Using Social Media to Create Brand Ambassadors


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This presentation goes beyond just social media and will include high level strategy as well as low level tactics. It also introduces the importance of engagement in creating and deepening your relationship with brand ambassadors.

Specific case studies are included as well as options for calculating ROI.

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  • This presentation goes beyond just social media and will include high level strategy as well as low level tactics. It also introduces the importance of engagement in creating and deepening your relationship with brand ambassadors.
  • Most businesses agree that good brands are bought. In today’s world, those who allow others to “join” their brand will be great.
  • Communications is not a One-Way Street any more.Social Media has changed the way we market.Billboards, print ads, and commercials were always one-way.Now, brands engage in dialogue with the consumersCommunication is now a two-way street.What else is it?
  • It’s the “the digital watercooler” effect – what happens (or historically happened) offline, now happens online.That’s why my overarching philosophy and what you’ll see throughout is simply taking your brand, values and actions you are already doing offline and bringing them online.That’s word of mouth, but how do we work with social marketing and traditional marketing?
  • What makes a Brand memorable?Nielsen tested 2011 Superbowl ads for likeability and recall.The Top 3 liked ads, didn’t make Top 10 list for recall. Cute, funny, creative doesn’t always create brand connection.
  • You might wonder how to become remarkable though….
  • This might be a little harsh…If you can answer “YES” to the question – start there!Why you can answer yes makes your brand remarkable.It’s also important to offer a unique product or service. But when you don’t necessarily have something completely unique, focus on the other two qualities.“Your Company’s “Obituary” Can Shape Its Future” in Harvard Business Review May 2012 by Taylor
  • I like numbers, especially to back up beliefs. These numbers clearly support an emphasis on “engagement.”“How to Engage Your Customers and Employees” in Harvard Business Review May 2012 by R. “Ray” Wang.
  • “Improved engagement creates business value and strategic differentiation.”“How to Engage Your Customers and Employees” in Harvard Business Review May 2012 by R. “Ray” Wang.
  • How Parkview Health defines engagement and why we believe it’s critical to supporting our mission to improve the health of the communities we serve.
  • WHERE we look for engagement opportunities:Examine the current stateIdentify our vision for the future Engagement is how we fill the gap between the two.What are the optimal synergies and relationships we can build onThat inform and support our strategic priorities
  • HOWIn all opportunities for community engagement, we’ll be making sure itAchieves our strategic goals for growthConnects the dots across marketing, clinical and business functions for optimal successTracks ROE to ensure that we are delivering on our growth goals
  • WHY Engage?Old View = you own your brandNew View = consumers own your brand
  • Before you create your own community and try to get people to join it,Find out where your ambassadors are and join them there.
  • In a perfect world, we’d all like to think that loyalty = profits. Right?In my line of work, we would actually replace profits with health!However, most businesses struggle to find the balance between simply growing their customer base and cultivating devoted followers.“5 Ways to Convert Users and Clients into Loyal Advocates” in by Lydia Dishman April 5, 2012
  • GOALS for Engagement“Stop MANAGING your Customers and start ENGAGING them!” on by IvarKroghrud
  • So who evangelizes?What do we call that group?…..There are a lot of terms out there and some of them are used synonymously. However, not all are created equal.For the purposes of engagement and building loyalty, we’ll call our target “Brand Ambassadors.”
