Community Notice: Temporary Helipad


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Community Notice: Temporary Helipad

  1. 1. Temporary HelipadHSN/ORNGECommunity InformationMay 16, 2013
  2. 2. Planning Team• Planning for helipad repairs and temporaryhelipad involved numerous partners including:• HSN• ORNGE• Ministry of Health• Greater Sudbury EMSAlso involved consultation with other organizationssuch as Sudbury Conservation
  3. 3. What Led to Temporary Helipad?• Helipad at HSN needs repairs that will take 6-8weeks to complete• Temporary landing pad required while repair workis completed at HSN• Need temporary landing site as close to HSN aspossible to minimize patient transfer timesMost important consideration: fast, safetransport of critical patients who need care
  4. 4. Criteria for Temporary Helipad• Close proximity to HSN (within 5 km)• Unhindered flight path (in and out)• Minimal flying time over buildings• Buffer zone from nearby homes, buildings• Solid, level ground to support helipad• Easy access for land ambulance
  5. 5. Other Sites Considered• Partners reviewed numerous sites• Reasons why other sites weren’t selected:– Ground not stable or level enough– Too many obstructions in flight path– Could not secure the land– Location already in use
  6. 6. Why This Site?• Only 3 km to HSN• Solid, level ground that can accommodate atemporary helipad• Unhindered flight path in and out of the locationwith minimal fly-over of area homes• Buffer zone from existing properties• Easy access by land ambulance• Permission from site owner• Does not violate Sudbury Conservation criteria• Approved by Transport Canada
  7. 7. Site Precautions Taken• To minimize noise levels, flight path will be directlyover Bethel Lake• To minimize debris, appropriate granular finishingmaterials will be used and hydra seeding will beapplied• Excavated material being compacted to preventblowing debris• Geosoil analysis undertaken -- confirmed nocontaminants/hazardous materials in soil• Throughout duration of temporary pad use, 24-hour security will be on site
  8. 8. Moving Forward• HSN has committed to utilizing the temporaryhelipad only for the 6-8 week period required tocomplete repairs to the regular helipad• HSN will monitor sound and emission levels fromthe helicopter• HSN will share results of its monitoring withnearby residents
  9. 9. Helipad Location on Property
  10. 10. Helipad Flight Path
  11. 11. Close Up of Flight Path
  12. 12. View from Ramsey Lake Rd
  13. 13. Construction Schedule• Prep work at temporary site is underway• Prep work expected to take 7 to 10 days• Temporary helipad usage to begin week of May 27• Repairs must be completed for peak traumaseason of July and August• Temporary helipad will be in operation for 6-8weeks, until repairs completed at HSN
  14. 14. Summary• Temporary site required while repairs underway toHSN helipad• Patient safety is the team’s priority• Panel of experts have selected temporary site• Site minimizes patient transfer times• Anticipate 6-8 week period beginning week May 27• Began work immediately in order to have HSNhelipad ready for peak trauma season• HSN will only use temporary helipad during repairperiod to regular helipad