencies Introduction of reliable business processes CooperationPartners Introduction of a meaningful set of Key Performance Indicators Previous page and a related Bench-Marking-System Nextpage (operational & financial) Home Consolidation of the Foot-Print considering market and cost Question optimization requirements Print Contact Smetan Engineering - Network Co-operation partner
  43. 43. Core Competencies (1) complex systems – the approach distinguishes Teaser Vision Mission Paradigm Motivation Profile Development ServicesOffered Results CoreCompetencies CooperationPartners Previous page Nextpage Home Question „At the end it is always the person who matters! Contact Especially when it comes to consulting!“ (Herbert Smetan)
  44. 44. Core Competencies (2) complex systems – the approach distinguishes Teaser 25 years as Managing Director in different companies Vision Mission 12 years success as Senior Vice President of a Business Unit Paradigm 12 years success in Corporate Governance Motivation 6 successful Green-Field-Investments Profile Responsible execution of Turnarounds Development ServicesOffered Responsible execution of plant closures and relocations Results Market Leadership with Business Unit Castings CoreCompetencies of Hydro Aluminium Automotive CooperationPartners Insider des Aluminium Casting Business Previous page Nextpage Expert of Aluminium Casting Technology Home Expert in Manufacturing Systems Question Expert in Marketing and Sales Contact
  45. 45. Core Competencies (3) complex systems – the approach distinguishes Teaser „I regard it as my personal strengths, to go to the bottom of Vision problems by using a structured and systematic approach in Mission order to create robust and sustainable solutions. By now, some Paradigm of these have already changed the yardstick of the global Motivation Aluminium Casting Industry. Profile Despite of all this I usually stay pragmatic which is quite Development evident in the light of the numerous projects I have ServicesOffered successfully managed to establish. Results CoreCompetencies Naturally I prefer to create New. But quite often facts and CooperationPartners figures are evidence of the needs to consolidate existing first as a precondition of further healthy growth. Previous page Nextpage Despite the habit that I rely on facts and figures, I am not a Home technocrat. Question I see the development and the change of the people in the enterprise as the most important task of companies which will Contact be coping with the markets and the industry successfully.
  46. 46. Core Competencies (4) complex systems – the approach distinguishes Teaser Vision Mission Paradigm Motivation Profile Development ServicesOffered Results CoreCompetencies CooperationPartners According to one of the theorems of cybernetics the complexity of a system (company) has to be larger than the one of its Previous page environment (market or industry) to exist in it successfully. Nextpage Home Until today, at least for the time being, the responsible and Question competent person is needed who's creativity is determined by the small but crucial element of being always better than the Print competitors in the relevant market.” Contact (Herbert Smetan)
  47. 47. Co-operation Partners our partners…. Teaser Malik Management Zentrum Sankt Gallen/CH Vision Mission CPO Management Consultants Mainz/D Paradigm MFB Manage Future Business Wiesbaden/D Motivation Profile Knight Wendling Foundry Engineering Düsseldorf/D Development ServicesOffered IQube Consulting Group Sankt Gallen/CH Results CoreCompetencies KIEFABER MANAGEMENT-SYSTEMS Kirkel/D CooperationPartners Previous page Fill Machinery- and Production Lines Gurten/A Nextpage Becker GmbH CAD-CAM-CAST Steffenberg-Quotshausen/D Home Question Meissner AG Tooling and Pattern Company Biedenkopf/D Contact VIS/ual/ CON/tact/ Marketing-& Advertising Agency Differten/D
  48. 48. Co-operation Partners ….and their task-specific integration Teaser Vision Mission Paradigm Motivation ProcessCapability Profile Development ServicesOffered Results Product CoreCompetencies Operational CooperationPartners Effectiveness Previous page Nextpage Home Question Contact Economical success = f(specific market position x operational effectiveness)
  49. 49. Co-operation Partners „together we move on“ Teaser The topic-specific integration of a team of internal and external Vision experts ensures the most effective examination of your unique Mission problem and represents by this the most reliable approach Paradigm towards a certain and reliable solution. Motivation From our point of view the responsible consultant team has to Profile act exclusively in the back-ground in order to compensate for Development temporary gaps in your organization to initiate and support the ServicesOffered necessary change process, simultaneously with the goal to Results qualify your people to close the gap which we will be creating CoreCompetencies when leaving again. CooperationPartners The result of our consulting support (R) equals to the product Previous page of the quality of a solution (Q) and their acceptance by your Nextpage team (A): Home R=QxA Question Print Our special approach ensures both through the active Contact involvement of your team in the project work, outstanding quality in combination with an unreserved acceptance.
