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Socials 9 chpt 2


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Socials 9 chpt 2

  1. 1. Video of The Day Lin Yu ChunLin Yu Chun on The Ellen Show
  2. 2. Socials 9Crossroads Chapter 2
  3. 3. What is Democracy???• Democracy is generally defined as a form of government in which all adult citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives. 18 Many of the democratic traditions that Canadians enjoy today are the result of Englands battles with government.
  4. 4. Muammar Gaddafi Recognize this guy???
  5. 5. Gaddafi Ruled Libya like an “Absolute Monarch”• A King, Queen or Emperor with unlimited power.Some of the things Gaddafi did while in Power:•Gadaffi limited the average wage of Libians to $200 a month•He burnt down the land registry building•He confiscated commercial and private property and gave it to his family•He made a sudden and un notified change in Libian currency•He supported terrorist organizations with millions of tax dollars•He ordered the massacre of over 1200 political prisoners in•Over 500 children got HIV due to poor sterilization equipment in the hospital•Used libian women as personal body guards
  6. 6. Who would be the closest thing to a Monarch in Canada?• Stephen Harper Who would be the closest thing to a Monarch in the US? •Barrack Obama
  7. 7. Why do we no longer refer to our countries leaders as Monarchs• A monarchy is a form of government in which the head of state is usually held until death or resignation and is often hereditary
  8. 8. What is Parliament?• Parliament is a group of individuals elected to represent those who elected them.• They act as advisors to the Monarch/Prime Minister/President• They have the power to pass, amend, and repeal laws.• They also have the power to raise or lower taxes and adopt a budget
  9. 9. When Monarchs listen to Parliamentand rule according to laws, what do we call this??? A Constitutional MonarchyA monarchy in which the monarch rules according to the constitution and laws of the nation (Constitution: A body of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is acknowledged to be governed)
  10. 10. Queen Elizabeth upheld a Constitutional Monarchy She recognized the importance of democratic traditions and working with Parliament as England had had a parliament since about AD550. AD stands for “anno domini" which means "in the year of our Lord.“
  11. 11. When Queen Elizabeth died in 1603, hersuccessor James I chose to rule as an Absolute Monarch.
  12. 12. What are Civil Rights???• The rights of a citizen!freedom of protection fromthought discrimination •Speech •Disability •Age •Religion •Gender •Sexual •the press •Race •Orientation •movement •Ethnicity
  13. 13. Socials 9November 18th
  14. 14. Video of the Day
  15. 15. James had no respect for Civil Rights, he introduced what he called “the Divine Right of Kings”•In this case, the word “divine” means “coming fromGod”. James believed his powers as ruler camedirectly from God, and that he was God’srepresentative on earth. Since his powers came fromGod, his decisions could not be questioned byordinary people.
  16. 16. “The Divine Right of Kings” did not go over well because in 1215 the “Magna Carta” was signed by the King of England and people had become accustomed to for nearly 400 years.
  17. 17. Magna Carta• The Great Charter which guaranteed the English people certain civil rights.• It recognized individual freedoms and required the Monarch to consult an elect parliament and to rule lawfully. Charter: a paper defining a rights and privileges
  18. 18. The Magna Carta Charter Stated• The King could not introduce new taxes without parliaments consent• Any person accused of a crime was guaranteed the right to a trial by a jury of his peers• The King could not keep his soldiers in peoples’ homes & could not use army to maintain order during peacetime
  19. 19. Do we have something similar to the Magna Carta in Canada? The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  20. 20. Political Cartoon Project• Politics: The activities associated with the governance of a country or area