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HSCIC: NHS Pathways - Intelligent Data Toolkit


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Learn more about the Intelligent Data Toolkit from NHS Pathways.

This presentation was delivered at EHI Live 2013.

Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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HSCIC: NHS Pathways - Intelligent Data Toolkit

  1. 1. NHS Pathways – Intelligent Data Tool Dr Peter Fox / Paul McIntosh © Crown Copyright 2013
  2. 2. NHS Pathways • Owned and built by the NHS - GPs and nurses • Questions and answer options reflect the latest evidence • Complete audit trail for every question and pathway • Used within existing systems – not a system itself • Maps to any services operational & delivery model
  3. 3. Overview - what is the IDT? • Initial content - CQI and DoS dashboard suite, more will be added in future. • Web based dynamic and intelligent reporting tool • Stores sensitive data securely and restricts user access based on user profiles • Gives users access to a wide range of reports presented in a visual, interactive and easy to use format • Underlying data is accessible to users by “drilling down” for detailed investigation • Reports can be exported into various formats (e.g. excel, csv, pdf)
  4. 4. Urgent and Emergency Care: Integrated Access 111
  5. 5. NHS Pathways who uses it? • Half of the English Ambulance services • Every 111 Service Provider • Blackpool Integrated Emergency Department (pilot) • Over 500,000 calls per month
  6. 6. Data Sources for Pathways Intelligent Data 999 Systems Clinician searches 111 systems Search Search Directory of Services Web View Pathways Intelligent Data Data output as part of NHS Pathways License - ideally move to being streamed Web View
  7. 7. PIDT Demonstration
  8. 8. IDT – what does a license include? The cost of a single viewer license is TBC What does an IDT license entitle me to? • • • • • Access for a single user to; IDT Dashboard(s) – CQI and/or DoS IDT Service Desk support User guides and supporting documentation Ongoing development of a dynamic reporting tool
  9. 9. When will IDT be available? Dashboards are currently in Beta test • CQI – 9 providers/sites involved… • DoS Gap – 5 Commissioning organisations involved… National Roll out of IDT will begin in early 2014
  10. 10. Intelligent Data Tool – who can use it? • Anyone with a viewer license • Access will be procured by users through a central process • All requests will need to be through or linked to a NHS organisation or an organisation contracted to provide services on behalf of the NHS • Data sharing agreement will need to be signed
  11. 11. IDT – how do I get access? CQI sites • CQI Managers will be contacted by NHS Pathways to arrange access to the IDT. DoS Gap • Interest should be registered via the form on the NHS Pathways IDT page. • Online form will be available to place orders for licenses.
  12. 12. Intelligent Data Tool Questions