  50. 50. Results (1) …..and what I have managed to accomplish so far Teaser Vision Mission Paradigm Motivation Profile Development ServicesOffered Results 1975 Fundamental scientific work regarding intermetallic bonds between iron and aluminium materials Previous page 1976 Fundamental scientific work regarding castability of Nextpage the alloy AlSi17Cu4NiTi in the case of complex engine Home blocks using the Low Pressure Casting Process Question 1980 Development of different high-quality automotive components in aluminium on Green-Sand-Molding- Contact Lines
  51. 51. Results (2) …..and what I have managed to accomplish so far Teaser 1980 Introduction of the Counter Pressure Casting Process Vision 1983 for the mass-production of cast aluminium wheels in Mission cross-spoke-design in co-operation with Paradigm „Technology of Metals“ Sofia/ Bulgaria (Publication) Motivation Profile 1983 Further development of the Counter Pressure Process Development 1986 to produce high-quality chassis components for ServicesOffered passenger cars in aluminium forging alloys in co- Results operation with Maschinenfabrik Müller-Weingarten (Publication) 1986 Restructuring of the company Kloth Senking Previous page 1991 Metallgießerei GmbH with its divisions Nextpage Aluminium-Sand-, -Die- and - HPD- Casting as well Home as Magnesium-Sand Casting and Zink-HPD-Casting Question 1989 Post Merger Integration of the company after the 1990 acquisition by Thyssen Guss AG from Salzgitter AG Contact
  52. 52. Results (3) …..and what I have managed to accomplish so far Teaser 1991 Engineering and construction of an Aluminium Foundry Vision 1995 for Engine Blocks and Cylinder Heads in Mission Dillingen/Germany according the Core-Package-Process Paradigm in co-operation with Knight Wendling Foundry Motivation Engineering and +GF+ Foundry Equipment division Profile including Product- and Process-Development, site- Development selection and permissions (Publication) ServicesOffered 1995 Management of the plan, launching of the foundry and Results 1998 doubling of installed capacity. Acquisition of further products. Previous page 1997 Construction and launch of a SPM-foundry for Cylinder Nextpage Heads in Györ/Hungary Home Question 1998 Engineering, construction and launch of a SPM-foundry for Cylinder Heads in Saltillo/Mexico Contact
  53. 53. Results (4) …..and what I have managed to accomplish so far Teaser 1999 Closure of the first SPM-foundry in Leeds/UK Vision 1999 Introduction of new and standardized Business Mission Processes at VAW and the Business Unit Castings Paradigm 2000 Restructuring of a SPM-foundry in Linz/Austria Motivation Profile 2001 Engineering, construction and launch of a Core-Package- foundry for Engine Blocks in Saltillo/Mexico Development ServicesOffered 2001 Restructuring of the organization of VAW Aluminium AG Results towards divisional structure. 2002 Closure of the second SPM-foundry in Leeds/UK and relocation of production to Györ/Hungary Previous page 2002 Project Manager of Post Merger Integration Process Nextpage after the acquisition of VAW by Norsk Hydro ASA Oslo Home for the Automotive Division Question 2002 Syntegration Work-shop „Fit for Future“ for the Business Unit Castings in co-operation with Management Contact Zentrum Sankt Gallen which marks the turning point towards sustainable economical success of BU Castings
  54. 54. Results (5) …..and what I have managed to accomplish so far Teaser 2003 Engineering, construction an launch of a second Core- Vision Package-foundry for V-Engine Blocks in Mission Dillingen/Germany (Publication) Paradigm 2003 Evaluation of Company Culture and 360°-Feedbacks of Motivation the management levels in co-operation with CPO Profile Management Consultants Mainz marks the turning Development point in the Company Culture in the Business Unit ServicesOffered Castings Results 2004 Restructuring of the organization of the BU Castings towards a Cluster-Structure according the Viable System Model in co-operation with Management Previous page Zentrum Sankt Gallen Nextpage Home 2007 Project Manager in the Post Merger Integration Process Question after the acquisition of BU Castings by Nemak S.A. for Europe and Asia/Pacific. Contact
  55. 55. Results (6) …..and what I have managed to accomplish so far Teaser 2007 Evaluation of Company Culture and 360°-Feedbacks of Vision the management levels for a problem plant in co- Mission operation with CPO Management Consultants Mainz Paradigm Motivation 2007 Customer Perceived Value Evaluation - world-wide- Profile in co-operation with Management Zentrum Sankt Gallen Development ServicesOffered 2008 Syntegration-workshop „Fit for Future“ for a problem Results plant in co-operation with Management Zentrum Sankt Gallen 2008 Cultural Shift Program with THT (Trompenaars-Hampden-Turner) Previous page for the global ‚New Nemak‘ Integration, targeting cultural Nextpage reconciliation of the multinational group. Home Question 2009 Foundation of the own Consultant Company Print SMETAN engineering GmbH with focus towards an Contact integrated approach towards the manufacturing industry (Publications)