  • Don’t confuse audience with influence.Having a large # of followers doesn’t give you the power to drive action.Having a large # of followers give you to drive awareness.“Social Media Influencers versus Brand Advocates Infographic” by Jay Baer July 2012“Why Online Influencer Outreach is Overrated and How to Fix It” on by Jay Baer
  • Advocacy is simply a temperature scaleAnd is wholly conditional. Variables: Their passion for the brandKnowledge of the categoryAnd more“Why Online Influencer Outreach is Overrated and How to Fix It” on by Jay Baer
  • Via Zuberance.comFor these slides, consider “Brand Advocate” to equal “Brand Ambassador”“Social Media Influencers versus Brand Advocates Infographic” by Jay Baer July 2012
  • Via“Social Media Influencers versus Brand Advocates Infographic” by Jay Baer July 2012
  • Via“Social Media Influencers versus Brand Advocates Infographic” by Jay Baer July 2012
  • First things first.If you haven’t tapped into the power of those who are passionate about your business (a.k.a. Your Core),Don’t bother trying to reach influencers.EXAMPLE: Jay Baer says, “Your facebook page isn’t a place to create new customers from thin air, it’s a clubhouse.”Once you’ve focused efforts on current customers who have a passion for your business,Then put some focus on influencers who bring the audience. HOW? Don’t ask Influencers to cover your product. Ask them to cover the movement of your brand ambassadors.“Social Media Influencers versus Brand Advocates Infographic” by Jay Baer July 2012“Why Online Influencer Outreach is Overrated and How to Fix It” on by Jay Baer
  • People are only as interested in your brand’s #sm effortsAs your brand shows interest in the community.BTW – you should do this because your consumers do this.** Buzzfeed recently did a study and found that real-world sharing (or word-of-mouth marketing) is no different online and offline.- Looked at 50 stories receiving most traffic on Facebook since 2007: media ratio of views to shares was only 9-1.“Growing Social Networks for Business: 3 essential lessons” on by Lee Odden on July 16, 2012“Do Influencers Still Matter in Social marketing” in by Mac Ocampo March 23, 2012
  • It’s also important to remember to do it at scale.You don’t have to be SBUX or Apple. “Benefits of inluencer-relationship marketing: authenticity, scale and ROI” on by Gregory Shove April 9, 2012
  • If you’re in marketing, you’ve got a unique skill set. Most of the time, you’ve been focused on using that to advance your company’s brand.What happens if we take those skills and instead of using them to benefit us/company, we use them to benefit and promote others…your brand ambassadors.After all, don’t they own your brand?
  • How many of you are doing what you love?Can you build relationship capital with your brand ambassadors if they LOVE your product more than you do?
  • Deployment
  • Collaboration across the departments involved is pretty unique.That uniqueness operationally, can add to your remarkableness.You being remarkable is what people remember with fondness when they write your obituary.
  • “over share” – “no one one wants to hear from your company more than they do their own friends and family.“deepen” – It is cheaper to retain a customer than acquire a new one. Make sure you’re engaging with them in a way that when they return again, you are adding recognition status. “Legitimize” them! It only deepens the relationship and makes them more loyal.** Be proactive. Don’t let someone else tell your story. Know what your competitors are doing and/or what they’re saying about you, your products or your industry.“5 Ways to Convert Users and Clients into Loyal Advocates” in by Lydia Dishman April 5, 2012
  • Xbox also listens for mentions of the brand to let them know the “Tweet Fleet” is there to offer support for technical issues.AT&T is excellent example of taking external information and shaping internal culture and process.** By tracking data businesses can “connect the dots” between their customers’ transactions and their future engagement.
  • Just because the current state of social mediaPromotes monitoring as a reporting functionAnd conversations as a symptom of a reactionDoesn’t mean it has to be that way in the future.In fact, that’s a very traditional sense of the tools.Consider again that AT&T doesn’t simple report customer feedback.They make internal and external changes because of it.
  • Remember, it’s not about “you” and your preferences of use.It’s about everyone else.
  • Geotarget posts for to localize a message, promotions and contests.
  • Not an exhaustive list
  • FOR EXAMPLETwitter and Facebook are not interchangeable. You should have a different approach for each.Now, my examples for each of these are a bit generic and obviously there are exceptions in practice.
  • Once you’ve created them…what do you do with them?Deepen the relationship…Note that it’s an “Engagement” Summit, not experience. Engagement includes all the ways your company can motivate customers to invest in an ongoing relationship with your product or service.(Remember/Reference PH VIDEO)“Five ‘no regrets’ moves for superior customer engagement” in McKinsey Quarterly by Tom French, Laura LaBerge, and Paul Magil July 2012
  • Depending on where you are in your brand ambassador program, this might be relevant or might feel like Phase 4. And that’s good!These programs span all customer relationships. You need to be able to sustain and invest and consider how you’ll use their feedback to change products and services.What is common across all of these organizations:- They put the advocates front and center, often before the brand.“Webinar: Scale and Trust. Making the case for a Formalized Social Advocate Program” on July 3, 2012
  • Case StudyBe completely up front and honest with:WhyExpectationsBe genuine. Remember that ambassadors like being flattered. Inviting them to an exclusive legitimizes their position.
  • CONNECT THE DOTSWho is your audience. Provide them with resources, key words, etc. that add to the engagement. (Ex: QR Code on hard hat.)Remove hindrances to success. (Ex: don’t give handouts to people on a tour when you want their hands free to do #sm.)CLOSING THE LOOPSend personalized thank you’sUse keywords and specifics from event (Ex: hashtag and Parkview twitter handle to encourage and reinforce further engagement.)
  • Do you already offer a loyalty program, TY’s?Just take that online.“5 Ways to Convert Users and Clients into Loyal Advocates” in by Lydia Dishman April 5, 2012
  • ** Note of caution: before you consider incentivizing, consult your lawyer first. ** FTC requires all material connections to be disclosed with a document process. Here is where you DO want to over share. Disclosure give brands authenticity and transparency.“7 Tips to Enhance Influencer Marketing” in by Michael Ogince July 10, 2012
  • Example of tweet link and resulting info using“7 Tips to Enhance Influencer Marketing” in by Michael Ogince July 10, 2012
  • Sales people have that terrific saying that goes Always Be Closing but I think when we’re talking engagement, we need to always be measuring.In other words: ROI
  • Numbers don’t mean anything if you can’t achieve basic levels of engagement.“Why Brands Need Friends – Not Fans – on Facebook” on by Clyde McKendrick November 18, 2011
  • ROI“Social Analytics Formulas to Use for ROI Reports” in socialmediatoday.com
  • ROI“Social Analytics Formulas to Use for ROI Reports” in
  • ROI“Social Analytics Formulas to Use for ROI Reports” in
  • Don’t forget to measure loyalty. Remember, loyalty creates advocates and evangelists.NPS research shows:Companies with high NPSAlso show high financial gainsAnd high market share Always be testing! Don’t take a theory unless it proves true in your business.
  • What could be on the horizon for brand ambassador engagement?
  • “Second-Screen Engagement: the marketer’s holy grail?’ in by Lauren Hockenson June 28, 2012
  • Reminds us that brand ambassadors aren’t just external. They’re internal as well and sometimes that population is more critical to your success than the external ambassadors.“Measuring an Employee’s Worth? Considering Influence” in by E.B. Boyd July 5, 2012
  • Would you create a product that supports sales outside your business?!As it’s a new tool, the ROI of this as yet to seen.“4 Retail Revolutionaries Rethinking E-Commerce” in by Tara Moore March 30, 2012
  • Imagine this…social media isn’t aboutWhat you can do for your consumersBut what your consumers can do for you.
  • Using Social Media to Create Brand Ambassadors

    1. 1. Using Social Media to CreateBrand Ambassadors. Heather Schoegler Dir. of Community Engagement Parkview HealthHSchoeglerParkviewHealth
    2. 2. Good brands are bought.Great brands are joined.
    3. 3. Social Media.
    4. 4. Digital Watercooler.
    5. 5. How does a brandbreak through the clutter? Become Remarkable.
    6. 6. If your company went out of business,would anyone notice? Dynamic Workplace. Emotional Connection.
    7. 7. Engaged workers are 37% more likely tostay with their employers.Engaged customers are 3x more likelyto recommend (advocate) a product orservice to a friend. Dynamic Workplace. Emotional Connection.
    8. 8. How does a brandbreak through the clutter? Engage.
    10. 10. StrategicCross-FunctionalResults Oriented Engagement Disciplines.
    11. 11. Who determines the brand?Consumers through their experience. And their family, friends. And your coworkers. And suppliers, vendors. The community at large.
    12. 12. How does a brand fit into acommunity?Openly embracing a fan mentality.Put the power into the fan’s hands. Join them first.
    13. 13. Community Engagement= the level of involvement, interaction,intimacy an individual has with a brandover time. If it’s about sales, market share, etc., build engagement that will get people to interact but also buy and advocate.
    14. 14. Social brands [those who engage]buildCommunity, Capital, Loyalty.
    15. 15. Loyalty  Profits.
    16. 16. Loyalty  Advocacy  Evangelism.
    17. 17. Audience InfluencerInfluencers Brand Ambassadors.
    18. 18. Have a passion for your business.Connected at the head and heart.Advocate.Evangelize. Brand Ambassadors.
    19. 19.
    20. 20.
    21. 21.
    22. 22. BRANDAMBASSADORS INFLUENCERS Brand Ambassadors.
    23. 23. It’s not just about Social Media.Behave as you do offline.Engage as you do offline.At Parkview, we strive for excellence with every patient, every day and[in every interaction, in every way.] Be yourself.
    24. 24. It’s not just about Social Media.It’s about conversations.15% of consumer discussions happen online16% of consumer discussion are inspired by TV76% of consumer conversations happen face-to-face Start convos everywhere.
    25. 25. How do we start those conversations?Be a community celebrant. Not celebrity.Your story becomes the community’s story.Customers become emotionally invested in your success.Relationships start being built around shared values.Emotional connections with customers become natural, notforced. Celebrate success of your customers, community.