  56. 56. Contact data Teaser SMETAN engineering GmbH Vision (in the process of foundation) Mission Paradigm Auf der Hardt 34 Motivation D-66780 Rehlingen - Siersburg Profile Phone: +49(0)6835/607242 Development ServicesOffered Mobile: +49(0)172 /6803945 Results Fax: +49(0)6835/607241 e-Mail: Previous page Web-Page: Home Question Managing Director: Dipl.-Ing. Herbert Smetan Print Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Dr. Dieter Braun Contact Associated Partners: Herbert Smetan, Hannes Hundegger
  57. 57. Back-Up-Information
  58. 58. Profile personal back-ground Teaser in 1950 born in Germany /District of Goeppingen Vision Mission from 1956 Elementary Scholl Paradigm to 1964 in the District of Goeppingen Motivation from 1964 Apprenticeship as a moulder for Profile to 1967 bronze art sculptures Development at Art- and Bronze Foundry ServicesOffered Ernst Strassacker KG in Süssen Results District of Goeppingen from 1967 Technical College to 1968 (University Entrance Qualification) Previous page at Vocational Scholl in Goeppingen Nextpage from 1968 Studies at the faculty of Foundry- and Home to 1971 Material Science at the Polytechnikum in Question Friedberg/Hessia Print (Graduate Engineer for Foundry Technology) Contact
  59. 59. Profile (1) reliable Knowledge – generated by experience Teaser Vision from 1971 Bopp & Reuther GmbH in Mannheim Mission to 1973 Head of Core Shop and Shell-Mould Foundry Paradigm Motivation Profile from 1973 MAHLE GmbH in Stuttgart - Bad Cannstatt Development to 1978 Scientist in the ServicesOffered Research- and Development Department Stuttgart Results from 1978 Department Manager to 1979 in the Low Pressure Foundry Markgröningen Previous page from 1979 +Georg Fischer+ GmbH in Mettmann Nextpage to 1980 Project Manager for Process Development Home of high-quality Aluminium Castings Question on Green-Sand Molding-Lines Contact
  60. 60. Profile (2) reliable Knowledge – generated by experience Teaser Vision from 1980 Compagnie Europeene Mission to 1983 de Techniques de Fonderie SA Paradigm in Soultzmatt / Haute Rhin (France) Motivation Profile Director of the Aluminium Wheel Foundry Development ServicesOffered from 1983 ALUTEAM Results to 1986 Form- und Schmiedetechnik GmbH in Duren Department Manager for Product- and Process Development for Aluminium - Castings- and -Forgings Previous page Nextpage from 1986 Kloth-Senking Metallgießerei GmbH Home to 1991 in Hildesheim Question Managing Director (Technique and Sales) Contact
  61. 61. Profile (3) reliable Knowledge – generated by experience Teaser Vision from 1991 VAW alucast GmbH in Dillingen / Saar Mission to 1997 Chairman of the joint Management Board Paradigm (formerly EB-Präzisionsguss GmbH / founded 1992 ) Motivation Profile Development since 1998 VAW motor GmbH in Bonn ServicesOffered Managing Director of the Holding Results of the Engine Casting Division since 2000 VAW automotive products in Bonn Previous page Senior Vice President of Business Unit Castings Nextpage Sole responsibility for the Engine Casting Division Home Question Contact
  62. 62. Profile (4) reliable Knowledge – generated by experience Teaser Vision since 2002 Hydro Aluminium Automotive in Köln Mission Senior Vice President der Business Unit Castings Paradigm Sole responsibility for the Casting Division Motivation Profile (after acquisition of VAW aluminium AG by Norsk Hydro ASA Norway) Development ServicesOffered from 2007 Nemak Europe GmbH in Frankfurt Results to 2009 Chief Executive Officer of European and Asian/Pacific Operations (after acquisition of Hydro Aluminium Castings by Nemak S.A. Previous page Monterrey/Mexico) Nextpage Home Question Print Contact
  63. 63. Profile (1) new perspectives – through further education Teaser 1976 IT-Systems and Technology VHS Vision Accounting / Controlling MAHLE Mission Value Analysis / Value Design MAHLE Paradigm Motivation Profile 1976 Problem Solving Methodology MAHLE Development Economics MAHLE ServicesOffered Meetings and Discussions MAHLE Results 1977 Alloying with Grey Cast Iron VDG Statistical Method Technische Akademie Previous page Jurisprudence for engineers MAHLE Nextpage Home Question 1980 Economically Operating Plants REFA Contact 1984 Sales Psychology F&A