    26. 26. Result?Relationship Capital.“Businesses, like people, thrive on good relationships and,like people, don’t appreciate being treated as a moneygenerating mule-horse expected to carry on regardless ofconditions. Service delivered on an emotional level, arelationship capital level, comes naturally when you aredoing what you love.” – Scott Woodhead
    27. 27. Community must be collaborative. Marketing, PR, Social Media Innovation Customer Service IT Legal HR No One Person OwnsEngagement.
    28. 28. Community must be collaborative.Working together creates a remarkableservice or product. Being Remarkable Creates Passion, which Creates Brand Ambassadors.
    29. 29. How to be…. Part of the Conversation.
    30. 30. Don’t try to control it.Don’t sound like a press release.Don’t over share.Listen. Engage.Know your audience; where they are.Know your options.Deepen the relationship. Be in the Conversation.
    31. 31. Listen. Engage.@XboxSupport is the Guiness WorldRecord Holder for most responsive brandon Twitter. • 5,000 tweets/week • 3-5 minute average response timeAT&T uses “cocktail” style conversation toglean info from customers. Championsusers internally. Be in the Conversation.
    32. 32. Listen. Engage. Monitor Listen Conversations Engage Be in the Conversation.
    33. 33. Know your audience; where they are.Are your customers: • Local • National • GlobalIf yes, who is where? Be in the Conversation.
    34. 34. Know your audience; where they are.Are your customers: • Local • National • GlobalIf yes, who is where? Be in the Conversation.
    35. 35. Geo-target Facebook Posts. Be in the Conversation.
    36. 36. Know your options.YouTube Google+LinkedIn PinterestTwitter FacebookInstagramTumblr Be in the Conversation.
    37. 37. Know your options.Twitter Facebook-B2Consumer - B2Consumers-Two-way Conversation - Community Be in the Conversation.
    38. 38. Know your options.Twitter Facebook Be in the Conversation.
    39. 39. Celebrate your Brand Ambassadors.Ambassador or Advocacy Program.Customer-Engagement Summit.Focus Group.VIP Opportunities. Exclusives.Loyalty Program. Leverage.
    40. 40. Ambassador or Advocacy Program.FiskersFiskateers.Intel Insiders.Microsoft MVPs.Walmart Moms (and Dads). Leverage.
    41. 41. VIP Opportunities.Parkview Regional Medical CenterSocial Media Tours • 16 conversations through 55 tweets • 12,057 witnesses • 757 lists exposed“I understand now that at every decision, thepatients and the community were considered.” Leverage.
    42. 42. VIP Opportunities.PRMC Social Media Tours Leverage.
    43. 43. Loyalty – December 2011 • 10 points for Facebook& Twitter mentions • 2,000 shoppers signed up in the first week • 500 members mentioned in social media. Increase in holiday sales directly related tothe program. Leverage.
    44. 44. Loyalty Program.Provides coded url’s and badges whichlink back to unique disclosures Leverage w/ Caution!
    45. 45. Loyalty Program. Leverage w/ Caution!
    46. 46. Always be…. Measuring.
    47. 47. Don’t count your fans before theyhatch.Starbucks • 26 million fans • 0.26% engagement rate • 0.02% comments Measuring.
    48. 48. Share of Voice (SOV)= #brand mentions/total# of industry mentionsSocial Media Engagement= #Likes+#Shares+#Comments/#postsGoogle Analytics Social Insights Brand Awareness.
    49. 49. Online Feedback= #requests = % community replies = % negative comments = % resolved questions = % interactive conversations% Excellent CustomerSatisfaction.
    50. 50. Social Sales Effectiveness (SSE)= #sales via SM/total #salesRepeat Purchases= #buying “more” via SM/total #purchasesMarket Share Sales.
    51. 51. Net Promoter Score= % Promoters - % DetractorsOnly one part of Net Promoter System. - Right tools - Right management process= more promoters, less detractors Loyalty.
    52. 52. Always be…. Innovating.
    53. 53. Second-Screen EngagementReal-time.Naturally promotes higher engagement. Innovating.
    54. 54. Coworker Chatter’s Influencer Innovating.
    55. 55. Retail Life-CycleeBay’s Help Me Shop browser plug-in • Begins with inspiration and research. • Connect with friends through purchase. • Resource for those consider same buy.Goes beyond eBay’s inventory. Innovating.
    56. 56. “The future of social networking lies in conveyingvalue and delivering against the brand promisenot only within your own communities but also inthe communities you do not own and are notpresent. The cycle of monitoring must besupported by a conversation framework thatpushes important opportunities to engage or learnthrough the organization to return a response ortrigger change or adaptation within.” – BrianSolis, author of Engage
    57. 57. Continue the Engagement. Heather.Schoegler@parkview.comHSchoeglerParkviewHealth